It's Been a Great Twelve Years

Duane has been an unpaid staff person at SPC for years. He has done everything from PNL distribution to bookkeeping to snow shoveling (and more). He is irreplaceable, and we will miss him very much.

Duane Hardy

For those who were at SPC's 66th Anniversary Event, thank you for your hearty response to Carol's glowing words about my years of volunteer work, and the announcement of Nell's and my leaving the Syracuse area in the near future. This has become inevitable with advancing age and distance from family.

When I came to Syracuse in 1989, I remembered my connections with the Peace Council dating to the 1940s. It was my first choice of a place to continue working for peace and social justice. With a warm smile of welcome, Andy Molloy soon put me to work. I was introduced to Paul Pearce and Marge Rusk. Paul was the one who got the paper cutter working again after I jammed it and with whom I exchanged life stories, and discussed events and articles from The Nation. Shortly, the need for a bookkeeper arose, and it became my ongoing contribution.

After Andy left, Bill Mazza became the staff person, devoting six years to SPC. It was he, who in 1996, reinstituted the anniversary celebration. After Bill left, Tim Judson, Beth Mosley, Val Singer and Nicole Rogers combined to keep lots of activities going. In the past few years, Beth Mosley, together with her family, Paul, and many great volunteers, made sure that the Peace Council continued its presence in the community and, through the Peace Newsletter, across the US and a few foreign countries. It has been most rewarding to have been a part of all this.

Now there is an even greater need for peace and community organizations. Through the actions of many people, Carol Baum and Andy Mager have returned to our staff. A successful revitalization fundraiser got things started off well. Hard work by volunteers and contributions of materials have provided a warm and efficient workspace. We have seen the results in regular vigils, monthly potlucks, Amy Goodman at our Anniversary Event, and other activities.

The Bush administration is now talking pre-emptive strikes and even changing our Defense Department to an Offense Department. We must meet the challenge, finding ways to support our staff and extend activities, both by volunteering and raising the needed funds. Our voice must continue to be heard!