January 22 Looking Back and Looking Forward



Looking Back and Looking Forward

Janus is the Roman god of beginnings, gates, transitions, time, duality, doorways, passages, frames, and endings. Thus we have January at the beginning of our transition from one calendar year to the next. So as we close the door on 2021 and move through to 2022, it is a good time to review and look forward.

Closing the door on 2021

Last summer the Onondaga held marches at the Nation to honor the Indigenous children who died in boarding schools. In July they marched from the Nation to Columbus circle. NOON supported, assisted, publicized and joined in the march.

We worked with Women of Italian and Syracuse Heritage (WISH) to support removal of the Columbus statue in down town Syracuse. This two organization joint committee created more visibility in our area including SU by distributing free yard and window signs, as well as, buttons. These materials could be picked up at various locations and at events. There are NOON Steering Committee members serving on Mayor Walsh's committees that are planning the changes to the circle.

In addition, on Indigenous Peoples' Day we supported WISH in their very successful and well attended demonstration at the statue. Free yard and window signs, as well as, buttons were distributed. Immediately after the attendees paraded over to the Everson Art Museum where an Indigenous Film Show was projected on the side of the building.

In November we held another successful Thanksgiving Day Circle of Peace and Hope on the shore of Onondaga Lake. Attendance was approximately 100. This yearly event last about one hour and was thoroughly inspiring, enjoyed and appreciated by all.

As highlighted in the December newsletter NOON is supporting and working closely with the Onondaga Nation School (ONS) and the LaFayette School Superintendent in their efforts to secure capital funding for their building in the NYS budget for the coming year. The Onondaga Nation School (Lafayette School District), the Tuscarora Nation School (Niagara Wheatfield School District) and the St. Regis Mohawk School (Salmon River School District) are not funded through their school district. The buildings are owned by the state and funded through the state budget. NOON encouraged NYS residents to write to Governor Hochul advocating that she include the necessary funding in her budget proposal in January. We reached out to Governor Huchul's representative here and to Rachel May's office to add our voices in advocating for this funding. We printed preprinted and addressed post cards and had them available at our Plowshare's Craft Show table for visitor to sign. You can learn more about this issue in our December Newsletter.

Tabling has been nonexistent for two years due to Covid. With the return of Syracuse Peace Council Plowshare's Craft Show in December we were once again able provide our free materials, sell various item and books and collect 36 new email addresses to expand our list serve thanks to the help of several NOON supporters who staffed the table. 10 of those signers indicated an interest in finding out more about assisting NOON's advocacy. When you give NOON your email address on a sign up sheet at events, you will be added to our list serve and receive the newsletter and email announcements. When you indicate that you would like to be contacted, Sue Eiholzer or Elinor Cramer will get in touch with you.

Our experiential workshop, Witness to Injustice, had another successful year. They continued to present to many groups locally as well as across the state. It continues to be a very impactful, emotional experience. The group that organizes and presents on these events is composed of Onondaga Nation, as well as, NOON volunteers members.

Throughout the year we have continued to have ongoing requests for assistance from various groups in developing a Land Acknowledgment for their use at events. So we developed a guide to share. A subcommittee is developing additional resources.

We have been fortunate to have new volunteers join the Steering committee who are proving to be real assets to our work. They show up regularly for our meetings, contribute significantly and volunteer to join subcommittees projects. Because it is sometimes difficult for people new to NOON to get up to speed, we have been developing a new members guide to help new volunteers understand ways to help, familiarize themselves with NOON's history, understand our goals, introduce our accomplishments and familiarize themselves with our organizational guidelines.

Moving through the door into 2022

One of our first goals will be to finalize the new member draft document on NOON mentioned above. We hope this information will make easier for new Committee volunteers to become active and contribute. If you have thoughts about contributing more actively this would be a good time to reach out, please get in touch with Sue Eiholzer or Elinor Cramer. We are happy to share that new member information with you to see if you want to become part of our Steering Committee.

Witness to Injustice has several virtual workshops scheduled for January. They to hope be able to return to in person scheduling in the coming year. Plans are being discussed to develop a way in the coming months to offer WTI to the community at large and not just through groups. One important need that WTI has is for a person skilled at handling the technically aspects of Zoom, including posting power points, during their virtual presentations. If you have those skills and would like to discuss joining the team, contact Cindy Squillace.

