Old PNL Archive

November-December 2011 PNL #809

November-December 2011 PDF file
SPC in Action
compiled by Carol Baum
Occupation 101 by David Van Arsdale
Why the Political Mainstream Ignores Poverty by David Van Arsdale
A Day in the Life of Occupy Syracuse by Amelia Ramsey-Lefevre and Ben Kuebrich
Cooperative Federal Stands with Occupy Wall Street/Syracuse by the Cooperative Federal Boar
Toward a Human Economy
by Saptarshi Lahiri
From Attica to Pelican Bay by Michael Ratner
The Legacy of the Attica Rebellion by Eunji Kim
The State of Fracking in NY by Lindsay Speer
Warrrants Issued for AWOL Soldiers by Ivy Kleinbart
SPC Activist Profile: Karen Kerney by Amelia Ramsey-Lefevre
Ida Benderson and the War Economy by Allison Clark
US Should Step Aside as MidEast Broker by Mouin Rabbani
Drone Resisters Trial by Carol Baum
Fear After Alabama’s HB 56 by Julianne Hing

October 2011 PNL #808

October 2011 PDF file
SPC in Action
compiled by Carol Baum
30 Days in Kabul...or, Afghanistan Through a Keyhole by Ed Kinane
Why You Shouldn’t Miss Holly Near by Allison Clark
99 Percenters Occupy Wall Street by Amy Goodman
The Yes Men are Coming by Saptarshi Lahiri & Anneka Herre
Solidarity Across Borders
by Jessica Maxwell & Ursula Rozum
The 1794 Treaty of Canandaigua by Peter Jemison
SPC Activist Profile: Magda Bayoumi by Amelia Ramsey-Lefevre

September 2011 PNL #807

September 2011 PDF file
SPC in Action
compiled by Carol Baum
Three Days in the Life of a Migrant Laborer: Part II by David Van Arsdale
SPC Interns: Where Are They Now? by Saptarshi Lahiri
Power Shift by Andrew Greco
Social Media Kick-starts Social Activism by Dania Souid
Young Undocumented Immigrants Come Out, Unafraid edited
by Aly Wane
SPC Activist Profile: John Burdick by Amelia Ramsey-Lefevre

July-August 2011 PNL #806

July-August 2011 PDF file
SPC in Action
compiled by Carol Baum
Hiroshima/Nagasaki/Fukushima—Never Again by Diane Swords
Citizens of Auburn Stand up to Hydrofracking by Alex Bissell
Put Your Two Cents In by Burton Schaber and Dania Souid
More than a Rug: Weaving Peace in Pakistan by Dede Leister
The Predators: Where is Your Democracy?
by Kathy Kelly
PEACE? by CJ Dates
SPC Activist Profile: Herm Bieling by Amelia Ramsey-Lefevre
Mother Earth has Rights by Amelia Ramsey-Lefevre
3 Days in the Life of a Migrant Laborer: Day 1 by David Van Arsdale
Letters to the Peace Newsletter by Martin Walls

June 2011 PNL #805

June 2011 PDF file
SPC in Action
compiled by Carol Baum
From Civil Disobedience to Civil Defiance by Ed Kinane
Economics in the Immigration Debate: the Case of New York State by Tim Shenk and Krin Flaherty
Summer Books That Inspire and Challenge by Howie Hawkins,Richard Shin and Sara Watrous.
Jazz is for the People by Carl Mellor
SPC Activist Profile: Leyana Dessauer
by Amelia Ramsey-Lefevre
Art for Peace by Ursula Rozum

May 2011 PNL #804

May 2011 PDF file
SPC in Action
compiled by Carol Baum
Chomsky’s Version Interview by Luke Savage
SPC Activist Profile: Carol Baum by Amelia Ramsey-Lefevre

April 2011 PNL #803

April 2011 PDF file
SPC in Action
compiled by Carol Baum
Ground the Drones, Stop the Wars: April 21-22 in Syracuse by Carol Baum
Radicalism on the Road by Tessa Sayers-Corcoran
A Native Cultural Awareness Dinner by Diana Green
Onondaga Land Rights & Our Common Future
by Andy Mager
Obama, Colombia and the Lessons of NAFTA by Ursula Rozum
SPC Activist Profile: Tim Judson by Amelia Ramsey-Lefevre

March 2011 PNL #802

March 2011 PDF file
SPC in Action
compiled by Carol Baum
Can the Egyptian People Sustain Their Momentum for Deeper Change? by Danny Schecter
What Really Happened in Gaza? by Ira Glunts
International Women’s Day Turns 100
by Kimberley McCoy
Ninth Year of the US Occupation of Iraq Begins by Carol Baum
Activist Profile: Colleen Kattau by Amelia Ramsey-Lefevre
Letter to the PNL by Peter Wirth
What It’s Like for a Greek-American to Live Under Israeli Military Occupation
by Debra George

February 2011 PNL #801

February 2011 PDF file
SPC in Action
compiled by Carol Baum
The Gendered Consequences of Natural Disasters adapted from Institute for Justice & Democracy in Haiti press release
SPC Activist Profile: Pat Hoffman by Amelia Ramsey-Lefevre

January 2011 PNL #800

January 2011 PDF file
SPC in Action
compiled by Carol Baum
Challenges of the Peace Movement Today by Horace Campbell
Persistent Peacemakers: SPC at 75 by various authors
The Importance of Celebrating Progressive Holidays by Dik Cool
Strategy” Ain’t All It’s Cracked Up to Be compiled by Ed Kinane
People in the Movement: SPC Activist Profiles by Kimberley McCoy and Donna Mühs-McCarten

November-December 2010 PNL #799

November-December 2010 PDF file
SPC in Action
compiled by Carol Baum
A Culture of Denial: Criminalization in the US by Aly Wane
One Nation Working Toward Change by Whitney Adams
The Journey of a Peace Activist: Tableau at the State Fairby Richard Weiskopf
Activist Winter Reading compiled by Ed Kinane & Jessica Maxwell
One Nation: Uniting for Jobs, Not War by Phyllis Bennis
Peace of Mind by Adrienna Marie Maxwell

October 2010 PNL #798

September 2010 PDF file
SPC in Action
compiled by Carol Baum
Comfortably Numb by Adam Elrashidi
The Great Law of Peace and the Planetary Crisis by Jack Manno
The War on Immigrantsby Aly Wane
What We Don’t Hear About US Withdrawal From Iraq compiled by Donna Mühs-McCarten
Learning from Our Success by Aggie Lane

September 2010 PNL #797

September 2010 PDF file
SPC in Action
compiled by Carol Baum
Albany’s United National Peace Conference: Unity Attained by Joe Lombardo
National Insecurity Complex by Dave Lindorff
Art & Activism Special Pull-out Section
        Create Art: Build Community by Kimberley McCoy ..............A 2
        Women’s Art as Protest Against War by Laurie Gilmore Selleck ..............A 3
        Expressions of Outrage: The Power of Art in Social Protest compiled by Laurie Gilmore Selleck .................................A 4

It’s Time to Get on the Bus by Mark Spadafore
Hiroshima/Nagasaki Commemorations by Carol Baum, Jerry Lotierzo and Amelia Ramsey-Lefevre

