September 2020 - Pandemic Challenges



Pandemic Challenges

NOON hopes that you are all well and utilizing the Good Mind in coping with the challenges of the Coronavirus.

The Onondaga Nation continues to be free of cases. The leaders of the Nation recently met with the principal and the LaFayette School district to express their concerns about opening the Onondaga Nation School (ONS) for person instruction. It was agreed that teaching would be virtual for the first 10 week and then the decision revisited to decide on a future opening. ONS covers grades PK through 8. Students in the higher grades have the option of attending virtually or in person. NOON commends the school district for their willingness to listen to and work with the Nation leaders to find a mutually acceptable plan forward.

NOON continues to look for ways to move forward with our work. Our monthly Steering Committee meetings are held virtually, which is challenging for us all. Witness to Injustice leaders are developing a virtual exercise that is in its final stages of creation. The Syracuse Mayor's Task Force continues to meet virtually to decide on a recommendation regarding the Columbus Statue. NOON's Steering Committee is trying to meet the challenge of commemorating Indigenous Peoples' Day with out public gathering.

Please stay well and safe!


NOON acknowledges that we are on the territory of the Onondaga Nation, counsel fire of the Haudenosaunee Confederacy.

We are thankful for their stewardship of our environment.





Subscribe to Ganondagan's YouTube Channel for some great, informative videos, like: Bill Crouse (Seneca, Hawk Clan) - Onöndowa'ga:' Gasto:wä' (Seneca Headdress); Tonia Galban (Mohawk/Bear Clan) - contemporary pack basket; and Ronnie Reitter (Seneca/Wolf Clan) - cornhusk dolls.



NOON Steering Committee Open Meeting, Check with Carol or Sue for date. For the foreseeable future meetings will be virtual. Since new people often have a lot of questions and you will need contact info for the virtual meeting, we recommend contacting Carol Baum, Syracuse Peace Council Staff, or Sue Eiholzer, NOON Volunteer, before the meeting.



God, Glory, Gold by Faithkeeper Oren Lyons Video - Keynote address for Mother Earth's Pandemic

Indigenous Values Initiative Additional Videos from recent conference

The Violence of Nuclear Energy Against Indigenous Peoples, Land, Water and Air – Joe Heath, Counsel for the Onondaga Nation

Imagine inventing a sport and then being shunned by it. That’s the Haudenosaunee story

Earth to Table - Tuscarora historian and friend Rick Hill of Six Nations in Ontario uses a new interactive website to educate on the Haudenosaunee. It contains several videos and photo essays.

Coronavirus Victims: Wesley Fire Cloud Jr. Of Crow Creek Sioux Tribe

More Than 1 Thousand Acres Of Esselen Ancestral Land Returned To Tribe

McGirt v. Oklahoma: Understanding the Decision and its Implications for Indian CountryOregon Historical Society

Haudenosaunee flag included in ceremony at National Veterans Resource Center at Syracuse University


Because the Syracuse Peace Council is closed, our resources are unavailable. .

Neighbors of the Onondaga Nation Programs.
NOON has organized dozens of educational programs over the past 20 years. Many of them have been videotaped and are available on SPC's Youtube Channel. Fifteen years ago we coordinated the historic series Onondaga Land Rights and Our Common Future. Check out the videos


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