Steering Committee

As the leadership body of the Peace Council, the Steering Committee is primarily responsible for matters concerning the organization’s structural and financial sustainability, as well as its overall political direction.


Meet our 2018 Steering Committee members:

Aly Wane started organizing around 2001 through working with the American Friends Service Committee in Chicago on economic justice initiatives.  He began doing anti-war work around 9/11 and connected with SPC through the Peace Newsletter, leading him to serve on SPC’s PNL Editorial Committee for many years.  Outside of SPC, Aly has been a strong advocate for racial justice and fairer immigration policies through his involvement with the Black Immigration Network, Black Lives Matter Syracuse, and the Worker’s Center.  When he’s not wowing folks as an excellent public speaker, Aly enjoys playing guitar and pet-sitting.


Amelia Lefevre got involved in social justice work as a high school student, educating her peers about environmental justice and LGBT issues. She also wrote for the school paper and local paper in the Philadelphia area. She later became involved with the Peace Council in 2009 and joined the Peace Newsletter editorial committee. She has been an intern, staffer and Steering Committee member ever since.


Caroline Kim Tihanyi started her social justice work in 2006 accompanying undocumented workers to court dates who had been racially profiled and imprisoned without any regard for their constitutional or human rights. These days, she works with refugees. She joined the Steering Committee in 2016.


Marianna Kaufman got her start in social justice organizing through the anti-fracking movement and Citizens Climate Lobby.  Marianna got involved with the Peace Council through the CNY Solidarity Coalition in 2017, and is also a member of the Beyond War and Militarism Committee.  Among many other organizations, she is part of the Immigrant and Refugee Defense Network (previously known as the Rapid Response Team).  Marianna is a physician, mom, yogi, and nature lover.


Michaela Czerkies started out her organizing journey in college with her student chapter of Peace Action, while studying Globalization. Her interest and concern for the treatment of refugees here and abroad drew her to think more deeply about social justice issues. She first connected with SPC as an enthusiastic member of the Nuclear Free World Committee and is now also on the Justice for Palestine and Beyond War and Militarism Committees. As a staff organizer, she brings energy, focus and calm strength. She is also vegan and loves to cook.


Ursula Rozum first got involved in social justice work through Citizen Action of NY in 2008 working on a Get Out the Vote campaign.  She has been involved with SPC since 2008, and is currently active with the Justice for Palestine Committee.  She is also part of the Green Party of NY.  By day and night, Ursula works for the Campaign for New York Health and Physicians for a National Health Program NY Metro.  When she’s not organizing campaigns, Ursula enjoys salsa dancing, salsa making, gardening, playing ukulele, and bicycle riding.