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compiled by Jessica Maxwell

Exposing the Reality of US Occupation in Iraq

Every Friday, March 25-April 15, noon-2 pm, we read all the available names of those who have died due to the Iraq war – Iraqi civilians and US and coalition soldiers. After eight hours, we had read 4,755 names. This number vastly under-represents the number of Iraqi civilian casualties – the most conservative count of Iraqi deaths is now over 17,000 []. The US government’s ongoing efforts to hide US casualties from public view and systematically prevent accurate counts of Iraqi civilian casualties undermine the claim that this occupation has any humanitarian goal.

A veteran from Solvay joined our March 25 “Reading the Names” event after reading about it in the Post-Standard. Photo: Ray Trudell.

We recently purchased a 30-minute DVD on the US assault on Fallujah in April 2004, during which over 500 civilians were killed. Contact Jessica to schedule a screening at your school, library, place of worship, organization or other venue. We can facilitate discussion after the film and provide additional information on ending the US occupation.

Youth and Militarism in the Local Media

The Youth and Militarism Task Force has had an exciting month! Our coalition tabled at three high schools, gave draft and draft registration presentations to young people at faith communities, and received extensive press coverage about our involvement in the Jamesville-Dewitt Sophomore Career Fair. Professionals of the peace and social justice community were “re-invited” after they were initially “disinvited” from participating in the student career day. The ACLU followed up with the school district to try to deal with some of the confusion. The tabling efforts and speakers have been very well received by students in schools. Contact Elizabeth Stacey, 256-7756.

Activist appreciation— Ed Kinane

We might call him “Red Ed” – the man who wields a mighty red pen, the wordsmith, the person who won’t rest until every article is finely edited. Over the past several years, with two “breaks” for trips to Iraq, Ed Kinane has been a persistent and weighty member of the PNL Editorial Committee. Ed is full of ideas for articles, thoughtful about potential writers and unstoppable as an editor.

Ed is moving on (at least for the time being; Ed has served several stints on the editorial committee since the late 1970s). He will be sorely missed, though we expect you’ll see his byline and perhaps his copy-editing in future PNLs. As we go to press Ed is barnstorming the Midwest on the Voices in the Wilderness “Wheels of Justice” speaking tour.

While we don’t expect to find anyone to fill Ed’s shoes, the PNL is looking for additional editors, along with artists, people to work with authors, and more. Contact Carol.

Watch that Mailbox

Keep an eye out for the Peace Council’s spring fund appeal, due in your mailboxes the first week of May. Please read the materials and give generously to support the Peace Council’s work. When money comes in easily, staff spends less time trying to raise it and more time educating, agitating and organizing.

Please consider pledging on a monthly or quarterly basis (this is particularly simple for members of the Syracuse Cooperative Federal Credit Union.

You can be sure that your donation, large or small, will be well spent.

SPC-TV Receives Funding

SPC has been airing The People’s 60 Minutes for 16 years without any outside funding – largely due to the skills and energy of Paul Pearce. We’re gratified that the Cultural Resources Council has recognized the value of the program by providing a $1000 grant to support SPC-TV this year. Check out the show – it airs every Sunday from 8-9 pm on Time Warner Channel 98.

We received a second $1000 grant from the Arts & Cultural Grant Fund sponsored by NY State Senator John DeFrancisco to create a video about the Peace Council's history. This project ties into our 70th anniversary in 2006.

An Intern Extraordinaire

It’s great when the Peace Council has interns who take on tasks and follow through responsibly. When we find someone like Kelsy Waggaman, who carries the work forward with enormous creativity and initiative, we are indeed fortunate.

SPC’s Youth and Militarism efforts have reached many young people due to Kelsy’s energy, and the White Privilege work began because of her enthusiasm. Kelsy leaves us in late April, but we are confident that SPC folks will cross paths with her on the barricades (real and figurative) in the years to come.

