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The choice between what is right and what is easy

Posted by Brian Escobar on

Yesterday, I talked to a dear friend who is currently looking for an immigration lawyer that can help her re-enter the States so that she can return to continue her undergraduate studies in Vermont. I was numb after the call; I had never realized that this was going to be so personal.


Looking at Nationalism : A Review of the Book WOOL by HUGH HOWEY

Posted by carolbaum on

This is the author’s first book review analysis attempting to understand the root causes of dystopian fiction through the lens of political, social, and economic factors, for the purpose of understanding modern day realities of existence and struggle.

World War II expressed Nationalism in all of its glory as a rationale for empire.  The antagonist nation in wool did the same, but with the high

Marginalized Memories—Remembering our LGBTQIA+ Siblings in Orlando and the Systemic Injustices that Link Us All

Posted by PNL Editors on

Monday marked CNY Pride Week Day 1 and I had a moment of reprieve in my schedule—or perhaps the overwhelming emotions I am experiencing forced me to take respite—to join the vigil in downtown Syracuse to honor the Orlando Shooting victims, the vast majority of whom were black, Latinx, other people of color, and some possibly transgender. I have not had much time to process these events, as my heart is going to my friends in Orlando and to all of my community.