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FRIDAY, May 29, 3-5 pm
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The beauty of SPC is that we are always changing, responding to a changing world. As always, we are grassroots and driven by community members who take action for a world where violence and exploitation no longer exist. That’s why we're asking you to join hundreds of community activists to make a financial contribution to the Syracuse Peace Council this Spring. Donate now!

With the US providing weapons and military aid to violent regimes around the globe and a deeply flawed justice system that murders our sisters and brothers of color, there is no shortage of work for us to do. In just the last couple of months, SPC members:

  • confronted US militarism with weekly demonstrations
  • worked with allies against the Trans Pacific Partnership and the Fast Track legislation that would allow the President to pass huge and secretive trade deals with little public review
  • responded to the humanitarian crisis in Gaza by hosting a benefit dinner for the Middle East Children’s Association (MECA)



US involvement in Iraq and Syria is one factor supporting the existence and strength of ISIS as we know it today (see our op-ed and Steering Committee statement), so why does the President think the same approach will give a different result now? US-led bombing in Iraq and Syria has led to many civilian deaths and the destruction of needed infrastructure, and it has also siphoned huge amounts of resources from the US economy that could otherwise benefit those who need it most here at home.

Join us to call on our representatives to stand up for peace and diplomacy!

Contact Amelia, 472-5478.

Highlighted Events

SPC In Action

Hiroshima Day 2012

The Peace Council's 2012 commemoration of the nuclear bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki called for a nuclear-free future. (Photo: Carol Baum)