March 2017 - Taking the Movement Local

Standing Rock supporters are taking the cause to their local communities with more of a focus on divestiture from the banks that support pipeline construction, the oil industry and injustices perpetrated and perpetuated by those businesses. A webinar was held this week by SURJ (Stand Up for Racial Justice) and NODAPL Solidarity. During it people shared ways they are taking up this cause and offered assistance and coaching. While individual actions against banks and oil companies is still encouraged, community action is an important next step having substantial financial clout. Think about opportunities in addition to city or county governments. Other possibilities include colleges, universities, labor unions, businesses and pension funds. It was stressed that while this kind of action takes time, it has had major impact in the past – Apartheid in South Africa. If you are interested in taking up the challenge, you might want to check out these resources.



A guide to how Seattle convinced their city council to divest is at DeFundDAPL , the web site of Seattle Action Coalition

Divestment Tool Kits can be found at NODAPLSolidarity

350Eugene is planning to hold Fossil Free Divestment Campaign Webinars over the next few months.

New York City

On the steps of City Hall, leaders of Indigenous Nations and communities called on Mayor de Blasio to end NYC's business, contracts and pension fund investments with banks such as Wells Fargo. Although Mayor de Blasio has written NYC's banks with concerns about their funding of DAPL, the group was calling for actions, not words. It was led by Indigenous leaders from the Onondaga Nation, Ramapough Lunaape Nation, American Indian Law Alliance, American Indian Community House, International Indian Treaty Council and backed by other groups opposing the Dakota Access pipeline, included NY Communities for Change, Catskill Mountainkeeper, 350 NYC, and more.

A “NoDAPL Wells Fargo Encampment & March on Mayor de Blasio” will be held by Indigenous Peoples and allies beginning with an overnight protest encampment beginning at 5:30pm March 16 with a march to follow at 10:00am the next morning to City Hall. They will be calling on Mayor de Blasio again to divest from Wells Fargo and other banks financing the Dakota Access pipeline.

American Indian Law Alliance Intervention at the United Nations

Barnard College's board of trustees voted to divest from energy companies that deny climate change, putting into question the $286 million endowment’s relationship with its money manager, Investure.

The board approved the measure recently, saying that the college will “distinguish between companies based on their behavior and willingness to transition to a cleaner economy.” Investure previously lost the Rockefeller Brothers Fund in 2014 when that fund decided to divest from fossil fuel companies.

Norway’s largest private investor is divesting from three companies tied to the Dakota Access Pipeline.

German Bank BayernLB is seeking to Divest from Dakota Access Pipeline.

If you are interested in working on divestiture in CNY, please respond to this newsletter with you name and phone number.



NOON acknowledges that we are on the territory of the Onondaga Nation, counsel fire of the Haudenosaunee Confederacy.

We are thankful for their stewardship of our environment.



New York State's Pipeline - Northern Access (NAPL)

NAPL would be nearly 100 miles long, and cross hundreds of streams and wetlands in upstate New York. A year ago, the DEC denied Constitution Pipeline a 401 Water Quality Certificate because of the number of water bodies the pipeline would have crossed—compounded by the proposed construction methods—would have endangered New York’s water quality. If approved, NAPL will cross more streams and wetlands than Constitution Pipeline, including state-protected trout waters. NAPL also proposes to use the quickest, cheapest, most environmentally destructive method—trenching—for all but a few of its stream crossings.


Iroquois White Corn/Pairing Dinner, March 23,
Friends of Ganondagan Fundraiser, 4 Course Dinner and Heron Hill Wine Pairing, 5:30 pm, Cost $60, Rio Tomatlan, 106 Bemis Street, Canandaigua, NY. Purchase tickets on line or  ca ll 585-742-1690 or send a check to Friends of Ganondagan, PO Box 113, Victor, NY 14564.  

An Evening with Winona LaDuke, March 29, 5 PM, Shaffer Art Building, Syracuse University.

Ada Jacques Memorial Art Show, one more month, Skä noñh Great Law of Peace Center (formally Saint Marie Among the Iroquois), Onondaga Parkway, Syracuse, NY.

The Good Mind” film, April 8, 2 PM, Ganondagan Arts & Cultural Center, Victor, NY.


NOON Steering Committee Open Meeting, Tuesday, March 14, 7-8:30 pm, Syracuse Peace Council, 2013 East Genesee St, Syracuse, NY. Since new people often have a lot of questions, we recommend talking with Carol Baum, Syracuse Peace Council Staff (3154725478, or Sue Eiholzer, NOON Volunteer (3154922684, before the meeting.

Understand how the Doctrine of Discovery relates to Indigenous Issues today. The Treaty of 1851 is the law of the land and must be honored.

