Support the Onondaga Call to Clean Up the Lake

Onondaga Lake is the site of the founding of the Great Law of Peace for the Haudenosaunee (i.e., the Iroquois Confederacy). As was celebrated by the US Senate in 1987, it is one of birthplaces of the Democracy that has inspired the world. As such the health and survival of Onondaga Lake is the concern of us all.

Yet, as Chief Sid Hill’s December 5 letter to the Post-Standard notes, this sacred place is suffering from neglect. Even though Onondaga Lake is sacred for the Haudenosaunee, it is a place that we all share. It is part of our home and over the years many upstate New Yorkers have expressed concern about the lake’s health.

NOON (Neighbors of the Onondaga Nation) supports and respects the values expressed by Chief Hill. As custodians of Onondaga Lake, we must form strong neighborhood alliances with the Haudenosaunee, and most particularly with the Onondaga Nation.

We strongly support the need of the New York Department of Environmental Conservation to have a real, not perfunctory, consultation with the Onondaga before determining the plan for environmental cleanup of Onondaga Lake. We strongly support a complete cleanup of the lake, even if it takes years. As Chief Hill said, half a lake cleanup makes very little sense to us. Resources should be mustered to clean up the whole lake so that it can be viable as a total system.

Onondaga Lake is a sacred place for the Haudenosaunee and for us all. It is a place of a shared past between the Haudenosaunee and immigrants who came to this place for a better life. This is an urgent matter requiring the attention of us all.
Neighbors of the Onondaga Nation

Neighbors of the Onondaga Nation is a Peace Council committee. For information, contact Carol at the Peace Council office.