No War on Iraq Organizing

The Peace Council canceled the September potluck program on the "collateral damage" of the "war on terrorism" in order to hold a meeting to organize against further "collateral damage" _ Bush's proposed escalation of the US war on Iraq.

Over 80 people attended and split into task groups_media, public education, lobbying, demonstrations, civil disobedience, and personal education. Energy was high and many plans were made in all areas. For information about any of the groups, call the Peace Council.

Stay connected! Get up-to-date information on local anti-war activities, check our website (, call (472-5478), or join the Peace-List listserv (send an email to and in message type subscribe Peace-List your name).

There are two special events to be watching for_"Not in Our Name" vigils to be held outside places of worship on Sunday, October 6, and a city-wide demonstration on the afternoon of October 26.

9/11/01 and Beyond

The Peace Council's efforts to offer a "peaceful" look at the 9/11 commemoration made a dent in the mainstream discussion in our community. We have distributed over 5,000 copies of our special September Peace Newsletter throughout the region (more go out daily with orders from the Syracuse Cultural Workers). Over 100 people attended the Peace Council's 9/11 "Our Grief is Not a Cry for War" vigil at the Federal Building, standing in silence, singing and participating in a ritual of mourning. The event, which received newspaper and radio coverage, was characterized as reaching "for the conscience and the heart to deliver a graceful message of peace," in a Post-Standard editorial.

USA Patriot Act Show

The Peace Council, in conjunction with the Syracuse Cultural Workers and the Community Folk Art Gallery is bringing a wonderful art show entitled "USA Patriot Act Show: Cartooning & Free Speech in Time of War" to Syracuse in October. The show will be unveiled at a 7 pm opening reception on Monday, October 7 at the Community Folk Art Gallery, 2223 E. Genesee St., Syracuse. The show will run through October 31. Come check out some great political art from Aaron McGruder (Boondocks, which runs daily in the Post-Standard), Ted Rall, Stephanie McMillan, Matt Wuerker and others.

Only 8 Pages?

You will notice that this Peace Newsletter is small, particularly compared to last month's special issue. Over the summer the Steering Committee decided to spend more time on organizing and activist work. This means that we will publish smaller newsletters in the near future, with larger issues on a quarterly basis. We'd rather keep them larger, but simply don't have the resources to do everything. Help us make this a very temporary situation through your financial support and volunteer assistance.

Local Peacemakers to Prison

Syracuse continues to play a key role in nonviolent resistance efforts to close the US Army School of the Americas/WHISC terrorist training facility in Fort Benning, GA. Laura MacDonald (an SPC Steering Committee member) will soon be heading home from the Harris County Jail, where her three month prison term ends in early October. Another SPC Steering Committee member, Rae Kramer, and Michael Pasquale, recently began their six month prison sentences. They were celebrated at a September 9 send-off. Over 100 people listened to them read their trial statements (with Laura's dad Doug reading her statement) and joined in a festive gathering with food and music to appreciate their efforts and recommit ourselves to peace. The two drove themselves to their respective Federal prison camp destinations the following day.

You can write to them:

Rae Kramer Michael Pasquale

91096-020 91102-020 Unit A

Federal Prison Camp Prison Camp Allenwood

Pembroke Station PO Box 1000

Danbury, CT 06811 Montgomery, PA 17752

(Be sure to write the address exactly as above and have an identifiable return address on the envelope.)

Preparations are underway for this year's protest of the School of the Americas, the weekend of November 16-17. For information in Central New York, see insert or contact the SOA Abolitionists, 478-4571, e-mail:

Clintons and the SOA

You probably heard that Bill and Hillary Clinton attended the New York State Fair again this year. Tina MacDonald, Laura MacDonald's mom, found her way through the crowds to greet them and told Bill, "Please close the SOA. My daughter is in jail right now for that." He asked what jail it was. A little while later Tina got Hillary's autograph and shook her hand. "I held her hand and speaking mom to mom, said, `Please close the SOA. It's a terrible place where we're training terrorists. My daughter is in jail for trying to close it down. I'm very proud of her. How would you feel?' She nodded and said `Yes, I'll see what I can do.'" Tina was wearing her SOA t-shirt to reinforce the message.

We Still Want Democracy Now!

