Volunteer Highlight:
Peace Newsletter Distributors

Each month, we print nearly 5,000 Peace Newsletters, less than 900 of which are mailed out to supporters. Nearly 4,000 copies are distributed each month by a corps of 18 volunteers who drop off newsletters at grocery stores, coffee shops, bookstores, libraries, community centers, places of worship and more.

Some distributors have been at it for many years and others are new. Rich Zalewski, who has been distributing Peace Newsletters in downtown Syracuse for over 10 years, recently retired from his job as a caseworker with Onondaga County Social Services. In addition to his regular route, Rich keeps extra copies on hand for distribution when he travels to other parts of Upstate New York. When asked about why he’s been doing this every month for so long, Rich says, “I know there’s a need to expose people to the information and ideas in the Peace Newsletter.”

The full list of distributors is Susan Adair, Gabe Barry-Caufield, Tom Callahan, Edgar Chapellier, Jean Doering, Jim Farfaglia, Sam Feld, John Fitzsimmons, Rita Gabaccia, Diane LoDolce, Paul Eiholzer, Andy Molloy, Shannon McWilliams, Vicky Schipper, Carola and Gerry Shave, Jim Weidman, John Yorks, and Rich Zalewski. Thanks to Bill Hamler who recently passed on Westcott area distribution after many years of service.