July-August 2010 PNL #796

July-August 2010 PDF file
SPC in Action
compiled by Andy Mager
Nuclear Abolition: Eliminating Both Weapons and Power by Diane Swords
Art for Peace: Syracuse Students Speak Out by Amelia Ramsey-Lefevre
Seize BP! by Ashley Sauers and Derek Ford
A Peak Behind the Curtain of Greenwashing by Frank Cetera
Report Back on the SOA Watch Encuentro in Venezuela by Colleen Kattau
Syracusans Attend US Social Forum by Brian Dominick
Flotilla: Israel’s Bad Karma by Ed Kinane
Sunnyside up by Ed Kinane
“There Are No Fish Here”: Among Iraqi Refugees in Jordan by Cathy Breen

June 2010 PNL #795

June 2010 PDF file
SPC in Action
compiled by Andy Mager
Gas Drilling: Coming to a Field Near You?
My Name is Ed. I’m a Racist by Ed Kinane
Arizona: Crisis and Opportunity by Aly Wane
Fracking New York State Special Section Introduction
Mineral Leases: How We Were (F)leased by Ellen Z. Harrison
Hydraulic Fracturing Threatens Drinking Water by Sue Smith-Heavenrich
The Hazards of Chemicals Used in Hydrofracking by Tom Shelley
Compulsory Integration by Mike Bernhard
Gas Drilling: Economic Boom or Bust?
by Joan Tubridy
Time for a New Energy Policy by Sarah Eckel

May 2010 PNL #794

May 2010 PDF file
SPC in Action
compiled by Andy Mager
Resistance Pulsing Through Honduras by Chris Thomas
The New “Forgotten” War: Iraq Occupation Falls Into Media Shadows by Dahr Jamail
Rewarding Colombia’s Bad Behavior by Ursula Rozum
Building Friendships, Changing Policy by Paul Weischelbaum
Illegal Reentry: Nancy Gwin Writes from Prison
Unidos e by Donna Mühs-McCarten
What’s Next? Reviews of Books on Cuba by Doug Igelsrud
Resisting Occupation, Constructing Peace by Ann Tiffany

April 2010 PNL #793

April 2010 PDF file
SPC in Action
compiled by Andy Mager
Army Recruiters’ Boffo Video Game by Samantha Salvato
Training vs. Play: Making Use of Militaristic Children’s Games a> by Andrew Potoczak
Where Your Income Tax Money Really Goes by War Resisters League
Drones: SPC’s Letters to Base Commander
Nancy Gwin Says, “Close the SOA” a> by Nancy Gwin
Shouldn’t Earth Day be Every Day by Alisia Engle and Katherine Raymond League

March 2010 PNL #792

March 2010 PDF file
SPC in Action
compiled by Andy Mager
The Powerful Outsiders by Amelia Ramsey-Lefevre
A Sampling of Women’s Peace and Justice Organizations
Finding the Voice of Reason in Afghanistan by Katherine Raymond and Rae Kramer

February 2010 PNL #791

February 2010 PDF file
SPC in Action
compiled by Andy Mager
Creative Dissent: The Art of Protest by Kimberley McCoy
Dr. King: From Charity to Justice by Aly Wane
War and Peace in Palestine and Israel by Debra George and Carole Resnick
Palestinian Activism As a Human Rights Struggle by Debra George
Organizations in the US Working for Peace
The Olive and the Occupation by Erin O’Neill
Recent History of the Occupied Palestinian Territories by Debra George and Carole Resnick
Drones and Death: The Israeli Connection by Ed Kinane

January 2010 PNL #790

January 2010 PDF file
SPC in Action
compiled by Andy Mager
Obama’s “Yes We Can” a Year Later – Are We?

November-December 09 PNL #789

November-December 09 PDF file
SPC in Action
compiled by Andy Mager
Tortured by Injustice by Pat Carmeli
SPC and ACTS: United for a Better Syracuse by Peter Sinatra
Students Respond to Military Recruitment by Jessica Maxwell and Molly Naef
Opium, Rape and the American Way by Chris Hedges
Winter is for Reading by Donna Tarbania
Hydrofracking: A New Environmental Threat by Erin O’Neill
Cuba: A Celebration of Community by Madelaine Greacen
How Did I Get Here? by Jack Ramsden

October 09 PNL #788

October 09 PDF file
SPC in Action
compiled by Andy Mager
Drones and Dishonor in Central New York by Ed Kinane
Time to Terminate the SOA by Ed Kinane

September 09 PNL #787

September 09 PDF file
SPC in Action
compiled by Carol Baum
Worse Than You May Think: Police Misconduct in Syracuse by Sara Watrous

July-August 09 PNL #786

July-August 09 PDF file
SPC in Action
compiled by Carol Baum
The Bomb is in Our Backyard by Diane Swords
Remember Hiroshima-Nagasaki by Staci Schweitzer
Life in the Bubble: At Home in the Israeli Settler State by Ed Kinane
Showdown in ‘Tegucigolpe’ by Stephen Zunes
President Obama and Native Americans by Karyn Wingard-Manuel Summer Reading For Activists

June 09 PNL #785

June 09 PDF file
SPC in Action
compiled by Carol Baum
Reducing Youth Violence in Syracuse by Stella Adegite
Aerial Bombing Makes Terrorists by Abdul Malik Mujahid
UN Anti-Racism Conference Hijacked by Diana Ralph
Door Opens for Clean Energy Future by Andy Mager
Good Morning, Mr. President by Reginald S. Lewis
Day of Prayer for Sacred Sites by Lindsay Speer
Letters to the PNL: Thanks by Mark Spadafore

                        Why I Pledge by Bonnie Schoultz


May 09 PNL #784

May 09 PDF file
SPC in Action compiled by Carol Baum
Hard Times are Good for Military Recruitment by Oskar Castro
Fashion Resistance to Militarism by Christine Ahn & Gwyn Kirk
Un Lindo Amanecer: A Beautiful Dawn by Shirley Novak
NATO Game Over edited by Paul Frazier
Power to the People by Ursula Rozum
Assault on the Hawaiian Nation by J. Kehaulani Kauanui
Nonviolence: The Discipline and Challenge of Love by Aly Wane
Letters to the PNL: Unions Yes by Mark Spadafore

April 09 PNL #783

April 09 PDF file
SPC in Action compiled by Andy Mager and Jessica Maxwell
The Speech Obama Should Deliver by David Korten
Thank You to the Onondaga Nation by Carole Resnick and Rick McDowell
Activists Force Out Military Recruiters by Amber Coon
War, Afghanistan and Obama
Anti-Nuclear Reaction by Linda and Paul Gunter
“Beet” the System by Jessica Maxwell
Letters to the PNL: “Fair Share” and Obama Evaluation Regarding My Federal Income Taxes by Kathleen Gilbert

March 09 PNL #782

March 09 PDF file
SPC in Action compiled by Carol Baum
Salvage our Tattered Constitution by Ed Kinane
Iraq is Beautiful by Mary Trotochaud and Rick McDowell
Palestinian Women Struggle for Peace by Anna Baltzer
Onondaga Nation a Trustee for Onondaga Lake
Confronting the Economic Crisis by Carl Mellor
Peace Action Youth Award
Your 2¢: Accountability for Bush/Cheney Compiled by Donna Mühs-McCarten


February 09 PNL #781

February 09 PDF file
SPC in Action compiled by Carol Baum
Stop the Killing, End the Siege by Uri Avnery
Making History, then Making Change by Rev. Kevin Agee,Louise Poindexter and Bruce Hare
Slavery and Our Roots by Aggie Lane
Review of Death or Liberty by Ed Kinane
Obama: Listen to Iraqi Opinion by Eric Stoner
Standing with Targeted Immigrants by Craig Schaub
Consequences of Israel’s Barbaric Assault by Raed Sharif
Fix New York’s Public Defense System


