Historical Marker Project

The Onondaga Nation has called for a "healing between themselves and all others who live in this region that has been the homeland of the Onondaga Nation since the dawn of time." In response to this call NOON has initiated an effort to analyze historical markers in our region which provide either inaccurate, incomplete or out of context information related to the Onondaga Nation.

Over the next two to three years, the objectives of the marker project are:

a) to locate all the markers still standing (Completed),

b) to work with the Onondaga people to understand their point of view on the markers and other historic places (Ongoing),

c) to find more accurate information about the events described by those markers (In progress), and

d) set the record straight, or at least straighter, with the information available (In progress).

We anticipate doing this initially via NOON's website, distributing materials, presenting programs, working with town historians and other groups and then with possible efforts to change existing markers and/or have new markers developed.

The committee is in the process of researching markers and posting their results.

Historic Marker Committee:

Gail Bundy
Hayley Cavino
Sue Eiholzer
Susan Kline
Richard Zalewski


Stephanie Waterman - Onondaga, Turtle Clan, Assistant Professor, Educational Leadership, Higher Education

Bob Spiegelman - Founding Producer, SullivanClinton.com

Tom Huff - Seneca/Cayuga, Stone Sculptor

Tony Gonyea - Onondaga, Beaver Clan

Robert W. Venables - Ph.D. in history, 1967, Vanderbilt University, retired from Cornell University where he taught American Indian Studies

Jack Rossen - Associate Professor and Chair, Anthropology Department, Ithaca College

Pete Edwards - Onondaga, Eel Clan, Videographer