WXXE 91fm

A new program called Segue will be on Thursday Nights at 8PM for the summer months. Come and co-host a program or a segment. Email or call to set up a night. Segue will feature a wide array of musical selections and spoken word pieces featuring recordings from c.1920 to the present. Pretty much like Eclectification but on a Thursday!

On the June 7th edition we featured singer-songwriter Joe Henry, Sam Phillips, Moxy Fruvous, Fairport Convention, Apples in Stereo, Nina Simone, and something from the most recent Bevis Frond album. We also had Groucho Marx, Noam Chomsky, George Carlin and a song from the Monty Pythons.

We also take your requests. So phone us at 234-2000 or email studio@wxxe.org Grab your albatross and surf on over to www.WXXE.org and enjoy some home brewed radio!