January 09 PNL #780

January 09 PDF file
SPC in Action compiled by Carol Baum
Plowshares Craftsfair '08
Historical Moment compiled by Aly Wane
The Case for Withdrawal from Afghanistan by Sameer Dossani
Iraqi Refugees in Syracuse by Donna Mühs-McCarten
ACTS: Faith and Democracy by Andrés Kwon
Onondaga Lake by Lindsay Speer



November/December 08 PNL #779

November/December 08 PDF file
SPC in Action compiled by Carol Baum
The Middle East Oil War: BriefingthePresident-elect by Ed Kinane
Winter Reading Suggestions
Bailout or $ellout? by Carl Mellor
Latin America Solidarity Update by Ann Tiffany
Considering Consumption by Donna Tarbania
Taxing Up the Wrong Tree by Ellen Edgerton
Question for Ahmadinejad
by Ed Kinane


October 08 PNL #778

October 08 PDF file
SPC in Action compiled by Carol Baum
Combat Paper by Rose Viviano
Resist Wall Street’s Shock Doctrine by Naomi Klein
Observation & Solidarity with the Zapatista Communities of Chiapas by Richard Vallejo / Brigade to La Realidad
Is US Success in Iraq a Failure? by Tom Engelhardt
Score One for Democracy! by Jessica Maxwell
Why They Want to Attack Iran by Ed Kinane
Letters to the Editor



September 08 #777

September 08 PDF file
SPC in Action compiled by Carol Baum
Higher Gas Prices by Madis Senner
Convening of Indigenous Peoples to Heal Mother Earth by Jeanne Shenandoah
From Food Rebellions to Food Sovereignty Part 2 by Eric Holt-Giménez and Loren Peabody
Syracuse Area Activist Directory
Me Duele: Insights from Migrants and Deportees on the Border by Julie Norman


July/August 08 PNL #776

July/August 08 PDF file
SPC in Action compiled by Carol Baum
Ed Kinane's Sentencing Statement
AFSC and Akwesasne Partnership by Chrissie Rizzo
Victory!! Onondaga County Scraps Sewage Plants by Lindsay Speer
The Case of Myanmar by Khadija Mehter
You Say You Want a Revolution… compiled by Lily Galvin
From Food Rebellions to Food Sovereignty by Eric Holt-Giménez and Loren Peabody
Taking Our Energy Future Back adapted by Jessica Maxwell
Border Patrol Harrassment by Jessica Maxwell
What to do palmcard by NJ ACLU
CLAC Update
Will Capitalism Survive Climate Change? by Walden Bello
Youth Helping the World by Leyana Dessauer
Peace Action Youth by adapted by Jessica Maxwell
Migrant Farm Worker Victories compiled by Jessica Maxwell
Peaces by Lily Galvin


June 08 PNL #775

June 08 PDF file
SPC in Action compiled by Carol Baum
Invading Iran by Ed Kinane
Duane Hardy Presenté by Andy Mager
Letter to Editor by Barb Kobritz
SU and the Dr. Dhafir Case by Katherine Hughes and Paul Weichselbaum
Summer Reading: Books to Inspire by Alexis Harwood
Advice to the Undocumented by Donna Muhs-McCarten
Confronting the Legacy of Native American Boarding Schools by Philip P. Arnold
The National Guard is Coming Home by Karen Dolan and Ben Manski
Advice to the Undocumented by Donna Muhs-McCarten
Youth Voices: Global Warming by Hamish Gibbs
Youth Voices: Conserve the Environment by Zach Smith



May 08 PNL #774

May 08 PDF file
SPC in Action
compiled by Carol Baum
The "Rules" of War by Maya Schenwar
On Terrorism - Retail and Wholesale by Ed Kinane
Women's Peace Encampment Herstory Project
Cajibío General Assembly by Patricia Rodriguez and Paul Weichselbaum
South Africans Refuse to Unload Arms by Jessica Maxwell
SPC Has a New Home
Sexual Abuse Fueled by Abusive Immigration Language by Amanda Marcotte
Youth Voices: Earth Day Presidential Stump Speeches



April 08 PNL #773

April 08 PDF file
SPC in Action compiled by Carol Baum
Right & Law by Maurice Isserman
Food Not Bombs by Andy Testo and Heather Snogles
Youth Voices: Power Hogs by Leyana Dessauer

Syracuse University:A player in the Military-Industrial-Academic Complex?
The Insidious Work of the University by Don Mitchell
The Delicate Balance by Robert A. Rubinstein
The Price of ‘Free’ Speech by Robin Riley
The Larger University Context by Louis Kriesberg
Between Traditions of War and Peace by Horace G. Campbell
Where Your Income Tax Money Goesby WRL
The United States is Sorry? by Wendy Gonyea
Kennedy Square: Part II by Chrissie Rizzo

March 08 PNL #772

March 08 PDF file
SPC in Action
compiled by Carol Baum
A Dialogue about Iraq by John Burdick
Kennedy Square: Part I by Chrissie Rizzo
Winter Soldiers Speak Out: 1971 and 2008 by Carol Baum
Reframing "Illegal" in the Immigration Debate by Patricia Rector
Book Highlight - "I Dream A World: Portraits of Black Women Who Changed America" by Renee-Noelle Felice
Shundahai Network: Building the Will for Nuclear Abolition by Diane Swords
Cable Franchise Renewal: Democracy Now? by Howie Hawkins

February 08 PNL #771

February 08 PDF file
SPC in Action compiled by Carol Baum
The Dreamer and the Prophet by Aly Wane
Analyzing the Surge by Michael Schwartz
Tools for Change by Kimberley McCoy
Gandhi’s “Children of God” by Frank Woolever
The New Sanctuary Movement by Mike Hungerford
Syracuse Youth Produce the Vagina Monologues by Tobie Luft and Katie Yates
Syracuse Center Update by Karen Hall
UN Recognizes Indigenous Rights by Colleen Donovan-Togo
Progressive Coalition Victory for Voting Integrity
Sunnyside Up: Got Free Speech by Jessica Maxwell
Peace Action Youth Award by Margrit Diehl
Un Baile Latino by Aggie Lane
Longtime Plowshares Craftswoman by Marie Summerwood

January 08 PNL #770

January 08 PDF file
SPC in Action
compiled by Andy Mager
Letters from Amman, Jordan by Cathy Breen 
Poem: I Was the Earth by David Smith-Ferri
Peace Activists must oppose the US Africa Command by Horace Campbell
Winter Reading by Alexis Harwood
Gandhi’s Experiments with Truth by Frank Woolever  
Sunnyside Up: ACTS: Transforming Syracuse by Andres Kwon and Khadija Mehter
The Syracuse Solidarity Network by Sera Brown
SPC Projects and Campaigns

November/December 07 PNL #769

November/December 07 PDF file
SPC in Action compiled by Andy Mager
Ghana: Inspirational Global Action by Kimberley McCoy  
Minga in Action by Colleen Kattau
CNY Activists Join Cajibio’s Struggle by Laura MacDonald 
A Poem for the Onondagas by Robin Kimmerer
Onondaga Land Rights Hearing by Carole Resnick  
Close the SOA by Ed Kinane
"Out Now!"- Why Now? by Max Elbaum
Trying to Make a Living by Caroline Kim
Steve Parks: Shaping Policy by Giving Voice to the People
A Small Glimmer of Hope Reaches Bil’in by Gabriel Angelone
Syracuse Center for Peace and Social Justice by Karen Hall

