Where your Income Tax Really Goes
US Federal Budget for Fiscal Year 2005

Current Military, $536B: Military Personnel $109B, Operation and Maintenance $164B, Procurement $67B, Research and Development $66B, Construction $6B, Family Housing $4B, Retired Pay $44B, DoE Nuclear Weapons $17B, 50% NASA $8B, International Security $8B, 50% Homeland Security $16B, Ex. Off. Pres. $10B, misc. $6B

Iraq & Afghan Wars, $50B: Though the cost of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars is not included in the President’s budget, it is included here because the Administration will request supplemental funding after the Nov. 2004 election.

Past Military, $349B: Veterans’ Benefits $69B; Interest on National Debt (80% estimated to be created by military spending) $280B

Human Resources, $633B: Education, Health/Human Services, HUD, Food/Nutrition programs, Labor Department, Soc. Sec. Admin.
General Government, $244B: Legislative, Justice Dept., State Dept., International Affairs, Treasury, Gov’t. Personnel, 20% interest on national debt, 50% of NASA, 25% Homeland Security

Physical Resources, $114B: Agriculture, Commerce, Energy, Interior Dept., Transportation, Environmental Protection, Army Corps Engineers, NSF, FCC, 25% Homeland Security

For more information, visit <www. warresisters.org> or stop by the SPC office and pick up a War Resisters League flyer.