SPC Blog is Up with Two Articles!

SPC has just started a blog and we have two articles up!

-Marginalized Memories-Remembering our LGBTQIA+ Siblings in Orlando and the Systematic Injustices that Link Us All, by Ionah
-U.S. Veteran Welcomed by Afghan Peace Volunteers, by Ron Van Norstrand

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Sign a petition to close the U.S.' Ramstein Air Force Base in Germany
plays a crucial role in U.S. drone attacks in the Middle East and Africa.

About the petition
The petition calls for closing the Ramstein Air Base and not replacing its functions anywhere else. It will be delivered in September to the German government by U.S. drone whistleblowers and also to the U.S. government in Washington D.C.

What happens at the U.S.'  Ramstein Air Base?
Ramstein as the high-tech heart of America’s drone program - it is the site of a satellite relay station that enables drone operators in the U.S. to communicate with drones in Yemen, Somalia, Afghanistan and other targeted countries. For details see the investigative report by Der Spiegel and The Intercept.

What does the German government think about this?
The German Bundestag(Parliament) has established a committee to investigate the NSA (National Security Administration) activities in Germany and also possible German assistance for the extra-judicial U.S. drone killings via intelligence sharing and the satellite relay station at Ramstein. If the German government wanted, it could forbid the use of the satellite relay station for drone killings. Family members of drone victims in Yemen and in Africa have demanded this in court cases against the German government.
And what about the German people?
Last Saturday, on June 11, thousands of Germans came to form a human chain around Ramstein Air Base and demand the U.S. drone war via Ramstein stop.
See (among others):

And what about you?
Again, please sign the petition. For questions or to participate in the Syracuse Peace Council's Ground the Drones, End the Wars work, contact Carol at carol@peacecouncil.net or 315.472.5478.
(And we demonstrate every 1st and 3rd Tuesday from 4:15-5pm at Hancock (Drone) Airbase on E. Molloy Rd. in Syracuse.)

Highlighted Events

SPC In Action

STOP the Drones

On October 25, 2012, drone resisters blocked all three gates at the Hancock Drone Airbase and attempted to deliver an indictment for warcrimes for personnel at the base. 17 protesters were arrested. Photo: Ellen Grady.