Work for Peace at Your Day Job

If we want peace, why are we STILL paying for war?

The average Onondaga County resident pays $100 each month for war, thanks to the way those in Washington spend our tax dollars. But what if your hard earned dollars could be used for Peace? Well, they can!

If you’re fortunate enough to have gainful employment in today’s economy, join our “Work for Peace at Your Day Job” campaign.”

Pledge an hour’s wage to the Peace Council each month, and for that hour, wherever you are, you’ll be working for - an end to oil wars, an end to drone strikes, a ban on hydrofracking, justice for native people,’ll be working for peace at your day job!

Peace Council pledgers are a lifeline for our organization.
By pledging a predictable amount on a regular basis, you will join over 70 people who already help out in this way. You can make a real difference in the amount of educating and organizing the Peace Council does – and you can do this from your own place of work.

Peace Council staff organizers are pretty lucky – along with an amazing community of SPC activists, we get to work for peace everyday at our day job All of our educating, agitating and ORGANIZING happens on a shoe string budget. And we promise, that unlike the Pentagon, we keep track of every dollar and stretch it for what it’s worth!

So what do you say? Will you join us, and work for Peace at YOUR day job?


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Thank you for getting involved in our campaign!