Photos from Cuba

On January 9, over 50 people came to the Westcott Community Center (WCC) Community Art Gallery to attend an opening reception for “Reflections/Reflexiones,” an exhibit of Elana Levy’s photographs of Cuba and elsewhere. Elana has lived in Syracuse for over 30 years and has been engaged in photography even longer. Her work has been exhibited at such local galleries as Altered Space and the Community Folk Art Gallery. Her photos have also appeared in the Syracuse Cultural Worker’s Peace Calendar, Covert Action Magazine, London Times, Syracuse Post Standard, and the Peace Newsletter. You can continue to view Elana’s latest show through February 28. The WCC Community Art Gallery (located on the second floor of the WCC, 826 Euclid Ave.) is free and open to the public Monday thru Friday from 9 am - 5 pm or by calling 478-8634 to schedule an appointment.

Elana’s Statement:
elana levy, mother before all else,
paid to profess math,
after decades peacefully retired;
loves noticing quirks of light, and
listening to silence, weeks at a time.

expresses thoughts through words,
some in form and rhymed,
and images created from light,
as seen by lens and eye.
lets others know her deep beliefs
bumpers stickered
signs picketed
cuba visited
speaks peace in middle east
as jew, not by all appreciated.

reflections refracted
shadows thrown
moon sun
twilight dawn
breathes to become
open to all.
december 2003