May 2022 Mother Earth



Mother Earth

For many of us, the awaking of spring turns our thoughts towards Mother Earth and we long to reconnect with her. But for Indigenous Peoples, there is no need or longing to reconnect because their cultures are daily closely connected to the environment.

Here in Onondaga territory, and indeed all of the traditional Haudenosaunee communities, that relationship is epitomized at each gathering of the community by the Words That Come Before All Else, sometimes called The Thanksgiving Address. They remember and honor Mother Earth by acknowledging that we, Indigenous people and Euro-Americans both, dependence on Mother Earth. They acknowledge the dept we all share to Mother Earth and her gifts. Listen to Freida Jacques, Onondaga Turtle Clan Mother, talk about The Thanksgiving Address.

To better learn about Indigenous connections to the environment we recommend Robin Kimmerer's book Braiding Sweet Grass

While our traditions and celebrations are connected to the Gregorian calendar, Onondaga ceremonies are linked to the seasons, the lunar calendar and their duty to take care of Mother Earth. Faith Keepers have the responsibility to determine the dates of ceremonies and ensure that they are carried out. The year opens with Midwinters which lasts for 21 days. Maple Sap ceremonies occurred recently when the weather started the maple sap flowing. And the Planting ceremony will be next. A list of ceremonies and the names of lunar months in the Onondaga language, as well as translations into English, are available on the Nation web site.

To learn more about Haudenosaunee culture and traditions check out Tom Porter's book And Grandmother Said.

But what about our debts and duties to Mother Earth? What do we owe to the environment we all share? What has our relationship with Mother Earth been and what does it continue to be? Will we continue to cause degradation like the Tully Mud Boils and their impact on Onondaga Lake? What are our duties to the environment? Our EuroAmerican culture in regards to Mother Earth is one of exploitation and “it is ours for the taking”. Will Mother Earth survive? These are very relevant questions in this critical time of climate crisis.

We all share ONE Mother Earth. Will she survive if we do not honor and give thanks for her many gifts? We have much to learn from “native” peoples.



NOON acknowledges that we are on the territory of the Onondaga Nation, council fire of the Haudenosaunee Confederacy.

We are thankful for their stewardship of our environment.



Halftown Must Go, Monday, May 16, Washington, DC. The U.S. government is continuing to violate Gayogo̱hó꞉nǫʼ (Cayuga Nation) self-determination by disregarding Clan Mothers and Chiefs, empowering Clint Halftown's tyranny despite his removal. In accordance with the Two Row Wampum. This trip is being organizing and undertaken as a responsibility of people on the U.S. side of the Two Row trying to hold our government accountable. They will come together for a dynamic event in D.C., gathering near Department of Interior offices late morning on Monday, May 16, to help the U.S. government understand that in the name of Indigenous sovereignty, Halftown Must Go. They will attempt to secure meetings with NY Senators Schumer and Gillibrand's offices in D.C. on May 16 or 17.

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To aid you in focusing articles are arranged by topic and coded for length (S – short, M – Medium, L – Long) with a designation for Video and/or Audio.


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Ancient footprints in New Mexico raise questions about when humans inhabited North America – Video

Native American tribe gets its land back after being displaced nearly 400 years ago - S

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Boarding Schools

Pope Francis apologizes to Indigenous delegates for 'deplorable' abuses at residential schools – M w videos

First Nations delegates say they believe Pope Francis will apologize for residential schools – M w videos

Walking to justice’: Canada’s residential school survivors - M


An Indigenous village works to save a Brazilian forest, seed by seed – Long but with many pictures

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Arts and Enertainment

Artists Make New York: G. Peter Jemison – L w video

Reservation Dogs’ Devery Jacobs Joins ‘Echo’ Marvel Series For Disney+ - S

Iconic Indigenous leaders elected to arts and sciences academy - S


Niagara Wheatfield coaches Aaron and Zan Printup use lacrosse to craft relationships with friends, family - M

Lacrosse pro Lyle Thompson’s growth into an influence for Indigenous people - L

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The Doctrine of Discovery: Unmasking the Domination Code film is premised on Pagans in the Promised Land: Decoding the Doctrine of Christian Discovery, a book based on two decades of research by Shawnee, Lenape scholar Steven T. Newcomb. Available to borrow. Contact Carol Baum via email or phone 315-472-5478

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In addition NOON has organized dozens of educational programs over the past 20 years which are available on line at SPC's You Tube Channel. Fifteen years ago we coordinated the historic series Onondaga Land Rights and Our Common Future. Check out the videos here.

WITNESS TO INJUSTICE: UNRAVELING HISTORIC NATIVE & U.S. RELATIONS. This inter-active group exercise is a 2 hour teaching tool that uses participatory education to raise awareness of the history of the relationship between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples in the part of the world now known as the United States. Through the use of meaningful quotes, and blankets that represent part of Turtle Island (the Western Hemisphere), we explore this shared history that most people rarely learn in traditional settings. We engage in a conversation about the European colonization of Turtle Island in order to deepen our understanding of the denial of Indigenous peoples' nationhood throughout U.S. History. NOON is offering this exercise to groups, organizations, schools and churches. A good will offering to support NOON's work is appreciated. If you would like additional information or to schedule a time for a presentation, contact Cindy Squillace

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