Two Years Too Long: End the War NOW!


CALL TO ACTION: Two years later, Iraq looks more and more like Viet Nam. Endless occupation, war and devastation. $150 billion spent. 150,000 US soldiers deployed. 1,500 US troops killed. People of principle oppose this war — and we can stop it. The Iraqi people have repeatedly stated that they want US troops out after elections. Members of Congress have drafted bills to bring the troops home. But the war will not end without massive grassroots pressure from ordinary people in the US. What will you do to end this war?

Now is the time to escalate our opposition. Get connected through our web of resistance!



Come to an action planning meeting.
Two organizing meetings in early March (see above) will finalize logistics for our two main actions: a reading of the names of those killed in Iraq and a local anti-war protest on March 18, “Two Years too Long: End the War NOW!”

Join SPC’s Iraq Committee.
We’re an ongoing committee that coordinates local opposition to the Iraq war. If you have ideas, time or energy, please join us! If you already belong to a group that’s working against the war, send a representative to our meetings or get on our email list so we can work together!

Form an affinity group.
Recruit friends from your neighborhood, union, church, women’s group, etc. to form a group to take action against the war and send a representative to Iraq Committee meetings. SPC can provide resources, ideas, and training.

Start your own campaign!
get local businesses to post “support our troops, bring them home” signs
raise money at your school, church, union, etc. to
support reconstruction or humanitarian efforts in Iraq
reach out to returning GIs and/or military families and find out their needs and experiences
hold monthly/weekly call-in days to elected officials to ask them to sponsor a bill to bring the troops home
be creative, be active!

Becky Johnson:

Help with outreach for upcoming anti-war events.
Pick up flyers at SPC for Jim Massey’s March 10 talk and the March 18 demonstration (or we can email a pdf) to post in your neighborhood, school, church, etc. Make announcements at events, classes or meetings you attend; send an email to your contacts; ask your church, union or other groups to carry announcements of anti-war events in their bulletins.

Coordinate a teach-in or host a house party.
If you can find a venue and help with outreach and publicity, SPC can supply speakers, educational materials, videos, etc. We even have a flyer template you can use for outreach – just add the time, location and contact information for your event!


Syracuse Peace Council: Jessica Maxwell

Cayuga Coalition for Peace: Shelagh Clancy

Mohawk Valley Peace Coalition: Tracy Taylor 315.269.4589,
Mtg: 3/7, 5pm at St. Francis de Sales

Oswego Peace thru Justice: Robin Miller 315.342.7933,

For a more complete listing of Upstate NY peace group visits:


Too Many Maimed. Too Many Tortured. Too Many Killed.
Too Many Years - End the War NOW!