Syracuse Peace Council Pages

compiled by Carol Baum

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Bush Must Go! Campaign in Full Swing

SPC’s campaign focuses on crucial issues (no matter who wins) while working to evict the current White House resident. We are wrapping up the Education Not Occupation phase of our five-phase campaign. The Human Need Not Corporate Greed phase starts soon. Please join us for a hot summer of activism!

Human Need Not Corporate Greed: June/July

The Bush administration’s policies on the economy, healthcare, taxes, trade, federal spending, education and the environment fail to address the most basic needs of people living in the US and around the globe. Instead, these policies feed corporate profits and militarization. It’s time to put people over profit!

Our second educational brochure will be ready in early June. Contact Jessica to help with distribution. SPC’s June program will highlight Human Need Not Corporate Greed, and we are planning a local action for late June/early July. We will also participate in the Boston Social Forum (July 23-25) and Democratic National Convention protests (Boston, July 26-29). All events and materials will be posted on SPC’s website.


Bush Must Go! lawn signs debuted at the SPC Birthday Celebration. Pick yours up at SPC (donation requested). We’ll supply you with Protect the Earth and Bye Bye Big Brother attachments later. Photo: Carol Baum

Education Not Occupation

With over 14,000 copies of our brochures distributed, the Education Not Occupation phase of Bush Must Go! was a successful launch of the larger effort. Those involved in door-to-door distribution enjoyed the opportunity to get out and talk to people about these important issues. The Post-Standard, New Times, WAER and WFBL radio provided valuable opportunities to share our perspective through the mainstream media. We made solid progress in integrating the theme into ongoing SPC programs, including the weekly peace outreach, SPC-TV and our monthly educational programs.

Billionaires for Bush Debut

SPC organized a demonstration outside the NYS Republican Convention, which was held May 18-19 in Syracuse. About 90 people attended, holding signs in a long line outside the University Sheraton Hotel. A new contingent was Billionaires for Bush, dressed impeccably in evening gowns and suits, drinking “champagne,” and tastefully displaying signs such as “Leave No Billionaire Behind,” “War is Good for Business,” and “Hands Off Halliburton.”

The Billionaires plan more appearances and welcome additional members. Thanks to Andrea Martin and Susan Galbraith for costuming and props, and to John Digesare for the signs. To help out, contact SPC.

Weekly Peace Outreach

Our current focus is Human Need Not Corporate Greed. Please join us every Tuesday from 4:45 to 5:30 pm.
• June 1: Adams St. and Rt. 81 (Downtown)
• June 8: Thompson Rd. in front of Carrier Corp. (Northside)
• June 15: E. Genesee St. and Erie Blvd. (Dewitt)
• June 22: Rt. 57 and Vine St. (Village of Liverpool)
• June 29: Valley Dr. and Seneca Tpk. (Valley)
• July 6: Geddes St. and W. Genesee St. (Westside)
• July 13: S. Salina and E. Colvin (Southside)
• July 20: Rt. 695 exit ramp to W. Genesee St. (Fairmount)

Youth Action Fest

The Youth Action Festival on May 23 was a promising beginning for the burgeoning Youth Empowerment for Peace Group. Although the crowd didn’t fill the Thornden Park Amphitheater, an intimate vibe spread throughout the peace rally as many talented acts took the stage. The School of Hearts energized the crowd with their hip-hop performance, including singing, dancing, and rapping. Additionally, the band Merit and solo artist Joe Driscoll played wonderful sets with impressive presence.

Horace Campbell and Khuri spoke about the United States’ current situation in Iraq and the current challenges faced by the peace movement. During the festival, members of Youth Empowerment for Peace did a great job of encouraging participation among the festivalgoers. Although the sun did not shine, there was no rain on our parade that day. Special thanks go to the organizing committee—Gabe Barry-Caufield, Risa Stiefel, Tim Stacey, Tina Musa, Johanna Berlin and Emily Aaron, and to Brian Caufield and Brian Stone for running the sound system.
—Tim Stacey

Grant for Youth Work

SPC recently received a grant of $8570 from the Gifford Foundation to support our youth violence work. We believe it is the largest grant ever received by the Peace Council!