October 07 PNL #768

 October 07 PDF file
SPC in Action
compiled by Andy Mager
Challenging US Stereotypes About Iran by Gabriel Angelone;
No War, No Warming – Yes to Rising Up by Ted Glick
25 Years of Economic Empowerment by Meagan Weatherby and Nick Cavanaugh
Poem for Peace: Victory Soldier by Mark Hubbard
Teach-In on Impeachment

September 07 PNL #767

 September 07 PDF file
SPC in Action
compiled by Andy Mager
Power to the Peaceful by Jessica Maxwell
Happy Birthday Angus by admirers of Angus
Nonviolent Actions in Bil'in, Palestine
Our Unknown Air War Over Iraq by Ed Kinane
Bringing Together the Pieces by Karen Hall
New Orleans: Right to Return by Jaime Hazard
New Orleans: No More Turning Away by Stanislav Kupferschmidt
A Local Economy Where People Matter by Liz Brace
Peace and Immigrants' Rights by Jenna Loyd
Can the Onondagas Find Justice in Our Courts? by Andy Mager
Syracuse-Area Activist Contacts

July/August 2007 PNL #766

July/August 07 PDF file
SPC in Action compiled by Andy Mager

Top 10 Abuses of Power by CNY ACLU
Partnership for Onondaga Creek Update by Bob Graham
Sandeep Pandey: Grassroots Democracy by Diane Swords
Open Your Mind to Open Source Software by Mike Miller
Syracuse Center Update by Karen Hall
"Don't Give Up" by Julie Norman
Poem: Three Score Years and Ten by Julienne Oldfield
Summer Activist Reading compiled by Donna Mühs-McCarten
Onondaga Lake Cleanup: Good Enough? by Don Hughes
Proudly Sweating for Liberty by Liz Brace

June 2007 PNL #765

 June 07 PDF file
SPC in Action
compiled by Andy Mager
Bil'in's Nonviolent Struggle by Abdullah Abu Rahme
Onondaga Creek Update by Aggie Lane
SOA Crumbling by Ed Kinane
Pulaski and"Global" Village by Monique Frey and Jill Truax
Syracuse Center by Karen Hall
State of Our Unions by Karen Hall
Juneteenth: A Long Way to Freedom by Billy Denham-El
Activist Summer Vacation Guide compiled by Andy Molloy

May 2007 PNL #764

 May 07 PDF file
Syracuse Peace Council in Action
Not Iran: Big Lies and Double Standards by Ed Kinane
Workers' Rights Center Opens in CNY by Patricia Rector
Syracuse Center for Peace & Social Justice by Karen Hall
Visiting Iran by Ed Kinane
Sunnyside Up: AFSC Women's Workshop by Julie Norman
Protesting Ashcroft's Visit by Katherine Hughes
Taking Risks for Peace by Cathy Breen
Opposing the Iraq Funding Bill by Phyllis Bennis
The Onondaga Lake Quagmire by Don Hughes
Poem: My Hometown that by Mary O'Reilly



April 2007 PNL #763

 April 07 PDF file
Syracuse Peace Council in Action
Human Costs of War
YOU CAN DO SOMETHING !! about the war in Iraq
Syracuse Center for Peace & Social Justice by Karen Hall
War Tax Resistance: An American Tradition by Julie Norman
Sunnyside Up: New German Community Models Car-Free Living by Donna Muhs-McCarten
Resources for Researching Venezuela
This Deal Ain't Sweet:An Onondaga Creek Update by Lindsay Speer
SPC Committees and Coalitions
"Crossing the Line" for Peace by Julienne Oldfield
Poem: Crossing the Line by Christina Busch-Nema


March 2007 PNL #762

 March 07 PDF file
Syracuse Peace Council in Action
The Surge for Peace
Syracuse Center for Peace & Social Justice by Karen Hall
We Came Upon Bolivar… by Nancy Gwin and Doug Igelsrud
Sunnyside Up: WTO Protestors Win by Steven Penn
Making Your Vote Count by Lenore Rapalski
A Tribute to Bill Griffen
Onondaga Lake: A Fork in the Road by Dan Gefell, Karen Kerney and Andy Mager
Crossing Borders by Cheryl Spear and elana levy
Interview with Local Pan African Activists Part III by Aly Wane and Christiana Kaiser
Central New York Organizations
Connecting with Africa Ghana's Golden Jubilee by Emmanuel Awuah
Youth Peace Award by Helen Stabler
Poem: Uniform Shrinkage by Viola Ransel


February 2007 PNL #761

 February 07 PDF file
Syracuse Peace Council in Action

How We Can End the War by Stephen Zunes
Deconstructing Race 101 by Karl Newton
Survivors Village and the Fight for Public Housing in New by Curtis Rumrill
Sunnyside Up: Coop Credit Union by Donna Muhs-McCarten
Syracuse Center for Peace and Social Justice by Karen Hall
Poem: Peacefully by Alter O'Media
Interview with Local Pan-African Activists Part II by Aly Wane and Christiana Kaiser
Reporting from Africa by Christiana Kaiser


January 2007 PNL #760

 January 07 PDF file
Syracuse Peace Council in Action

Africa in Perspective by Christiana Kaiser
2007 New Year's Resolution to End the War
Onondagas Make the Case by Ellen Edgerton
Sunnyside Up: Syracuse Center for Peace and Social Justice
Poem: Prayer for Peace by Leopold Senghor
Interview: Challenging Misrepresentations of Africa by Aly Wane and Christiana Kaiser
Africa Media List compiled by Aly Wane


December 2006 PNL #759

 December 06 PDF file
Syracuse Peace Council in Action
Sunnyside Up: The Election by Donna Muhs-McCarten
Evaluating SPC Staff and Moving Forward by Karen Hall
State of Iraq War Resistance by Elizabeth Quick
Afghanistan Five Years Later by The Senlis Council
Buying Local by Carl Mellor
Plowshares Program
Poem: Disturbance in the house of Song by Teresa Gilman
Two New Local Bookstores by Aly Wane
UN Committee Recognizes US Abuse of Western Shoshone Human Rights by Candee Wadsworth and Joan Cope Savage
Movements From Antiwar to Democracy by Mike Ferner
Live 8: Legitimizing the Oppressor by Aly Wane

November 2006 PNL #758

November 06 PDF file
Syracuse Peace Council in Action
Elections Are Just Beginning A Syracuse Peace Council Statement
First GI Coffeehouse Since Viet Nam Opens in Watertown
Effort Builds to Create the Syracuse Center for Peace & Justice
Iraq War Stat
The peace Majority Speaks Out- October 20, 2006


October 2006 PNL #757

October 06 PDF file
Syracuse Peace Council in Action
A New Sanctuary Movement? by Lucas Freshman
Women Take Direct Action Against War by Judy Rohrer
Poem: Clearing the Field for Firing by Stephen Thorley
Iraq War Stat
Radio as a Force for Justice by Kate Simmer and Curtis Rumrill
Bicycles for Sustainable City Living
Thinking Elections by Steve Penn, Barbara Humphrey, Candace Saunders, Mark Spadafore
Colonizing Consciousness by Nick Cavanaugh and Jake Eichten

