Onondaga Lake

A Better Future for Onondaga Lake - Advocate for a more inclusive hearing regarding Onondaga County developing a beach on the lake


On July 17, 2017, NOON submitted detailed comments on the proposed Natural Resource Damages Plan for Onondaga Lake.  Highlights of the comments include:

  • More community input into the process
  • An unprecedented remediation plan, to match the unprecedented pollution of the lake
  • Incorporation of the Onondaga Nation’s Vision for a Clean Onondaga Lake
  • Removal of waste before the creation of more trails
  • A plan for lower Onondaga Creek to make it a community resource and alleviate flood concerns
  • The development by NOON, in consultation with the Onondaga Nation, of a series of Informational Kiosks about Onondaga history and culture
  • Greater natural restoration along the lake
  • A commitment to developing safe subsistence fishing


The full document can be found here as a pdf file.