Internships with Neighbors of the Onondaga Nation

Thanks for your interest in interning with Neighbors of the Onondaga Nation (NOON). It's always great to hear about students who want to become active in work for peace and justice. NOON is a project of the Syracuse Peace Council, the oldest grassroots peace and justice organization in the U.S. We're always extremely busy with a wide range of projects working for peace and social justice. NOON's internships are focussed for the time being on our major Two Row Wampum Renewal Campaign, a collaboration with the Onondaga Nation.

We don't want to take on an intern without being able to provide the type of experience that would be valuable for you. Given our current situation, any interns who work with us need to be able and willing to take a great deal of initiative in their work. Our staff, currently composed of three part-time Peace Council staff and one long-term intern is stretched thin with all the work we're doing.

We're delighted to consider you as an intern. The more lead time you give us the better. To help us begin that process it would be helpful for you to take some time to answer the following questions for us. Send this information along with a current resume to us via email or snail mail to NOON, 2013 E. Genesee St., Syracuse, NY 13210.

1) What specific internship(s) with the Two Row are you interested in applying for? (See list.) Why does that position interest you?

2) What kind of arrangement are you seeking (full-time, part-time, number of hours)? If it is part-time, what days/hours would you be available?

3) Are there particular skills you would like to improve or develop during the internship: publishing, graphic design, organizing educational programs, meeting facilitation, fundraising…

4) What would your starting and ending dates be?

5) How do you hope to use the experience you gain working with NOON?

6) Tell us about any past paid or volunteer work and how it might be relevant to an internship with NOON.

7) What strengths and skills would you bring to the work? How much knowledge and/or background do you have on the Haudenosaunee and other native peoples?

8) What weaknesses or shortcomings would you bring to the work?

9) What specific computer software are you familar with and how proficient are you with each program?

10) Are there other skills you have which might be useful to our work? (research, graphic design, community outreach, drawing/illustration, photography, videography, database work, staffing outreach tables, telephoning...)

We aren't looking for a dissertation here, but for thoughtful and clear responses to the questions.
You can feel free to send them via mail or email, whichever works best for you.

We look forward to hearing back from you and working together to decide if this is a good fit. Check out other parts of our website for more information about us.

In Peace,

Andy Mager
for NOON