September 2006 PNL #756

September 06 PDF file
Syracuse Peace Council in Action
Share the Earth by Colleen Kattau
Bombing People Creates More by SPC
Poem: Elegy for the Orchards by Paul Aviles
Dug in to "Super-Bases" by John Burdick
Judicial Complicity in Pentagon War Crimes? by Ed Kinane
Iraq War Stats
International Day of Peace by Brandon Gustafson/Wendy Gonyea
Letter to the Editor
Syracuse Activist Directory
Native American Rights Go International by Sandy Bigtree

July/August 2006 PNL #755

July/August 06 PDF file
Syracuse Peace Council in Action
Global Warming: Take Action Now! compiled by Jessica Maxwell
Midland Sewage Plant Really Stinks for Taxpayers by Aggie Lane
War Stories: Voices of Soldiers and Iraq Stats
Onondaga Land Rights and the Doctrine of Discovery by Joe Heath
Lockheed Watch CNY by elana levy and Jessica Maxwell
"I Won't Rent to You Until I See Your Green Card" by Alanna Gothard
March for a Nuclear Free Future by Jessica Maxwell
NOLA by Gabe Barry-Caufield
Summer Film Reviews by Karen Hall
Green Space is Our Space by Thom Dellwo
Providing a Voice for the Voiceless by Shawn DeLeo
Holly Near: Women in Resistance Music by Lesley Lammers
The Pen is Mightier than the Sword by Frank Woolever
Letter to the Editor
Poem: Ode to the Economic Hit Men by Jackie Hayes

June 2006 PNL #754

June 06 PDF file
Syracuse Peace Council in Action
Kathy Kelly: Glimpses of a "Pious Pisshead" by Ed Kinane
"Water, Precious Water": A Community Celebration by Katie Nadeau
Iraq Water Updates by Eric Benner
SPC Summer Activist Reading...
Activist Vacation Guide compiled by Andy Molloy
Hate Speech & The First Amendment by Paul Weichselbaum
An Invisible Minority by Tessa Corcoran-Sayers
Treaties and Federal Law by Onondaga Nation Comm. Office
Peace Begins Here/War Begins Here by elana levy
Poetry for Peace
Letter to the PNL

May 2006 PNL #753

May 06 PDF file
Syracuse Peace Council in Action
UFPJ Talking Points on Iran by Phyllis Bennis
No War on Iran compiled by John Yorks
Welcome Home by Michael Dubose
Iraq Veterans Against the War
West Point Graduates Against the War by Bill Cross
Why Wal-Mart? by Elisha Peck
Equality, Or Not: The Plight of Immigrants by David Bacon
"A Few Years of History" by Ellen Edgerton
Art Against War
by Jessica Maxwell
Poem: Answers from the Man by Marjorie Manwaring
Don't Miss the Cuba Bus by by Doug Igelsrud
Letter to the PNL

April 2006 PNL #752

April 06 PDF file
Syracuse Peace Council in Action
Guns vs. Butter
Food Security in Iraq compiled by Jessica Maxwell
Thinking About Hate Speech by Leslie Bender
Breaking Down Barriers: Israel/Palestine by Linda Bergh
The Story of an Injured Lake by Katie Nadeau
New Legislation Targets Depleted Uranium by Elaine Klein
Letters From Guatemala by Laura MacDonald
Poem: Peace Peace? by Mary Beth Young

March 2006 PNL #751

March 06 PDF file
Syracuse Peace Council in Action
A Chill Wind Blows: Reproductive Freedom by Betty DeFazio
A Tale of Two Quagmires, Noam Chomsky interview
Haudenosaunee Women Inspire by Sally Roesch Wagner
From Colombia to Venezuela by Jessica Maxwell
Africa Bound by Kimberley McCoy
White Anti-Racism & Solidarity by Candace Saunders
Greater Syracuse Progressive Coalition
Poem: Hot Tar Roofing by Martin Walls
"No Más, No More" - Frank Woolever by Elisha Peck

February 2006 PNL #750

February 06 PDF file
Syracuse Peace Council in Action
Onondaga Land Rights & Our Common Future by Andy Mager
Statement of the use of Torture By the United by IRCCNY
March to Guantánamo: Witness Against Torture! by Jessica Stewart
Execution Day (San Quentin State Prison by Steve Champion
Ten Ways to Debate Iraq by Michael Schwartz
Some Chose Between Warmth, Food, Health by Catherine Komp
Poem: Uninventing War by Stephen Thorley
Have Signs Will Vigil: CNY Reacts by Rae Kramer

January 2006 PNL #749

January 06 PDF file
Syracuse Peace Council in Action
Make a New Year's Revolution by Kimberley McCoy
Poem:Soldier in My Freshman Writing Class by Eileen Moeller
Syracuse's Rosa by Elisha Peck
Iraq War Stats

December 2005 PNL #748

 December 05 PDF file
Syracuse Peace Council in Action

Twenty Years of Singing for Peace & Justice by Karen Mihalyi
Beyond the Red Cross and the Mall compiled by Sara Smits
Poetry Peace Vigil by Stephen Thorley
Letters to the Editor
Cleaning Up Environmental Legacies by Joe Heath
Plowshares Program
Meeting Adisa on San Quentin’s Death Row by Tom Kerr
Odious Debt, Odious Allies: Pillaging Iraq by Ed Kinane
CNY NYCLU Chapter Statement on Dhafir Case
Iraq Death Toll
The Widening Circles of Joanna Macy by Cindy Squillace
Global Connection Through Painby Hannah Cass

November 2005 PNL #747

November 05 PDF file
Syracuse Peace Council in Action
Iraq Anti-War Activism Intensifies-"This is What Democracy Looks Like" by Carol Baum
Thanksgiving: An Ancient View
CLAC Hosts Colombian Organizer, John Henry by Ed Kinane

October 2005 PNL #746

October 05 PDF file
Syracuse Peace Council in Action
From Crawford to Syracuse by Elisha Peck
Onondaga Nation's Land Rights Action - Corporate Defendants
Reflections on Katrina by Arthur Paris
Syracuse Community Choir: 1985-2005
Replacing Destruction with Hope: Colombia by Dana Brown
"Now is the Time for All Good Voters…" by Lenore Rapalski
St. Patricks Four Acquitted of Heaviest Charge compiled by Andy Mager

PEACES Compiled by Elisha Peck
Interview With an Israeli Peace Activist by elana levy
Statement on Dr. Dhafir's Case by CNY CLU
Impact of "Depleted" Uranium on Iraqi Civilians by Sheree Craigue

September 2005 PNL #745

September 05 PDF file
Syracuse Peace Council in Action
Stopping the War Machine by Jessica Maxwell
Madame Cynthia's Travels by Paul Frazier
Telling Truth about the Iraq War by Jessica Stewart
Betty Bentley:A Voice for Peace Remembered by Elizabeth Quick
Let Us Go Forward Together by Rose Viviano
Internationally-known Visitors to Syracuse
Questions and Answers on Dr. Dhafir by Magda Bayoumi
Syracuse-Area Activist Contacts
It's Not Over Yet! by Tarki Heath and Thane Joyal
Onondaga Nation Presses Forward with Land Rights Action
REVIEW: In Praise of Slowness reviewed by Eileen E. Schell
REVIEW: Sundance reviewed by Donna Muhs-McCarten
On the Road with the Lil' Grease Beast
by Kimberley McCoy

July/August 2005 PNL #744

July/August 05 PDF file
Syracuse Peace Council in Action
Challenging the "Doctrine of Discovery" by Philip P. Arnold
Let the Sun Set on the Patriot Act by John D. Brule'
Summer Sampler: Websites and Books
The Bombs of August by Howard Zinn
Latin America Challenges US Intervention by Jackie Hayes
Sorry Uncle Sam by Kevin Caron Jr
Implications of the War on Iraq

