Plowshares 2021 Entertainment


A photo of Colleen Kattau performing at a previous Plowshares
Colleen Kattau and Dos XX performing at a previous Plowshares. (Note we will be at the Science & Industry Building at the State Fair this year, NOT Nottingham High School!)



Plowshares 2021 Entertainment Schedule

Saturday, Dec. 4

10:00 - Eli Thomas

11:00 - Maya Tribe Bellydance

12:00 - Colleen Kattau and Dos XX

1:00 - Merry Mischief

2:00 - No Strings Attached

3:00 - AaH - Alex and Harvey-Harp and Guitar

4:00 - Mark Zane

Sunday, Dec. 5

10:30 - Eli Thomas

11:30 - Thrift Store Gypsies

12:30 - The Long Weight

1:30 - Storm Chasers

2:30 - Falling Forward

3:30 - Dram Fools


Sound: David Kane

Stage Managers: Mark Zane and Mark Bostick

Sound Tech: Jonathan Trier

Entertainment Booking and Coordination: Art Brangman & Beth Mosley



We are grateful to the performers and musicians who donated their talents to make Plowshares 2021 special.


Colleen Kattau and DOS XX


Merry Mischief


The Long Weight

The Long Weight logo



Dram Fools

The band members having a drink


Falling Forward

Photo of the band playing