Pastors for Peace Cuba Caravan in Syracuse July 6

by Jessica Maxwell

On July 6th the Pastors for Peace Caravan to Cuba will stop in Syracuse to pick up material aid for Cuba. The caravan is part of a project that involves more than 120 US cities.

As the Bush administration increases its hostility toward Cuba, it is important that we show our support for more humane policies and an end to the blockade of Cuba. We have the right to travel there and see the complex realities of their society, and not just hear the cries of the right-wing Cubans in Miami who are closely tied to the Bush family.

On Sunday June 26th at 6:30 pm we will have a "Night in Havana." Ron Shuffler and others will cook up some great Cuban food. We will have live music and a discussion among those who have been to Cuba recently. The event will be held at May Memorial Unitarian Universalist Society (3800 E Genesee St., Syracuse); $5-50, sliding scale fee.

For more information on the caravan go to the Pastors for Peace website []. To be involved locally call Doug Igelsrud at 471-5749.