The Syracuse Peace Council Marches on DC

Over 170 Central New Yorkers joined nearly 100,000 other concerned activists to call for an end to the "War on Terrorism" on April 20 in Washington, DC. The demand forced us to add a second bus from Syracuse for the demonstration. We hope that the enthusiasm generated will add to local organizing work for peace and justice. A special thanks to those who contributed to the scholarship fund for the trip. (See cover story.)

Many Offer Input to SPC

Over 30 people came indoors on a beautiful spring afternoon for an Open Peace Council meeting on Sunday, April 14. They heard reports on SPC's current work and offered their thoughts on two questions: "How to challenge the `War on Terrorism?'" and "How can SPC's resources be used most effectively to foster social change in our community?"

A variety of interesting suggestions emerged, many focused on creative ways to reach new people. The Peace Council Steering Committee will hold a retreat
in the coming months to take these suggestions and turn them into a plan for the continued growth and development of the Peace Council. If you missed the meeting, your suggestions are still warmly welcome—924 Burnet Ave., Syracuse, NY 13203, 472-5478,

Weekly Peace Vigils

Please join our weekly vigils for peace and justice for all people. It's a great form of outreach.We meet on Wednesdays, from 4:45-5:45 pm.

May 15—S. Salina and East Colvin (Southside)

May 22—Rt. 695 exit ramp to W. Genesee St. (Fairmount)

May 29 — Hiawatha Blvd., in front of Carousel Center (Northside)

June 5—Valley Drive and Seneca Turnpike (Valley)

House Renovation

As a result of the hard work of volunteers, the ceiling in the central room is patched, the kitchen wall is whole and a brand new office has been created for Andy Mager. Lanny Freshman spent countless hours finishing the sheetrock, building a new floor, doing the finish carpentry work and painting. Many thanks to Lanny, as well as Lance Hogan, Chris Spies-Rusk, Rae Kramer, Larry Rutledge and Andy Molloy who have also contributed their labor to recent fix-up projects. A new two-line phone system (the Peace Council's first "real" phone system) was donated and installed by ITS, Inc, following many hours of preparation work by Paul Pearce. The changes and improvements have been very exciting.

The next step is fixing up an office for Carol Baum and renovating the central room for volunteers and staff to work. Please join us for a workday—both inside and outside on Saturday, May 18 from 9:30 to 3:00 pm. We'll be painting, washing windows, landscaping, cleaning out old junk and more. Lunch will be provided.

66th Birthday

Sat. June 15, 2002

St. Andrew's Church
(124 Alden St. Syracuse)

Dessert 7:30
Program 8-9:30

$5-15 sliding scale

Featuring Amy Goodman,
Host of Democracy Now

Please contribute a birthday greeting
to the written program
$10 for 20 words or less.

Democracy Now Update

Just before the Peace Newsletter went to press, the Peace Council heard from WRVO station manager John Krause that they "have no plans" to add Democracy Now to their schedule "at this time." His response leaves little reason to think that they will change that decision in the near future. We are beginning to evaluate our options about how to most effectively continue the campaign.

Amy Goodman's appearance at the SPC birthday celebration should re-energize our effort. Videos of Democracy Now have been airing on SPC-TV in recent weeks, and those who subscribe to the Dish Network can regularly view the show on Free Speech TV (Channel 9415). Excellent alternative programming can also be found on Worldlink TV, which is available on Dish Network (Channel 9410) and on Direct TV (Channel 375).

SPC Needs

Ongoing Financial Support

As you have read , there is a great deal going on at SPC. Unfortunately, we remain severly understaffed as we seek to carry out this vital work. Please consider pledging ongoing financial support, or assisting with fundraising efforts.

People with grantwriting skills would be particularly helpful since we have identified several potential funding sources, but simply don't have the staff time to devote to completing the applications. Contact Andy to offer assistance with grantwriting.

SPC and the

School of the Americas

The Peace Council has long supported the efforts to close the School of the Americas (our "terrorist training facility") at Fort Benning, GA. A significant component of that campaign has involved people participating in civil disobedience actions. Rae Kramer and Laura Mac-Donald, both SPC Steering Committee members, have recently been notified that they face prosecution in Colombus, GA for actions at Fort Benning last November. Local activist Mike Pasquale is also among the 43 chosen for prosecution. A June court date is likely, and if previous precedent continues, our Steering Committee will be minus two, while our courageous co-workers serve time in federal prison for their conscientious stands against all forms of terrorism. Look for details in upcoming Peace Newsletters.