Bikes 4 Peace

Last year SPC organized five free bike clinics for youth. We helped almost 60 young people fix their own or donated bikes. Besides mechanical skills, youth also learn the value of recycling and working cooperatively. Last year we worked at Northeast Community Center and the Westcott Community Center. Thanks to generous support from the Gifford Foundation, we were able to purchase tools and supplies.

We hope to double the number of volunteers for this year’s clinics and add a site on the South and/or West sides of the city. We need people who know how to fix bikes and work cooperatively with youth. We also need people to help transport materials and organize outreach and publicity. We’ve already begun signing up new volunteers, and the Onondaga Cycling Club will have an article on Bikes 4 Peace in its May issue. If you’re interested in getting involved, contact Jessica.

NOON in High Energy

Neighbors of the Onondaga Nation (NOON) has become increasingly active since the Onondagas filed their land rights action. We have been speaking to groups, producing and distributing literature, re-working the Neighbor to Neighbor, Nation to Nation booklet (originally printed in 2001), tabling at events, and distributing Proud Neighbor of the Onondaga Nation buttons. In early April we had our first general meeting.

How you can help:

Weekly Peace Outreach

“End the War;
Bring the Troops Home”

Tuesdays 4:45-5:30 pm

Join us at busy intersections to say “End the Iraq War.”

May 3 Valley Dr. and Seneca Tnpk. (Valley)

May 10 James St. and Thompson Rd. (Northside)

May 17 S. Salina and E. Colvin (Southside)

May 24 Rt. 20 (Albany St.) and Lincklaen St. (Cazenovia)

May 31 E. Genesee St. and Erie Blvd. (Dewitt)

Come to the May 10 general meeting, 7 pm at the Westcott Day Hab (522 Westcott St., Syracuse).

Learn more. Visit our website [] and the Onondaga Nation website [www.].

Sign the Statement of Support (on the SPC website) and circulate it.

Invite NOON to provide a presentation for groups in which you’re involved.

Wear our button.

Write a letter to the editor.

Attend public events at the Onondaga Nation.

White Privilege

The people involved in designing the February SPC education program on White People Confronting White Racism have come back together to form an ongoing group committed to addressing issues of racism and white privilege in our community. We are starting a monthly discussion group and planning an “open-mic white privilege shout-out.” New people always welcome! Contact Candace Saunders at 416-4920 for the meeting schedule.

Advertising for Peace

Long-time SPC supporter and PNL advertiser Margaret Matthews is leaving town. We greatly appreciate the consistent contribution that Margaret has made by advertising with us each month. We wish her the best with her move.

Many progressive individuals, groups and businesses support SPC by advertising in the Peace Newsletter. The revenue generated covers a large portion of the cost to produce and distribute the PNL. We encourage PNL readers to support the businesses and groups that advertise on our pages. If you are interested in advertising in the PNL, contact Carol or check our website for rates and deadlines.

SPC intern Kelsy Waggaman prepares to talk about militarism with students at Nottingham High School. Photo: Liz Stacey

SPC’s Monthly Program

US Policy Towards Africa: Humanitarianism or Militarism?

Thursday, May 19 7-8:30 pm

Westcott Community Center
(corner of Euclid and Westcott, Syracuse)

followed by refreshments & discussion

Why do US officials condemn the violence in the Sudan, yet prevent Sudanese war criminals from being brought to trial? What are the goals of US foreign policy in Africa? Join us for a presentation by Horace Campbell, professor of African Studies at SU.

Bookkeeper Wanted

Do you have some previous bookkeeping experience? Would you like to work in a friendly (but at times chaotic) environment for a good cause?SPC is looking for a bookkeeper to do day-to-day bookkeeping and payroll, prepare financial and other government-required reports, and work with the finance committee. The job is for eight hours a week at $10 per hour. Contact Carol for more details.


SPC 69th Birthday Dinner– Coming in June

SPC’s 69th Birthday Celebration will be held in early June. It will feature members of the Onondaga Nation and Joe Heath, lawyer for the Onondagas. The date and more details will be available soon. Check your fund appeal mailing.