War Update

From the January 2013 PNL #820

by Seth Rutledge

Gaza: Israel initiated Operation Pillar of Cloud (Nov. 14-21) by killing Hamas military second-in-command and peace negotiator Ahmed Jabari. He had just received a draft of a truce agreement between Hamas and Israel brokered by Egypt.[1]
            Israel bombed 1,500 sites; killing 166 Palestinians (33% civilians); wounding 1,235 (97% civilians); demolished 242 buildings; and damaged over 8,000 buildings totaling $1.2 billion in damages.[2]
            Hamas fired 1,400 unguided missiles into Israel (400 were intercepted) killing four Israeli civilians and two soldiers; and causing $50 million in damages.[3]

            On November 30 Netanyahu ordered the construction of 3,000 new homes and planning for thousands more in the occupied West Bank and East al-Quds (Jerusalem). The US will increase its $3.1 billion annual military aid to Israel by $210-$470 million.[4]


Syria: 3,111 women and 33,574 men have died since March 18, 2011.[5] Terrorist attacks have sharply increased in 2012.[6] 

            Spokesmen from the opposition have met with US, British, French, and Turkish officials in Qatar to form the National Coalition of Syrian Revolutionary Opposition Forces; now recognized by France, UK, US, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, UAW, Kuwait and Oman; and supported by some opposition groups.[7] Other opposition groups are engaged in dialog with the Syrian government.[8]

            NATO will deploy Patriot missiles and 400 soldiers in Turkey on the border of Syria. 10,000 US troops have been deployed off the coast of Syria.[9] The US has provided $25 million in aid to the rebels;[10] the CIA maintains an FSA command center in Turkey;[11] and the US has   facilitated arms supplies including a shipment of surface to air missiles.[12]
            Anonymous Pentagon sources claim the Syrian government plans to use chemical weapons of mass destruction. Pentagon officials say there is no evidence for this accusation.[13] Israeli commandos are in Syria purportedly to monitor this possibility.[14]


Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC): On November 20 the M23 rebels (with support from US-backed Rwanda and Uganda[15] [16]) seized the city of Goma in eastern DRC. 390,000 refugees have fled the fighting since April.[17] The war for the DRC's mineral wealth has killed 5.4 million since 1998.[18]


Sudan: Israel bombed an ammunition factory in Sudan.[19] Rebels (supported by US backed[20] [21] S. Sudan[22] continue to shell an airport and combat the army.[23] Iranian warships visited N. Sudan in a show of support. Sudan has been under US sanctions since 1997.[24]


Pakistan: Four drone strikes killed11-23 people and injured 7-13 from November 29-December 9.[25]


Afghanistan: In the period between August 1 and October 31 there have been 75 US soldier and 967 Afghan civilian deaths; and more than 568 US soldier and 1,590 Afghan civilian injuries.[26] [27]

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Seth is a resident of the Westcott Nation, painter (sethpaints.com) and blogger at alchemicalnursery.org.