Our first event with WISH is a Public Action and Press Conference (time and place below under events) before the court hearing on the statues removal. That court hearing and subsequent decision will determine what happens next. We will continue to work with WISH on getting the Columbus statue removed and developing a Heritage Park in the circle area.

As the state budget is finalized we will move forward advocating with the state, if necessary, for fund for building renovations for the Onondaga Nation School. The ways we need to do that will depend on what happens. You may be called on to support our efforts.

If you work with an organization that would like to begin opening your gatherings with a Land Acknowledgment, please contact NOON. We are happy to offer guidance and background resources.

We will undoubtedly schedule an activity to honor Indigenous Day, hold our Thanksgiving Circle of Peace and set up our materials at Plowshares if it is held.

Other activities? It seems that opportunities surface every year for us to extend our advocacy for the Onondaga and other indigenous peoples. Stay tuned and thank you for whatever ways you support our work.


NOON acknowledges that we are on the territory of the Onondaga Nation, council fire of the Haudenosaunee Confederacy.

We are thankful for their stewardship of our environment.



Public Action and Press Conference: Replace Columbus, Thursday, January 13, 9:45 am, Onondaga County Courthouse, 505 S. State St, Syracuse. Neighbors of the Onondaga Nation and Women of Italian and Syracuse Heritage invite to join them at 9:30 am to hold signs and a banner outside the courthouse. The press conference begins at 9:45 am; speakers include Joe Heath, general counsel to the Onondaga Nation and Andy Mager of NOON.

At 10:30 am, Thursday, January 13, the Columbus Monument Corporation’s lawsuit against the City of Syracuse will be heard by Judge Neri at the Onondaga County Court (505 S. State St, Syracuse). The result of the judge’s decision will be that the suit is denied and the city’s process continues, or the suit is accepted and an appeal moves forward. At the current time, there is public access to observe the court hearing. However, due to the changing Covid situation in Onondaga county, the hearing may be held fully online- stay tuned for changing details. The court observes standard COVID protocols; please wear a mask and bring proof of vaccination with you if you want to go inside.

Virtual Programming- Ten Minute Teachings - Ganondagan

Virtual Tours - Iroquois Indian Museum

Virtual Tours and Educational videos – Seneca Iroquois National Museum


NOON Steering Committee Open Meeting, Next meeting January 18th, 7-8:30 PM, virtual. Since new people often have a lot of questions and you will need contact info for the virtual meeting, we recommend contacting , Syracuse Peace Council Staff, or Sue Eiholzer, NOON Volunteer, before the meeting.


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To aid you in focusing articles are arranged by topic and coded for length (S – short, M – Medium, L – Long) with a designation for Video and/or Audio.


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Because the Syracuse Peace Council office is closed during the pandemic, contact carol@peacecouncil.net so we can arrange to get them to you.

The Doctrine of Discovery: Unmasking the Domination Code film is premised on Pagans in the Promised Land: Decoding the Doctrine of Christian Discovery, a book based on two decades of research by Shawnee, Lenape scholar Steven T. Newcomb. Available to borrow. Contact Carol Baum via email or phone 315-472-5478

Standing on Sacred Ground Videos. Each of the 4 episodes is 60 min. Pilgrims and Tourists, Profit and Loss, Fire and Ice and Islands of Sanctuary. If you have a group of friends or know an organization that would like to view any of these films, please contact Carol Baum via email or phone 315-472-5478.

In addition NOON has organized dozens of educational programs over the past 20 years which are available on line at SPC's You Tube Channel. Fifteen years ago we coordinated the historic series Onondaga Land Rights and Our Common Future. Check out the videos here.

WITNESS TO INJUSTICE: UNRAVELING HISTORIC NATIVE & U.S. RELATIONS. This inter-active group exercise is a 2 hour teaching tool that uses participatory education to raise awareness of the history of the relationship between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples in the part of the world now known as the United States. Through the use of meaningful quotes, and blankets that represent part of Turtle Island (the Western Hemisphere), we explore this shared history that most people rarely learn in traditional settings. We engage in a conversation about the European colonization of Turtle Island in order to deepen our understanding of the denial of Indigenous peoples' nationhood throughout U.S. History. NOON is offering this exercise to groups, organizations, schools and churches. A good will offering to support NOON's work is appreciated. If you would like additional information or to schedule a time for a presentation, contact Cindy Squillace

Past NOON newsletters can be accessed at E-Newsletters.