No War on Iraq

Mr. Bush has made it clear that he is hell-bent on going to war with Iraq. Publicly he speaks of weapons of mass destruction and human rights violations. If these were truly the concerns of his administration, they would work actively to abolish weapons of mass destruction everywhere and consistently challenge human rights violators rather than threatening a unilateral, pre-emptive war.

Fortunately, voices for peace are proliferating widely here in Central New York and around the world. International opposition has already slowed his plans, forcing Bush to seek UN support (at the same time that he threatens to go it alone if such support is not granted).

In the Syracuse area, some 500 people overflowed the Skydeck at Carousel Center for a September 21 Town Meeting with Senator Schumer. The crowd was overwhelmingly anti-war. Signs provided by the Peace Council were crucial in communicating why people came despite a format which denied us the opportunity to speak.

Despite opposition from most of the world and a majority of USers (when asked questions which expose the true risks involved), the Bush administration is pushing ahead with its war agenda. We don't know if we can stop them, but we do know that we must try.

Over 80 people_old-timers, newcomers and returnees_attended a galvanizing Peace Council meeting to organize against the war immediately before press time. See page 3 for a little more detail. A follow-up meeting is planned for Tuesday, October 15, 7-9 pm, site to be announced.

In the meantime, vigils with the theme, "Not in Our Name" will be held outside places of worship on Sunday, October 6, in conjunction with a major demonstration in New York City. These will build momentum for a city-wide demonstration on Saturday, October 26, the local companion to a national March on Washington. Four peace walks from the south, west, north and east will all converge downtown that afternoon.

We need to build on this growing energy if we are to have a chance of stopping this war. Please get involved and find your place. Contact the Peace Council, 472-5478 or for more details.