November 2015




Skä·noñh- Great Law of Peace Center



The Skanonh-Great Law of Peace Center will open to the public with a festival-like atmosphere on November 21st 2015 from 10am to 5pm. The facility, located at 6680 Onondaga Lake Parkway in Liverpool, New York will be a hub of activity as visitors have their first opportunity to experience the culture of the Haudenosaunee like never before. The brand new exhibits will explore the subjects of Skanonh, the Thanksgiving Address, the Creation Story, the Great Law of Peace, Native American/European contact, and Haudenosaunee contributions to the American way of life. The centerpiece of each exhibit section will be an educational film that features Haudenosaunee individuals explaining their heritage and values as they have been passed down from generation to generation. The day will be filled with programs and activities including a book discussion, artist demonstrations, and native music and food. There is no admission fee on Saturday. 

There will also be a fundraising dinner the night of Friday November 20th to benefit the Center’s educational programming and exhibits. Tickets for the dinner are $100 per person. Check the Center’s website ( for updates and news on the opening. If you would like to be a sponsor of the event, please contact Dan Connors at (315) 428-1864 x319 or


    Don’t refer to traditional regalia or outfits as “costumes.” Costumes are what people wear when they are pretending to be something or someone other than themselves. Today, most Native Americans wear clothing just like everyone else. However, traditional clothing might be worn on special occasions like ceremonies, powwows, festivals, and to show pride in their culture and heritage.

Kay Olan, Mohawk/Wolf Clan


Canandaigua Treaty Day, November 11, 10:30 am - 8:00 pm at the Canandaigua Primary School (96 W. Gibson St), Canandaigua, NY. Help "polish the chain" of peace and friendship between the Six Nations and the U.S. as we commemorate the 221st anniversary of the historic Canandaigua Treaty. The seminal Federal Treaty not only brought peace between the two, it also recognized the sovereignty of individual nations to govern and set their own laws. There will be a Native American Arts Market. At 1:30 pm, walk to the Ontario County Courthouse (27 N. Main St) for the 2 pm commemoration. Click here for the detailed schedule. 6:00 pm keynote speaker is Michael Oberg, SUNY Geneseo Distinguished Professor and author of Peacemakers: The Iroquois, the United States, and the Treaty of Canandaigua, 1794.

All events are free and open to the public. We can hold these events only with the generous support and efforts of our volunteers. We have a wide range of volunteer needs. If you can help, please contact us at:

Traditional Teachings Series, Nov. 14, 2015 with Mohawk Elder, Tom Porter, Sakokwenionkwas, Kanatsiohareke, 4934 State Highway 5, Fonda, NY  Kariwiio, The Code of Handsome Lake, 10:00 am – 4:00 pm, $25.00 registration for each session, includes lunch. To register (no later than one week before each session) for one or more sessions, call 518-584-9270 or email so that we can make luncheon arrangements.

Lacrosse, Iroquois Nations, and Haudensaunee Idenity, November 14, 2 pm - 3 pm
, Farmington Friends Meetinghouse, 187 Co Rd 8, Farmington, NY 14425. Ansley Jemison, coach, Iroquois Nationals Lacrosse team, and Michael Taylor, Professor, Colgate University, will discuss the meaning of lacrosse for Haudenosuanee identity. For more information call: (315) 986-5559 All are welcome, refreshments will be served.

Ancestral Memory, October 24 – December 5, 2015, Broad Street Gallery, 20 Broard Street, Hamilton, NY.

We Continue: Recent Haudenosaunee Painting, Hamilton Center for the Arts, 19 Lebanon Street, Hamilton, NY. Various native artists!events/c136i






May Memorial Unitarian Church
, Joe Heath speaking about Oren Lyons, Sunday, Nov. 29 at 10:30, 3800 E Genesee St, Syracuse, NY . The service lasts for about an hour. If you have any questions, please contact Lynne at

Thanksgiving Circle of Peace, November 26th, 10am at Willow Bay, Onondaga Lake Park, Syracuse, NY. All are welcome for a brief gathering to appreciate the environment and our friendships working together.

5th Annual Onondaga Nation Trail Run, Friday, November 27th, 2015, 8:30am Registration and Welcoming ~ 9:30am, Nation “OAC Ball field”, Rte. 11A. If you’re into running nature trails, then we have an adventurous trail run outlined for you. It’s complete with steep hills, valleys, mud puddles, rocks and much more. Events: 1-Mile and 5K. Entry Fees: $5.00/1-mile and $15.00/5K T-Shirts available for sale day of run Online Registration: OR forms also at Nation Arena and Field House ~ Ribbons and Awards for youth & adults. Register by November 13th and receive a FREE long sleeve shirt ~ For more information contact Shirley Hill or Ron Toledo @ 498-6813.

From the earth arts & crafts festival, Saturday, December 12th from 10am to 5pm. Extra parking will be in the Health Center parking lot. From the Earth Arts & Crafts Festival benefits our ONS PTS whichcontributes to field trips, as well as helps our students with necessities when needed. More details next newsletter.


NOON Steering Committee Meeting, November 10, 7-8:30 pm, Syracuse Peace Council, 2013 E. Genesee St., Syracuse, open meeting. Since new people often have a lot of questions, we recommend talking with Carol Baum, Syracuse Peace Council Staff (315-472-5478, or Sue Eiholzer, NOON Volunteer (315-492-2684, before the meeting.


My six nation Haudenosaunee passport is not a 'fantasy document' Sid Hill

Excerpt: "I’m a citizen of the six nation Haudenosaunee, commonly known as the Iroquois confederacy, one of the original peoples of what is called North and South America. We travel the world on our own passports, embracing the full rights extended by the rules of international law and diplomacy." ‪#‎Haudenosaunee‬ ‪#‎sovereignty‬ ‪#‎passports‬ ‪#‎Indigenous‬ ‪#‎Iroquois‬

Petition Syracuse University to Recognize Indigenous Peoples' Day

Sgeñnoñh’ (Peace). The Indigenous Graduate Students on campus propose the policy change that Indigenous Peoples’ Day to be acknowledged and celebrated on the second Monday of October. This day would honor the unlikely survival and resilience of over 567 distinct peoples, cultures, and traditions.” reprinted from the petition. To sign go to: petition-reason_msg&fb_ref=Default

Joe Heath, General Counsel for the Onondaga Nation on the Campbell Conversations.

The Onondaga Nation occupies a unique place among the many groups making up an increasingly diverse Central New York--it's the oldest and most traditional of all peoples, still governed through processes handed down for centuries. How does the Nation fit with these other newer groups? Host Grant Reeher talks with Joe Heath, the general counsel of the Nation since 1982. They discuss that topic, as well as land claims and how the Onondaga fit with the other Nations of the Haudenosaunee Confederacy.    Listen at:



Native American Arts Market, December 5, Seneca Art & Culture Center, 7000 County Road 41 at School Street, Victor, NY, 10 am - 5 pm.


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