Ice Cream Social Gaza Boat Fundraiser

Thursday, July 12, 2018 - 6:00pm - 7:30pm
Pebble Hill Presbytarian Church (5299 Jamesville Rd, Syracuse, NY 13214)
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The Justice for Palestine Committee will be holding an ice cream social to fundraise for the Women's Boat to Gaza, as well as the Middle East Children's Alliance (MECA)'s projects that support Gazan children.


Israel's blockade has made Gaza essentially unlivable - 95% of water is undrinkable, access to electricity is restricted to 3-4 hours a day, and delivery of food, supplies, and aid is tightly restricted.  MECA's projects in Gaza benefit children through direct medical, food, and school supplies, financial support, scholarships, and educational programs. The Women's Boat to Gaza is a Freedom Flotilla which seeks to challenge the blockade and highlight the strength of Palestinian women in the struggle for justice.

One of our members recently returned from a 10-month stay in Ramallah (West Bank).  Stop by to enjoy some ice cream and chat!

This event is free and open to the public. Donations are encouraged!

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