Anti-Racism & White Privilege Study Group Readings, 2015

The Anti-Racism & White Privilege Study Group is starting in response to the call from the #blacklivesmatter movement for white allies to organize ourselves and educate each other about institutional racism and mobilize each other to action.

The first session of this group has concluded. Another session is planned for 2016. Read more about how this group is framed and what its purpose is. Contact Brian to make sure you find out about the next session in time to register.

Please find our reading lists by date below. Check back to this page to get the articles we are reading in preparation for our meetings.


August 17, Introduction:
We Cannot Have Honest Discussions About Racism if We Refuse to Confront Whiteness by Thea Monyeé
It Ain’t Going Away: Let’s Talk About White Millenial Racism by Jenn M. Jackson
Race and Privilege in America Today: A Series - White Supremacy and White Privilege by Will Smith


August 31, White Privilege and Discomfort:
I, Racist by John Metta
Implicit Association Test - you can "continue as a guest" and then choose an IAT related to race or skintone
How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love Talking About Race (video) by Jay Smooth
The Persistence of White Privilege and Institutional Racism in US Policy compiled by Transnational Racial Justice Initiative
White America, It's Time to Be Uncomfortable and OK With It by Keith Rushing
5 Ways White Transgender People Have Privilege Over Transgender People of Color by ray(nise) cange
Intent vs. Impact by Mauricio Velásquez


September 28, From Ally to Co-Conspirator:
White Anti-Racism: Living the Legacy by Teaching Tolerance
Beyond White Guilt: The Role of Allies in the Struggle for Racial Justice by Charlton McIlwain and Stephen Maynard
Accomplices Not Allies: Abolishing the Ally Industrial Complex an Indigenous perspective & provocation from Indigenous Action Media


October 12, Stepping Back:
Aph's Guide to the Revolutionary, Decolonizing Praxis of "Moving Over" by Aphro-ism
Why White Feminists Need to Shut Up and Listen When It Comes to Race by Briana Ureña-Ravelo


October 19, Stepping Up:
On Liberal Racism, Sexism and Islamophobia: Why Liberals Don't Deserve Our Trust by Hari Ziyad
White Fragility, Silence and Supremacy: Why All White Hands Are Bloody by Malik Nashad Sharpe


November 2, White Fragility:
#WhitePeopleEquivalents by Mia McKenzie
I Don't Know What to Do With Good White People by Brit Bennett