Anti-Racism & White Privilege Study Group

This study group met in 2015 and 2016. We do not currently have another session planned.

The Anti-Racism & White Privilege Study Group started in response to the call from the #blacklivesmatter movement for white allies to organize ourselves and educate each other about institutional racism and mobilize each other to action.

A call went out inviting anti-racist white people to meet to examine our own white privilege, educate ourselves about institutional racism, and support people of color-led organizations working to dismantle white supremacy (see Grounding Agreements, below).

A stenciled image showing an angry face along with the words Fight Racism!

We launched the group with six meetings of reading and discussion over a three-month period. The first session (first set of six meetings) focused on anti-black racism, and subsequent curricula examined how white supremacy and institutional racism have hurt other people of color. All the material used was written by people of color.

This study group was also a fundraiser for a local people of color-led organization. Because white people have greater access to resources across society, we asked for a donation at each meeting. These funds were given to the organization hosting us and to the originators of our reading materials. However, no one was turned away for lack of funds.

Grounding Agreements

  • Institutional racism exists today and actively harms people of color in the present.
  • As white people we must examine our own complicity in a racist system and participate in supporting people of color-led organizations and movements, even at the risk of making mistakes.
  • White people have unearned privileges that people of color do not have and these privileges allow us to benefit from the same structures of white supremacy and institutional racism that cause harm to people of color.
  • It is the job of white people to educate ourselves and people of color should not be expected to provide uncompensated labor to these ends. 
  • We must be committed to dismantling white supremacy even if it means personal discomfort and loss of privilege.
  • This study group is intended as a tool to help white people be effective in multiracial action to take down the system of white supremacy. It is not a substitute for such action. It is expected that each participant is engaged elsewhere in action to end racism.
  • The work this group does is meant for anti-racist white people, and we understand that the messy work of white people talking about racism can be harmful to people of color. For accountability and transparency, people of color are always welcome to the study group.

If you do not agree with these understandings, the group is not for you. However, if you are committed to anti-racism and genuinely want to learn more feel free to contact us and we can talk more about this.


The Details

This Study Group is not currently meeting.

See the reading lists for the 2015 session at