US Military — Global Polluter

From the May 2015 PNL #842

by Hasmik Djoulakian

The Pentagon produces more carbon emissions than any other industrial complex. Ironically, according to Voices for Creative Nonviolence, the Pentagon has released multiple reports that describe climate change as the largest threat to US national security.

This reality is obscured: often outreach strategies place the responsibility for combating environmental degradation on individuals. The roots of climate change remain unrecognized because individual consumption becomes the talking point while industrial, and particularly military, carbon emissions go unchecked.
No matter how fervently individuals reduce, reuse, and recycle, their collective efforts will barely scratch the surface of the mountains of waste and pollution that industries are responsible for. This truth shouldn’t engender apathy for what efficacy individuals can have, but it is important to recognize the forces behind climate change for what they are.

Hasmik is a sophomore studying women’s and gender studies at SU who loves to be involved with sustainability initiatives. She interned with SPC in Fall 2014.