June 2005 PNL #743

June 05 PDF file
Syracuse Peace Council in Action
Gonna Keep on Marchin' by Karen Hall
Words of Thanksgiving by Audrey Shenandoah
"Stop the Bombs!"by Diane and Peter Swords
Pastors for Peace Cuba Caravan by Doug Igelsrud
White Privilege and Racism by Candace Saunders
Activist Summer Vacation Guide compiled by Andy Molloy

May 2005 PNL #742

May 05 PDF file
Syracuse Peace Council in Action
Neighbor to Neighbor: Nation to Nation
Haudenosaunee attend International Religion Conference in Tokyo by Phil Arnold
Why Haiti Must Be Crushed by Ed Kinane

April 2005 PNL #741

April 05 PDF file
Syracuse Peace Council in Action
A Jury of One's Peers by Charles A. Keller, III Esq.
The Esthetics of Repression: Banned Art by Kimberley McCoy
Budget Fiasco, by Elizabeth Quick
War and "Dear Taxpayer" by Peter Swords
Supporting Onondaga Land Rights by Carole Resnick
Specific Goals of the Onondaga Land Rights
Onondaga Land Rights Action Facts
Toward a Green, Sustainable Syracuse by Ollie Clubb
Partner Abuse and War Making by Van Cleary-Hammarstedt
Vermont Votes No to War by John Nichols
Jimmy Massey - Healing a Soul by Jude Nagurney Camwell

GLIMCAP's Oil War: Iraq and Colombia by Ed Kinane
Is Peace Breaking Out in Palestine? by Ali Abunimah

March 2005 PNL #740

March 05 PDF file
Syracuse Peace Council in Action
Celebrating International Women's Day
4...1984?by Steve Parks and Eileen Schell
Getting the Purple Finger by Naomi Klein
Why We Act Against the War
Two Years Too Long:End the War NOW!
Support the Onondaga Call by NOON

February 2005 PNL #739

February 05 PDF file
Syracuse Peace Council in Action
Providing Empowering Tsunami Aid by Starhawk & UFPJ
Poetry To Mark African American History Month
Ten Miles out from Town by Mary McLaughlin Slechta
Hope at Midnight by Rebecca Solnit
The Tort Reform Myth Machine byJon Greenbaum
MLK, Civil Rights and the Creek by Lauren Neider
Haudenosaunee Land Claims by Doug George
The Government vs. Dr. Rafil Dhafir by Katherine Hughes
Unrepentant Resister by Andy Mager
Military Resistance by Elizabeth Quick
Notes for US Resistance to the Iraq by Phyllis Bennis

January 2005 PNL #738

January 05 PDF file
cuse Peace Council in Action
US Building 14 Permanent Bases in Iraq by Donna Muhs-McCarten

December 2004 PNL #737

December 04 PDF file
Syracuse Peace Council in Action

Where From Here: An Activist Forum on Post-Election Directions
___by Dik Cool, Jessica Azulay and Brian Dominick, Jessica Maxwell,
___Tim Judson, Frank Woolever, Horace Campbell, Liz Stacey and Rick Martin

"Rocket" the Vote:Election Weapons by Naomi Klein
The SU/Pentagon Connection by Nick Cavanaugh
Can We Save the Earth? by Cindy Squillace
Reaching Through Fear: Door-to-Door in Pennsylvania by Joe Pullman
Hot Reading for Cold Winter Nights

November 2004 PNL #736

Syracuse Peace Council in Action
Will We Let Them Steal the Election Again? SPC Editorial
Failures Echo Round the World by Andy Mager
Working Folks Reject Bush by Mark Spadafore
Vote Them Out! The Case Against Bush Inc.
The Business of Medicine by Jim Brulé
"Liberating" Women? by Sara Smits
An Inexplicable Vote for Death NY Times editorial

Voting is a Revolutionary Obligation by Bruce Hare

October 2004 PNL #735

October 04 PDF file
Syracuse Peace Council Pages

Syracuse Peace Council in Action
Bring Troops Home by Erik Leaver
Guantanamo Detainees Await “Justice” by Jumana Musa
Patriot Act Assaults Civil Liberties by John Brulé
US Government Promotes Fear of Muslims by Magda Bayoumi
Keeping the Election Honest by Catherine Komp
Transforming Education in South Africa by Noelle Files
Alto Cinco to Colombia by Rae Kramer

September 2004 PNL #734

September 04 PDF file
Syracuse Peace Council Pages

Civil Disobedience and NYS School Funding by Cynthia Kirby
The Nightmare Comes True by Uri Avnery
The Multiple Faces of Sudan by Pinyoun
My True Names by Caroline LeBlanc
CNY SOA Abolisionists Head to Ft. Benning by Ed Kinane
Protect the Earth
Resistance Grows to Southside Sewage Plant by Ed Kinane
Festival Footprints by Tarki Heath
Letter to Editor:Why Don’t We Vote? by Viola Ransel
How Syracuse Blows $9 Million A Year by Phil Prehn
Syracuse-Area Activist Contacts
Dr. Dhafir Looks Forward to Trial? by Madis Senner

July/August 2004 PNL #733

July/August 04 PDF file
Syracuse Peace Council Pages

Demand Higher Oil Prices! by Larry Kinney
ANOTHER WORLD IS POSSIBLE -The Boston Social Forum by Jessica Maxwell
Distributing Bush’s Report Card on May Day by Ann Goodgion
My Wild First Week with “Fahrenheit 9/11”by Michael Moore
Is Marriage Liberation?:

...... It’s a Queer Thing Now! by Harry R. Freeman-Jones
......Beyond the Rite: Gay Marriage “Yes” or “No” is the Wrong Question by Karen Hall

Under the Frying Pan, a Big Fire:Systemic Safety Problems at CNY Nuclear Plant by Tim Judson
George W. Bush: Profit over People
Did You Know
The Onondaga Fishery:From Sustainable Salmon to Carp for Sport (includes References) by JE Cope Savage
Summer of Nonviolent Creek Resistance Begins by Paul Frazier
(Not So Lite) Summer Reading For Activists

June 2004 PNL #732

June 04 PDF file
Syracuse Peace Council Pages
Letter from Ground Zero by Jonathan Shell
Registering Voters in a Swing State by Bo Lipari
Abu Ghraib: It Goes With the Territory by Ed Kinane
Congressman Condemns Bush’s Iraq Policy by Aly Wane
Syracuse’s War on Black Youth by Steven Muhammad
Summer Vacation Guide compiled by Andy Molloy
Reclaim Our Creek by Zac Moore/ Louise Poindexter
Long Road to Freedom: NYS Farmworkers by Laurie Todd
The Rwanda Genocide & Never Again by Horace Campbell
The Ice is Melting in the North by Oren Lyons
Community Calendar

May 2004 PNL #731

Mothers Day Proclamation by Julia Ward Howe
Syracuse Peace Council Pages
The Pentagon as Global Slumlord by Mike Davis
Mother’s Day - A Peace Holiday by Sally Roesch Wagner
IRS: We Won’t Pay for War by Winnie Romeril and David Schenk
Letter to editor by elana levy
Interview with Marylen Serna Salinas by Colleen Kattau
Argentina in Ruins...and Resisting by Jim Harney
SPECIAL FEATURE: Education Not Occupation Brochure (pdf file)
DU: a Toxic Boomerang by Sheree Craigue (with footnotes)
A Fine Instrument of Warfare by Jeff Shaw
The Coming Draft by Connor Freff Cochran
On Freedom in Israel and Palestine by Lisa Guido and Grace Ritter
“We Ask for Justice” by Daniel Burns
PEACES compiled by Jessica Maxwell
Community Calendar (pdf file)

