Syracuse-Area Activist Contacts

This list of active social change groups in the Greater Syracuse area is far from complete. For a more detailed list, see the Stonewall Committee’s CNY Community Directory. All phone numbers have a “315” area code.

Peace Council Projects
Syracuse Peace Council

Neighbors of the Onondaga Nation
472-5478 Carol Baum,

SPC Press
472-5478 Paul Pearce,

SPC TV: The Peoples’ 60 Minutes
472-5478 Paul Pearce,

Youth Empowerment for Peace
472-5478 Tina,

SPC-involved Coalitions
Bill of Rights Defense Campaign
471-2821 Barrie Gewanter,

Caribbean/Latin America Coalition
446-6099 Paul Weichselbaum

Partnership for Onondaga Creek
478-4571 Aggie Lane

SOA Abolitionists
446-2720 Mike Pasquale

Other Community Organizations

AIDS Community Resources
475-2430 Will Murtaugh

Alliance Network
428-0070 Walt Dixie

Alliance of Communities Transforming Syracuse
476-1128 Twiggy Billue,

Alternatives to Violence Project
585-526-5202 Jill McClellan,

American Friends Service Committee
475-4822 Chrissie Rizzo,

American Muslim Council
422-5621 Magda Bayoumi,

Atlantic States Legal Foundation
475-1170 Sam Sage,

Beyond Boundaries
478-4571 Aggie Lane

471-4780 Larry Rutledge

CNY Chapter NY Civil Liberties Union
471-2821 Barrie Gewanter,

CNY Council on Occupational Safety & Health (CNYCOSH)
471-6187 Jack Quinlan,

CNY Labor Federation, AFL-CIO
422-3363 Mark Spadafore,

CNY Labor-Religion Coalition
431-4040 Tim Fay,

Center for Community Alternatives
422-5638 x227 Alan Rosenthal

Citizen Review Board of Syracuse
448-8750 Felicia Davis

Citizens Awareness Network (CAN)
425-0430 Tim Judson,

Citizens Campaign for the Environment
472-1339 Dereth Glance,

CNY Colombia Support Network & Cajibío Sister Community
478-4571 Ann Tiffany,

Dunbar Association
476-4269 Sharon Jack Williams

Eastside Neighbors in Partnership
471-7911 Jim Dessauer

Fair Housing Council of CNY
472-8624 Monique Wright-Williams

Friends of Dorothy Catholic Worker
471-6853 Michael or Nick

Gay, Straight and Questioning Youth Group
475-2430 Mary Doody,glbtyouth@aidscommunity

Interdenominational Ministerial Alliance
472-1198 Sherman Dunmore

InterReligious Council of CNY
449-3552 Jim Wiggins,

Jail Ministry
424-1877 Curt Andino

The Media Unit
478-8648 Walt Shepperd

422-6933 Preston Fagan

National Organization for Women, CNY Chapter
487-3188 Patricia Durgin

National Organization for Women, Greater Syracuse Chapter
682-5810 Amy Doherty

New Environment Association
446-8009 Harry Schwarzlander

NY Public Interest Research Group

NYS Division of Human Rights
428-4633 Valerie Woods

Northeast Community Center

Onondaga County /Syracuse Commission on Human Rights
435-3567 Linda Hall,

Onondaga Communications Office (Onondaga Nation)

Pax Christi
446-1693 Frank Woolever

Peace Action of CNY
478-7422 Mary Jureller,

People Against the Death Penalty
637-3344 Margaret Stinson

People for Animal Rights
488-7877 Linda A. DeStefano,

People’s Environmental Network of NY
469-5347 Vicki Baker,

Planned Parenthood
475-5540 Betty DeFazio

Pride Community Center of CNY

478-7815 Nicolas Eyle

SEIU 1199 Upstate
424-1743 x126 Court Bonthius

Sierra Club
492-4745 Martha Loew,

Socialist Party
478-0793 Ron Ehrenreich

Southwest Community Center
474-6823 Pam Testone

Spanish Action League

Stonewall Committee
476-6226, Bonnie Strunk

Student Environmental Action Coalition-SU/ESF 475-9526

Student Peace Action Network-SU
443-6098 Emily Moeller,

Syracuse Alternative Media Network
425-8806 Tim Brachocki

Syracuse Area Domestic Violence Coal.
425-0818 Arethea Brown

Syracuse Community Choir
428-8724 Karen Mihayli

Syracuse Community Radio

Syracuse Coop Federal Credit Union
471-1116 Ron Ehrenreich

Syracuse Cultural Workers
474-1132 x 111 Dik Cool

Syracuse Real Food Coop
472-1385 Joanne Grisanti

SU Social Movements Initiative
443-3822 John Burdick

Syracuse United Neighbors
476-7475 Rich Puchalski

Syracuse-La Estancia Hermanamiento (Sister Community)
446-6099 Shirley Novak,

Vegetarian Education Group
461-4838 or 451-8172 Betsy Naselli, Margo Chenell

Westcott Community Center
478-8634 Steve Sussman

Women’s Information Center