WAER is encouraging listeners to visit their website on Friday, October 4 and make a pledge to support the station. This is a great opportunity for us to remind them that there are many people in Central New York who would be happy to become members after they add Democracy Now to their broadcast lineup. If you're already a member, be sure to let them know why this great newsmagazine program is needed here. This fall they added "Fresh Air," a good program which is already available twice daily on WRVO, so they appear interested in more news programming.

You can also contact WAER more conventionally: Ron Ockert, Director of Programming and Operations, WAER JAZZ 88, 215 University Place, Syracuse, NY 13244, email:, 443-4021.

For further information, or to pick up a CD or cassette sample of the show, stop by or contact our office.

Where We've Been…

The Peace Council has recently tabled at LeMoyne College's activities fair, the Latin American Festival, the Regional Peace Studies Association, the Westcott Street Fair and the Hobart & William Smith Folk Fest. Peace Council speakers participated on panels at Onondaga Community College, the Building Community Forum (organized by the Muslim American Council) and the Peace Studies Conference at Colgate.

We want to expand our public visibility at other events in Central New York. Contact Andy if you have ideas or would like to help staff future tables.

SPC's Weekly Peace Vigils

Every Wednesday from 4:45-5:45 pm at a busy intersection in the Syracuse area. Please come out to say "No War on Iraq."

• October 2, Erie Blvd. W. and W. Genesee St. (Westside)

• October 9, S. Salina and East Colvin (Southside)

• October 16, E. Genesee St. and Erie Blvd. (Dewitt)

• October 23, Rt. 695 exit ramp to W. Genesee St. (Fairmount)

• October 30 Teall Ave. & Rt. 690 (Eastside)

• November 6, Hiawatha Blvd., in front of Carousel Center (Northside)

The Subtle Pitch

Although the Peace Council has been very active over the past eight months, we continue to remain far short of the resources needed to effectively carry out our mission. The staff are working hard, too hard for them to continue over the long haul. The future success of the organization will require significantly increased funds and people-power. Please consider how you might help us by contributing on a regular basis, helping organize fundraising activities or offering your time and skills.

Happy 90th Birthday, Angus

Angus MacDonald has been an inspiration for SPC activists, both young and old, for many years. He has been active in progressive causes almost all of his life, finding his way back to the Peace Council in the '60s. His positive spirit has always sustained us, and his analysis has challenged us to think more clearly and deeply. A prolific "Letters to the Editor" writer, he links his condemnation of militarism with the need for justice here at home.

Despite his age and limited mobility, Angus participated in our peace vigils in the cold last December outside Carousel Center. His piece in the September Peace Newletter is a call for continued activism: "Considering alternatives to capitalism is the second most dangerous undertaking in the world. The most dangerous is to do nothing." We wish him the best.

Duane Hardy Has Left a Hole

After 13 years as our bookkeeper and volunteer with too-many-hats-to-count, Duane Hardy has departed for the Philadelphia area. Duane's contributions to the Peace Council and the broader work for peace are immeasurable. His exodus leaves a gaping hole in our hearts and our infrastructure (see below for ways you can help fill the latter). In leaving, Duane continued his generosity, donating his 1997 Dodge Neon to the Peace Council. We wish him and Nell many more years of active life.

SPC Halloween Benefit Bash

Celebrate Halloween in style with a wonderful cultural evening to benefit SPC. Performers include: Pam Means, Colorado Sisters, Amber Swift, Jolie Rickman, Colleen Kattau, John Rossbach & others. The 9:30 pm start time (doors open at 9:00) leaves time for other Halloween activities beforehand.

Prizes will be awarded for costumes depecting activists/artists/revolutionaries. The benefit will be held at the Westcott Theater, Westcott St. in Syracuse. The cost is $7-20 on a sliding scale. Contact SPC for further details.

Volunteer Jobs

SPC will be holding an orientation for volunteers on Thursday, October 17 from 7:30 -9:00 pm at the Peace Council office. It provides a great opportunity for new people to learn about SPC and begin to plug into our work. A work project is scheduled for winterizing, painting and cleaning on Saturday, November 9 from 9:00 am - 4:00 pm.

Some specific tasks in need of a person are:

• Bookkeeper (6-10 hours/month)

• Interior Decorators

• Fundraising Event Coordinators

• Peace Newsletter distributors_Northside, Tully, Baldwinsville

• Signmakers

• PNL artists/illustrators/cartoonists

• Tablers for Events

• Phone shift volunteers for the office