Pledge of Support for the Onondaga People

As residents of New York State we support the land rights action filed by the people of the Onondaga Nation against the State of New York on March 11, 2005.


The introduction to that suit says the following:

"The Onondaga people hope to bring about a healing between themselves
and all others who live in this region that has been the homeland of
the Onondaga Nation since the dawn of time. The Nation and its people
have a unique spiritual, cultural and historic relationship with the
land, which is embodied in Gayanashagowa, the Great Law of Peace. This
relationship goes far beyond federal and state legal concepts of
ownership, possession, or other legal rights. The people are one with
the land and consider themselves stewards of it. It is the duty of the
Nation's leaders to work for a healing of this land, to protect it,
and to pass it on to future generations. The Onondaga Nation brings
this action on behalf of its people in the hope that it may hasten the
process of reconciliation and bring lasting justice, peace, and
respect among all who inhabit this area."

  • We understand that no individual will be sued and that there is no action requested against any individual property owners. Our homes are not in jeopardy.
  • We thank the Onondagas for their efforts to protect and heal the water, land and air which we all share, from the devastating effects of industrial pollution of the environment.
  • We share these environmental concerns, and pledge our support for a just resolution to this legal action. It is our intention to contribute to making right the historic wrongs done to the Onondaga people.
  • We are hopeful that the outcome of this process will be a safer and healthier environment for all of us, for all of our children and the generations to follow.


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