April 2004 PNL #730

Haiti and the US: A Disparity of Soul by Pinyoun
Syracuse Peace Council Pages compiled by Carol Baum
Thoughts from Chiapas by Alicia Swords
"Friendshipment" to Cuba this Summer by Doug Igelsrud
Haiti: Myths and Realities
Pledging Solidarity with the Muslim Community by Carol Baum compiled by Ginger Weigand
The Hidden Toll of Invading Iraq by Anonymous
Why Vote? by Ralph Jones
Bush's Budget Impact on NYS
Where your Income Tax Really Goes
Volunteer Highlight
Peaces compiled by Ginger Weigand
Community Calendar

March 2004 PNL #729

Hold Bush to His Lie by Naomi Klein
Syracuse Peace Council Pages compiled by Carol Baum
Empire or Republic? by Matthew J. Walton
CNY Caribbean Latin America Coalition (CLAC) Update
Will Your Vote Count? by Bo Lipari
The Family Farm a Security Threat? by Steve Messmer
The Bipartisan Regime by Howie Hawkins/Ron Ehrenreich
When Democracy Failed by Thom Hartmann
PEACES compiled by Ginger Weigand
Community Calendar

February 2004 PNL #728

Moving the Cotton by Ahmed Khurrufa
Syracuse Peace Council Pages
Well Done, Mr. Ashcroft by Madis Senner
Casualty of War by Lucas Freshman
2004 Peace & Justice Action Calendar
Am I Ready to Risk Civil Disobedience and Jail? by Ed Kinane
Volunteer Highlight: Peace Newsletter Distributors
“Reflections/Reflexiones”: Photos from Cuba
In 2004, What Would Dr. King Do?
Community Calendar

January 2004 PNL #727

WAR as Trade Policy: Bush’s National Security Strategy by Diane R. Swords
Syracuse Peace Council Pages Compiled by Carol Baum
Global Protests Echo Common Vision
Victory in Miami - Remembrance at Ft. Benning by Dwight Stevenson

December 2003 PNL #726

Syracuse Peace Council Pages
“Americans Know Nothing About Suffering”, by Ed Kinane
A New Standard for Independent Media, by B. Dominick and J. Azulay
Living Under a Lesser-Known Dictator, by Brandy Witthoft
Where Will I Go Now?
Dreamers and Idiots, by George Monbiot
Stolen Harvest, by Eileen E. Schell
North of 49, by Ralph Singh
NY State Public Education, by Bob Cohen

November 2003 PNL #725

Syracuse Peace Council Pages
“How Did The Missile Choose Us?” by Ed Kinane
Is Syria Next?, by The Nation
Sell Us a Story To Elect George Orwell Bush in 2004, by Paul Street
Election Plan? by Michael Albert
Blind Imperial Arrogance, by Edward Said
Bill of Rights Defense Campaign Still Going Strong, by Chrissie Rizzo
Interview with Maureen Aumand, by Paul Frazier

SPC Community Calendar

October 2003 PNL #724
Iraq Journal: Whose “Voices”? Which “Wilderness”?, by Ed Kinane
Syracuse Peace Council Pages
A Return to the UN?, by Phyllis Bennis
Syracuse Opposes the USA PATRIOT Act, by John D. Brulé
Report from Cancun, by Writers Bloc
Women’s Actions and Feminist Voices for Peace, by Starhawk
The Story of Ida B. Wells, by Carlyn Ann Aquiline
CNY-Colombia Solidarity, by Laura MacDonald

September 2003 PNL #723

SPC Pages
Iraq Journal: What Does the Future Hold? by Rick McDowell
Remnants of a Secret War, by Mike Greenlar
ACLU Briefing: Discrimination
Permitting Protest/Silencing Dissent, by Don Mitchell
Corporate Globalization, by Jessica Maxwell
Contacts for Peace & Social Justice
Operation Oily Immunity, bySteve Kretzmann and Jim Vallette
Politics and the US Language, by Ed Kinane
Responding to Youth Violence at Home, by Andy Mager
Bikes 4 Peace!, by Jessica Maxwell
Hiroshima Peace Declaration
It’s Not Over Yet!, by Aggie Lane


July/August 2003 PNL #722

SPC Pages
The Patriot Act and the Patriotic Efforts to Fight It, by Daniel Freshman
Eyewitness to War, by Cynthia Banas
Uniting for Peace and Justice, by Jessica Maxwell
SPC Statement on Nonviolence
Activist Summer Reading Picks
The US and North Korea, by Korea Support Network

June 2003 PNL #721

SPC Pages
Welcoming the Invader by Ed Kinane
Your Library and Privacy by Lesley Pease
ACLU Briefing Paper
Farmworkers’ March by Jim Schmidt
Toxic Weaponry by Tim Judson
Working the Corporate Media by Andy Mager
Vieques Victories and Challenges by John Lindsay-Poland
A Few Ideas on Democracy by Jessica Azulay
SPC Statement on Iraq
14 Characteristics of Fascism by Lawrence Britt
Notes from Prison by Mike Pasquale

May 2003 PNL #720

SPC Pages
The Bush Doctrine After Iraq by David H. Bennett
On Getting Along by Howard Zinn
Letter s from a War Zone by Iraq Peace Team
The Day After the Statues Fall by Phyllis Bennis
I Stand for Peace and Justice
Fequently Asked Questions
Local Antiwar Activism
The War on Iraq and the Economy
by Dale Tussing
Moving the Peace Movement Forward by Betsy Hartmann
Demonstrations 101 by Jessica Maxwell


April 2003 PNL #719

SPC Pages
Syracuse Takes to the Streets Against War by Jessica Azulay
Letters from Baghdad by Iraq Peace Team
The Lysistrata Project by Clara McCarthy
The New McCarthyism by Hosna Haq
Building Bridges by Lizz King
Student Activism
Code Pink by Laura and Larry Buffam
The US and Columbia by Laura MacDonald
Censoring Dissent by Jessica Maxwell

March 2003 PNL #718

SPC Pages
Ed Kinane Leaves for Iraq by Paul Frazier
Trial of the SOA Protesters by Dan Sage
United for Peace, Justice & Busting Complacency by Maureen Curtin
You Don't Have to Pay for War by Andy Mager
Instead of War by Justin Podur
A World Without Security by Tim Judson
Poets Against War
Patriot Act II by ACLU
Another World is Possible … How? by Alicia Swords
Liberty and Peace for African American Women by Paula C. Johnson
Takeover of the "Organic" Food Market by Carole Resnick
Eyewitness Jenin by Jessica Azulay


February 2003 PNL #717

SPC Pages
Half a Million March Against the War in DC, by Catherine Allison
Letter from Our Iraq Correspondent, by Cynthia Banas
Waging Peace
The MLK You Don’t See, by Jeff Cohen and Norman Solomon
Operation Endless Deployment, by Hartung, Berrigan and Ciarrocca
Peace and Labor – Can We Work Together?, by Diane Swords
PEACES of the Anti-War Movement, by Becky LoDolce