A fitting Lenten Lamentation for March 1, 1823 anniversary of the first day after the landmark Supreme Court case, Johnson v. McIntosh, which made the “Doctrine of Discovery” explicit in U.S. Law.

Suggested terms to avoid with Indigenous Peoples

Good Facebook Pages to follow:
American Indian Law Alliance
Indigenous Women's Initiatives

Pope appears to back native tribes in Dakota Pipeline conflict?

March is Women's month and it is good to remember that early suffragettes were inspired by women's roles in Haudenosaunee society. 2017 is the 100 anniversary of suffrage in NYS – 3 yrs ahead of US. The Gage Museum received a $10,000 Grant From the International Coalition of Sites of Conscience. Haudenosaunee Influence on Women's Rights will be explored in exhibits, dialogue and programs in a "Sovereign Women in Sovereign Nations" project. This marks an historic partnership between the Gage Center and Women's Rights National Historic Park in Seneca Falls with exhibits at both sites. Also, the Shaker Museum received a $41,500 grant from the NYS Council for the Arts to share the participation of Shakers around suffrage.

Witness to Injustice: Unraveling Historic Native & U.S. Relations This group exercise is a 1 ½ hour teaching tool that uses participatory education to raise awareness of the history of the relationship between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples in the part of the world now known as the United States. Through the use of meaningful quotes, and blankets that represent part of Turtle Island (the Western Hemisphere), we explore this shared history that most people rarely learn in traditional settings. We engage in a conversation about the European colonization of Turtle Island in order to deepen our understanding of the denial of Indigenous peoples' nationhood throughout U.S. History. NOON is offering this exercise to groups, organizations, schools and churches. A good will offering to support NOON's work is appreciated If you would like additional information or to schedule a time for a presentation, please contact Sue Eiholzer at 492-2684 or

The Doctrine of Discovery: Unmasking the Domination Code film is premised on Pagans in the Promised Land: Decoding the Doctrine of Christian Discovery, a book based on two decades of research by Shawnee, Lenape scholar Steven T. Newcomb. Available to borrow. Contact Carol Baum at 315-472-5478 or
Standing on Sacred Ground Videos. Each of the 4 episodes is 60 min. Pilgrims and Tourists, Profit and Loss, Fire and Ice and Islands of Sanctuary. If you have a group of friends or know an organization that would like to view any of these films, please contact Carol Baum at 3154725478 or


Celebrate Mother Earth Week!, April 14-21: 1:30-3:30 pm, Ganondagan Arts & Cultural Center, Victor, NY

"Seed, The Untold Story" Film, April 22, Ganondagan Arts & Cultural Center, Victor, NY

Walking the Steel: From Girder to Ground Zero Exhibit, April 1 - November 30, 2017, Iroquois Indian Museum, Howes Cave, NY. Artwork, artifacts, photographs, and audio recollections interprets the long-standing cultural and occupational tradition of ironworking and its prominent role in Iroquois communities. Also explores the response to 9-11 by these individuals who had no national obligation to aid in the recovery but selflessly did (in some cases at immense personal cost), and concludes with the Haudenosaunee role in raising the 758-ton spire for the Freedom Tower at One World Trade Center in May 2013.

Early Technology Day, Saturday, April 8 from 10 to 4, Iroquois Indian Museum, Howes Cave, NY. Watch and participate in the process of flint knapping (the ancient art of making chipped stone tools), fire making, cordage making, atlatl spear throwing and early archery, displays of projectile points, tools, and local archaeological finds from the Museum’s archaeology department.
Haudenosaunee Women’s Influence on the Women’s Suffrage Movement, 10am-4pm, Sally Roesch Wagner, Kanatsiohareke, Fonda, NY. Non-Native leaders of the Women’s Suffrage movement were inspired by Haudenosaunee women who already enjoyed great respect, status, and authority. Come learn about this history. This talk is sponsored by the Humanities New York Public Scholars Program and is free and open to the public. Donations are gratefully accepted. Lunch is included for a $25 suggested donation RSVPs by April 10 are appreciated: 518-673-4197 or

Making a Traditional Hand Drum Workshop with Jackie Labonte (Mohawk), April 29, 9-6pm, Kanatsiohareke, Fonda, NY. Make your own traditional hand drum and learn how to Feast your Drum according to Haudenosaunee traditions. $125 tuition includes lunch, materials, and instructional costs. Completed drums retail around $150. RSVP by April 19 at: 518-673-4197 or: (Max: 25 students)

Community Work Day!, May 20, Kanatsiohareke, Fonda, NY. Volunteers welcome and invited to come help Kanatsiohareke clean and prepare its stage and picnic tables, and take on other outdoor and indoor tasks for its upcoming June Strawberry Festival. Sign up to volunteer at: 518-673-4197 or Lunch provided.

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