To bear witness in solidarity is a gift to be cherished.
To bear witness alone is no less important.

Monday August 6, 2001 :
­ the 56th anniversary of the horror of Hiroshima and the nuclear coming-of-age
­the 11th anniversary of the imposition of economic sanctions on Iraq
12 noon :­ come to Columbus Circle, downtown Syracuse with friends and family, or
­ allow yourself some quiet time within your busy life to remember

We will gather together to say to the powers that be that we will never forget the violence committed in our name. We assert our American and human right to assemble peacefully, to act as responsible citizens of our country and the world, to use our presence to mourn the victims and celebrate our commitment to peace and justice.

While we cannot undo the evils of the past, we are required by our humanity to remember and to do what we can to prevent such evil in the future. We are strengthened by the rightness of this work and the opportunity to give voice and presence to those unheard and unseen who suffer for the arrogance of those who run our world.

Join us, in body and/or spirit, to affirm our commitment to a world without thuggery disguised as foreign policy.

Another Action!
Central New York Iraq Planning Group

Next meeting : Sunday August 5 ~ 2:00 pm ~ Slocum House
Next action : Vigil ~ Sunday August 5 4:00 pm Air National Guard base

All welcome! Share your thoughts at 2:00 and let Gov. Pataki know at 4:00 that we do not want New Yorkers participating in the illegal and immoral sorties in the Iraqi no-fly zone.

Call Dick Keogh (315) 476-0048 for more info.

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