Piggybacking on the "War on Terrorism"

The US "War on Terrorism" has created opportunities for other countries, and the US itself, to reframe various conflicts. As Simon Helweg-Larsen states in the April Z Magazine , "While many countries recently hid repressive or counterinsurgent activities from the international spotlight, the acquisition of the anti-terrorist lingo has seemingly lent authenticity and even moral authority to politics based on righteous bullying in the name of security."

We have called this shift "piggybacking" on the "War on Terrorism" _ exploiting the "original war on terrorism" (the US attacks on Afghanistan, purportedly to destroy Osama bin Laden and al Qaeda) to further a country's agenda of domination either within or outside its borders.

The following are brief reports on the use of the rhetoric of the War on Terrorism" to justify military escalation within the Philippines, Israel/Palestine, and Colombia, along with the US' threatened war on Iraq.