January 2014 - BEGINNING 2014


As we move into the new year, NOON is looking forward to the completion of two long term projects.

The first is our soon-to-be-published Neighbor to Neighbor, Nation to Nation: Readings About the Relationship of the Onondaga Nation with Central New York, USA. Originally published in 2001 as a 40 page booklet, this updated version has been expanded to 80 pages. Its sections are: Haudenosaunee Culture; An Overview of Haudenosaunee/U.S. History; Sovereignty of the Onondaga Nation; and Our Shared Environment. We have worked closely with friends at the Onondaga Nation to gather and choose the materials. It will be announced through these E-News Announcements when and where it is available.

The second project is replacing an inaccurate historical marker at Onondaga Lake Park for one that is accurate. The current marker contains many errors and misrepresentations of the “Iroquois Confederacy”. With the approval of the Parks Department, we have worked closely with scholars and Onondaga to create a design providing accurate information. One side of the new “Haudenosaunee Confederacy” sign corrects those errors and expands information. The other is completely new and draws links between our two governments, including a quotes from a joint resolution of the US Congress acknowledging that link. With the Onondaga Council's approval of our design, we are ready to move towards getting it installed.

We also look forward to continuing our E-News Announcements. We hope to use it to create more connection with all of us. Our listserve is 800 strong and reaches all over New York State. If you have events that your organization would like listed, please contact Carol Baum, Syracuse Peace Council Staff (315-472-5478315-472-5478 , carol@peacecouncil.net) or Sue Eiholzer, NOON Activist (315-492-2684315-492-2684 , rsue@twcny.rr.com) . We are also interested in articles you would recommend or reviews of books of interest to NOON's followers. While we can't guarantee publication, please contact us so we can discuss your suggestions.


January 8, 2014 Rally at Cuomo's State of the State: No Fracking, Yes Renewables! As you may know the rally was a huge success. Two buses from Syracuse and one from Onondaga brought protestors to join the 2,000+ participants. It was very impressive with lots of energy, new and old friends, and interesting signs to read. A wonderful day all around!


Transporting Cortland County Trash to Onondaga County. On January 8, 2014, the NYS DEC released an announcement of "the notice of positive declaration" and the start of a public comment period on a proposal to send Cortland County trash to the OCRRA waste to energy facility on Rock Cut Road in Jamesville, NY and then ship the resultant ash back to a Cortland County landfill in McGraw, NY. Comments will be accepted until January 31, 2014.

Local and state government agencies have provided very little and often vague information on the details of this plan. An extension of the comment period would seem to be an urgent need as much more information on the impacts to both involved counties is necessary for the public to be able to make informed comments.

The Proposed Draft Scoping Documents can be found at www.cortland-co.org. The DEC notice is available on their website under "Public Involvement and News", ENB-Region 7 Notices 1/8/2014.

Questions may be directed to Jack Ramsden, (315) 424-1454(315) 424-1454 .


Request from Tonya Gonnella Frichner, Onondaga Nation, Snipe Clan, President, American Indian Law Alliance Please view the video below by Al Jazeera America, which is a piece on the Ramapough Nation and the movie "Out of the Furnace". In the film the Ramapough are very poorly depicted. AILA has been assisting the Ramapough leadership in addressing this racist film through a political and media strategy. This film brings forward questions of hate crimes and violations of human rights including the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. https://ajam.box.com/s/iwr45i0c19lqt0r25cgy


February 11 - NOON Steering Committee Meeting, 7-8:30 pm, Syracuse Peace Council. Since new people often have a lot of questions, we recommend talking with Carol Baum, Syracuse Peace Council Staff (315-472-5478315-472-5478 , carol@peacecouncil.net) or Sue Eiholzer, NOON Activist (315-492-2684315-492-2684 , rsue@twcny.rr.com) before the meeting.

February 19 - Shaleshock CNY, 6 pm, Community Room, Onondaga Free Library. Meeting on local hydrofracking efforts. shaleshockcny.org/index.html


April 2, 5-8 PM – Focus Greater Syracuse will present their 2014 Wisdom Keeper Award to Oren Lyon, Oncenter, Grand Ballroom. Additional information and cost to follow.


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