A Blur of Activity to Prevent a US War on Iraq

January was one of the busiest months at the Peace Council in many years—overflowing with activity to prevent a US War on Iraq. We continue to receive tremendous public support for our efforts. An unprecedented six busses traveled to DC for the half million strong anti-war demonstration on January 18 (see page 5) and nearly 300 came out on January 15 to remind Central New York that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was an anti-warrior (see page 8).

Hundreds of additional lawn signs have been distributed in our community (for a total of nearly 600 thus far). Our news conference publicizing the fact that 25 prominent Central New Yorkers put lawn signs in front of their homes received good media play.

The Peace Council has been visible and audible in the media, with a number of positive articles about our efforts in the Post-Standard and New Times, as well as stories on radio and television. We have made tremendous strides in bringing the anti-war message into the streets and homes of Central New York.

Anti-war statements have been written and circulated among educators, doctors, farmers, clergy, social workers, caregivers and human service workers, gardeners and landscapers and senior citizens. The first batch of these was printed prominently as the feature piece on the Opinion section of the Post-Standard on Sunday, January 26. Contact the office or visit <www.peacecouncil.net/Iraqanti-warstatements.htm> for copies of statements currently being circulated.

On January 26, over 500 people filled St. Paul's Episcopal Cathedral in downtown Syracuse to rally for peace. Banners signed by hundreds of peace-seeking Central New Yorkers will be sent to George W. Bush and to the embassies of France, China, Russia and Germany.

Despite the clear and strong messages for peace emanating from Central New York and across the US, the Bush administration remains intent on pursuing war. Our efforts must continue.

Upcoming Events

Rally for Peace

Thursday, February 6

noon - 1:00 pm at Clinton Square

(gather near the Jerry Rescue Monument) Be part of the growing and visible anti-war movement.

The World Says "No to War"

Mass Demonstration in NYC

Sat., February 15th 2003

Busses will leave from Syracuse; details forthcoming.

Call 423-4783 or email: bus@tools 4change.org for information or to register. Details at <www.peacecouncil.net> or <unitedforpeace.org>.

If War is Launched...

Emergency Response Demonstration

5:00 pm at Clinton Square the day that the attack begins. (It will be 5:00 pm the following day if we don't hear until the evening.)

Steering Committee `03

During 2002 the Peace Council's Steering Committee was somewhat depleted as two of our members were imprisoned for their courageous nonviolence to war. Nick Poulos, social work professor at Onondaga Community College; SU student and activist Emily Moeller and computer programmer and problem-solver extraordinaire Brian Caufield joined the Steering Committee at the beginning of the year. They join existing members: Dik Cool, Karen Hall, Doug Igelsrud, Rae Kramer (on sabbatical until March), Andy Molloy, Beth Mosley, Linda Perla, Ann Tiffany and co-coordinators Carol Baum and Andy Mager.

Financial Report

Although final figures aren't available yet, 2002 was a very successful year for the Peace Council. Our income of approximately $58,000 is more than the organization has ever raised before in a year and exceeded our budget for the year. This income allowed us to increase the number of hours for which our co-coordinators are paid and to add an additional half-time staff person.

Despite this positive news, our staff continues to work many more hours than those for which they are paid. This is not a sustainable situation. We need to continue expanding our income in order to effectively carry out the organization's work.

PNL Subscription Drive

A subscription drive has been launched to expand the number of paid Peace Newsletter subscribers. Over the past year there has been a small increase in the number of subscribers and a much larger increase in free distribution. We hope to improve the balance in the coming months. Please subscribe if you haven't done so previously, and renew if it's time. Those who pick up the newsletter free should know that you're missing important fliers which are stuffed into the Peace Newsletters which are mailed out.

Weekly Peace Vigils

Tuesday mornings from 7:30 _ 8:30 am. Please come out to say "No War on Iraq."

Feb. 4: Valley Drive and Seneca Turnpike (Valley)

Feb.11: Erie Blvd. W. and W. Genesee St. (Westside)

Feb.18: S. Salina and East Colvin (Southside)

Feb.25: E. Genesee St. and Erie Blvd. (Dewitt)

March 4: Teall Ave. & Rt. 690 (Eastside)

New Volunteer Orientation & Help Needed

A new volunteer orientation is scheduled for Tuesday, February 11 from 7 - 8:30 pm at our office. Please join us if you've been trying to figure out how to become involved.

Consistent volunteers in the Peace Council office are always needed. We also need help on particular projects:

¨ Making banners and signs

¨ Data entry and other database work

¨ Office fix-up/clean-up

¨ Creating or finding graphics for the Peace Newsletter

¨ Organizing campaigns and events

Contact Carol or Andy at the office for further information.

More Plowshares
Thank Yous

The Peace Council offers our warmest thanks to the following businesses and individuals for providing raffle prizes at our Plowshares Craftsfair: Westwind Bed & Breakfast, Whitewater Challengers Inc., Syracuse Cultural Workers, Omega Institute, Osceola Tug Hill X-Country Ski Center, Lapland Lake Nordic Vacation Center, The Jerk Hut, Rae Kramer, Eureka Crafts, Bersani Gallery, Julianne Oldfield, Diana Trifoso, Syracuse Real Food Coop, Seven Rays Bookstore, Barbara Floch, Rose Viviano, My Sister's Words Bookstore, Marie Summerwood, Alto Cinco Mexican Restaurant, Nottingham Pet Clinic, Mission Restaurant, Design Lines and Syracuse Cooperative Federal Credit Union.

Keeping the Office Going

It’s hard to worry about the condition of our office while we’re working so hard to prevent a war, but infrastructure is vital to our successful workings. A second office telephone line was installed just in time for the tremendous rush of activity to fill the busses to DC. The phone now rings over to the second line when the main phone is busy. Hopefully you should experience fewer busy signals now.
Thanks to Larry Buffam, Herm and Teresa Bieling, Ann Tiffany and Becky LaDolce–all of whom helped with the sheetrock finishing and painting of the front room. More help is still needed from handy folks. Contact Andy at the office.

SPC Potluck: Youth & Militarism

As always, young people are particularly affected by threats of war as they are targeted by recruiters or drafted. Young people are increasingly speaking up for a peaceful future.
Thursday, February 20
6 - 7 pm— Potluck dinner
7 - 8:30 —Program
Westcott Community Center
(Corner of Westcott & Euclid, Syracuse)