Free Ahed Tamimi and 300 other kids held by Israel
Posters by Protest Stencil in London

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REMAX out of Settlements Demonstration


"SodaStream Jingle" Flash Mob

On December 23, 2012, activists from CNY Working for a Just Peace in Palestine and Israel visited stores that carry the product SodaStream. The product is made in an illegal Israeli settlement in the West Bank in Occupied Palestine. This flash mob was part of ongoing efforts to pressure Israel and the settler movement to stop building settlements.

Stop Israeli Settlements Demonstration


Stop Israeli Settlements Demonstration

On December 14, we took over three of the corners at the intersection of Erie Blvd. and Bridge St. in Dewitt to protest Israel's expansion plans for settlements in the West Bank. At the end of November, Israel responded to U.N. recognition of a Palestinian state by saying it would build 3,000 more homes for Jews on Israeli-occupied lands that the world body overwhelmingly said belong to the Palestinians.

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Where should the Birds Fly

On December 12, CNY Working hosted a film screening of the film "Where Should the Birds Fly" at ArtRage Gallery.

Film Description: In December of 2008 Israel launched a devastating attack on Gaza. A month of bullets, bombs, rockets white phosphorus, tanks and bulldozers left 1400, mostly civilians, dead and this section of Occupied Palestine in rubble. But this is not a story of misery amongst the rubble. It is the compelling and moving story of two remarkable young women, the future of Palestine, who personify the struggle to maintain humanity, humor and hope, to find some degree of normality in the brutal abnormality that has been imposed on them. Mona is an 11 yr old girl of remarkable wisdom. Her family died under Israeli rockets. Fida Qishta, the filmmaker, is a 27 year old journalist. With her crew she has documented the lives of the people of Gaza. This is a Palestinian film, the first made by Palestinians. But it is a story that resonates across the bitter history of man's inhumanity to man: in the oil soaked poverty of the Niger Delta, in the destroyed state of Iraq, in the fierce resistance of the Warsaw Ghetto. Your support is urgently needed to distribute and show the film in communities. More information about the film.