The bulk of the grant supports a joint project with the Dunbar Center to conduct workshops with youth on issues of violence and nonviolence. The rest will support the Bikes for Peace project, a series of free clinics to help young people learn how to fix their bikes. Two clinics have already been scheduled at the Northeast Community Center – June 8 and 22, from 5-7:30 pm. Contact Jessica for more information.

The Wonders of Interns

We have been privileged to have two amazing interns this spring – David Howe and Risa Stiefel. David and Risa were both key organizers in the Tax Day Polls at local colleges, and both have been invaluable helping with general office chores. Risa was also active with the Bush Must Go! campaign, coordinating much of the logistical work for the Youth Action Festival. David worked diligently on an informational piece on “free” trade and its impact on CNY and got involved with the Youth Action Festival organizing (even when his internship was technically over). Thanks, Risa and David!

And just when we expected it to get quieter, two unexpected interns appeared. Emily Aaron, an Antioch student, just began a full-time three month internship. She’s majoring in peace studies, and brings spunk and a willingness to learn. Lisa Maynard, a design student at Syracuse University, will lend her talents to help create printed materials and more. David Salati, an SU communications and political science major, will join us later.

And if you would like to intern at SPC this summer, either formally or informally, contact SPC.

The Fourth World War

SPC’s Monthly Program
Thursday, June 24
8 - 9:45 pm
Westcott Community Center
(corner of Euclid and Westcott, Syr.)
followed by refreshments & discussion

This video documentary reports from the front-lines of conflicts in Mexico, Argentina, South Africa, Palestine, Korea; “the North” from Seattle to Genoa, and the “War on Terror” in New York, Afghanistan, and Iraq.
The Fourth World War brings together the images and voices of the war on the ground – and of those who resist.

Fund Appeal … So Far

Thanks to everyone who responded to our spring fund appeal. So far the appeal has raised about $2700! The summer is a traditionally “dry” period. If you haven’t contributed yet, please consider it. We especially welcome monthly and quarterly pledges. Help SPC not worry about money over the summer. To learn more, contact Carol.

SPC’s Birthday Celebration

Over 100 people attended SPC’s 68th birthday celebration on May 15 at St. Andrew’s Church. The program provided non-stop laughter at a time when many of us feel horrified and overwhelmed by the state of the world. Post-Standard reporter Hart Seely shared poems from his recent book Pieces of Intelligence: The Existential Poetry of Donald H. Rumsfeld. Each poem was written using excerpts from public statements by Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld (“the Beltway Bard”). The Wheels of Justice tour spoke about their efforts to educate on the occupations of Palestine and Iraq through a national bus tour. Their full-sized school bus attracted much attention during their two-day stop in Syracuse. George Shrub/Dave Lippman closed the evening with his satirical songs and biting humor on the “war on terrorism” and US democracy. The program raised about $2500 to support SPC’s ongoing work.

Many thanks to all those who made the evening a success, especially birthday committee members Janie Garlow, Nancy Hallock, Barb Kobritz, Jessica Maxwell, Linda Perla and Amy Zamkoff; Karen Hall (for her brilliant emceeing); and St. Andrew’s Church (for their warm hospitality).

Thanks to Marty Kelley

Coordinating the many projects, events and campaigns of the Peace Council is a great challenge for staff. It makes a huge difference when a volunteer has the skills and time to play a major role in a project. Although she’s been here only a short time, Marty Kelley has been one of those people.

Marty was one of the core organizers for last fall’s Speak Up: The Bush Agenda and You, and coordinated staffing of SPC’s table at the regional market for much of last summer. She regularly does phone calling for SPC from home and has been our consistent pick-up person for donated goods from Provisions Bakery. Her warmth and generous spirit have made her a pleasure to work with.

Marty heads off to Maine later this month, and we’ll miss her, but also know that another peace community will benefit. Her departure leaves holes here … please help out.

Duck Race Tix at SPC

The Second Annual Duck Race to End Racism is a benefit for Community Wide Dialogue to End Racism. Purchase duck tickets ($5 each) at SPC by June 8, and we keep half.

The race is at Syracuse’s Inner Harbor on Saturday, June 12th from noon - 4 pm. There will be also be children’s games, food, music, entertainment, and community groups’ tables (including SPC). Prizes are available for the winning ducks. For more info about the tickets, contact Carol.