January 2003 PNL #716

Syracuse Peace Council Page
Iraq Diary by Kathy Kelly
Yet Again: 85 SOA Watchers on Trial in January by Lisa Hughes
Phil Berrigan: We Are Called to Be Peacemakers
Syracuse Against War--Syracuse Common Council
New Upstate Peace Groups: Countering the March to War by John Fitzsimmons

December 2002 PNL #715

Lend a Hand to Stop a US War on Iraq
SPC Page
THIS is What Democracy Looks Like! by Carole Resnick
CNY Takes to the Street in DC by Clara McCarthy
“Is This the Day the Bombing Will Start?” by Cynthia Banas
The Evolution of a Community Bookstore by Mary Ellen Kavanaugh
Syracuse Cultural Workers by Dik Cool
New Credit Union Office by Ron Ehrenreich
Scott Ritter Predicts War on Iraq by John Fitzsimmons
“For Real Life?” by Karen Hall
“Underground Storage For Midland!” by Aggie Lane
Doing Time by Laura MacDonald
Report From Ft. Benning by Ed Kinane
The “Justice” Center? by Jessica Maxwell
“Good Morning, Relatives!” by Diane and Peter Swords

November 2002 PNL #714

What War Looks Like by Howard Zinn
Syracuse Peace Council Pages
Oiling the Wheels of War by Michael T. Klare
“Violence Bounces” by Ed Kinane
Us and Them by Rebecca Nellenback
The Syracuse System Shakers by Kimberley McCoy
Stalking Moby Dick by Oliver Clubb
Nick Cardell 1925-2002

October 2002 PNL #713

No War on Iraq
Syracuse Peace Council Pages
Into Harm’s Way: An Interview with Cynthia Banas as She Leaves for Iraq by Paul Frazier

Iraq Peace Team
Palestine 1-0-1 by Brian Dominick

September 2002 PNL #712

Introduction to the Special Issue
Syracuse Peace Council Pages
US Civil Liberties After 9/11 by John Freie
Mainstream Media Favor Story of War by Tom Kerr
The New War Story Begins at Home by Karen Hall
Bush’s “New World Order”–Preparing for Permanent War by Irwin Silber
“Collateral Damage” and the Uncertainty of Afghanistan by Linda Panetta
Piggybacking on the “War on Terrorism” Intro
Israel’s Post-September 11 Opportunism by Brian Dominick
“War on Terrorism” Bleeds into Colombia by Craig Schaub
The “War on Terrorism” Leaps into the Philippines by John D. Brulé
The “War on Terrorism” Moves on to Iraq by Jennifer Nader
International Cartoonists Look at the War
US Military Empire
Against Terrorism: Voices From Beyond Our Borders
Poets Respond to 9/11
Challenges to the “War on Terrorism” by Amy Dickinson
Reflections on Local Efforts to End the War by Andy Mager
Not in Our Name
Activists Reflect on the Last Year

July-August 2002 PNL #711
Terrorism and the Trials of the SOA 37 by Ed Kinane
Syracuse Peace Council Pages
Iraq Peace Team
It’s Been a Great Twelve Years by Duane Hardy
Resources on Israel/Palestine by elana levy and Rad Wood
Queering Nationalism by Maureen Curtin
Great Reads on the SPC Website by John Fitzsimmons
Israel: The Road to Nowhere by Tony Judt
"Our World Will Never Be the Same" by Bill Griffen
Uganda and El Salvador by Shirley Novak
Lessons from the Fourth of July in Greensboro by Ed Whitfield


June 2002 PNL #710
Don't Worry Honey, Your Roots Aren't Showing by Karen Hall
Syracuse Peace Council Page
Israel-Palestine Peaces
Toward an Open Minded Future by Xander Karkruff
The "War on Terrorism": Focus on Colombia
Stop by Yucca Mountain by Tim Judson
Expanding the Circle of Compassion & Peace by Linda DeStefano
"Sudan and Syracuse Together for Peace" by Amy Dickinson

May 2002 PNL # 709

United We March
Syracuse Peace Council Page
Calling for Peace in Israel & Palestine
In Solidarity, As Strong as Ever
Bringing Justice Home
America, Could You Please Open the Door!
Madison Ave. Enlists in the "War on Drugs & Terrorism"
The "War on Drugs and Terrorism": Speak Truth to Power
War Against Iraq?

April 2002 PNL # 708

Syracuse Peace Council Page
There's More than One 9/11
Can We Hear the Children in Iraq
Death and Opportunity in Israel and Palestine
Democracy Now! What is it? Why Do We Want it?
The Steadfastness of Community
An Update on the Midland Ave. Sewage Treatment Plant

International Women's Day

March 2002 PNL # 707

Women gather in response to the War on Terrorism
Syracuse Peace Council Page
Standing Up For Democracy
Pipeline Protection: The Falling Figleaf in Colombia
Act to End the Iraq Sanctions & Prevent Military Action

February 2002 PNL# 706

Syracuse Peace Council Pages
“Declaration of Independence from the War in Vietnam” (April 1967) by Martin Luther King, Jr.
9-11 Coalition for Peace and Justice
Alternatives to Bombing Iraq by Len Bjorkman
Chocolate with a Conscience
Women Resist War
Ending Terrorism:What Would it Really Take? by Andy Mager
Confronting the SOA Terrorist Training Camp by Ed Kinane
Reflections of a Local SOA Abolitionist by Rae Kramer
Peacemaker Training Institute by Christi Jureller
Oneida Struggle not a “Family Dispute” by Diane Shenandoah

December 2001 PNL # 705

Fall 2001 PNL # 704

A Widow’s Plea for Non-Violence by Amber Amundson
Poem: Kindness by Naomi Shihab Nye
Anti-War Sentiment and Action Spread Locally by Andy Mager
History Was Written on 9-11 by Wendy Gonyea, Onondaga Nation
And Our Flag Was Still There by Barbara Kingsolver
Ten Things to Know About the Middle East by Stephen Zunes, AlterNet
Two Tragedies: The Act And The Aftermath by Bill Griffen
Remove The Mote In Our Own Eye by Ed Kinane

July-August 2001 PNL # 703

Stop The Militarization of Space -Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space
Smart Sanctions in Iraq?- Tom Jackson, Lauren Cannon, Jeff Guntzel
Why Do Elderly Nuns Have To Keep Going To Prison?- Ed Kinane
Trial Statement of Rebecca Kanner
Brownfields Can’t Wait- Sarah Gardner
Executioners and Miracle Bullets-Paul Pearce
Clean Power and Conservation Saves Money -Union of Concerned Scientists
The Choice is Ours -National Environmental trust
Hearing Loss:- Paul Gunter
The Non-issue Of “Media Finance Reform” -Norman Solomon

Hiroshima 1945-2001

June 2001 PNL #702

A Brief Look at Alan Turing
It’s Our Land, Not Nick Pirro’s
On Winning Hearts and Minds
I Held Him in My Arms and Wept
Slavery in the 21st Century
The living wage campaign
Great Outpouring Of Support For Pesticide Notification
WXXE Fm 91 Community Radio

My Name Was Bear
Roll Your Own Blackout!

May 2001 PNL # 701

Foiling a nuclear power revival - Kyle Rabin
Senator Kerrey's Native Ghosts - Doug George-Kanentiio
PNL Interview with Shirley Novak:
“We really are a part of their lives. We are family.”
- Ed Kinane
Recognizing Racism - Mike Kernahan
Fair Trade, Not Free Trade - Andy Mager
The execution of Timothy McVeigh - People Against the Death Penalty

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