From Crawford to Syracuse:
Bring the Troops Home Now!

by Elisha Peck

The Crawford Bus Tour stop in Syracuse. Photo by Carol Baum.

When the Crawford Bus tour came to Syracuse on September 13 I wasn't sure what to expect. The bus brought five people, each with an important story to tell in opposition to the war in Iraq. A woman whose husband was about to be deployed spoke of her fear; an Iraq Veteran Against the War braved heckling as he described his experiences; a Veteran for Peace graphically described his experiences in the Viet Nam war; and a Gold Star father shared his anguish about the senselessness of the war.

Cindy Sheehan had originally planned to be on the Syracuse bus, but flew to New Orleans to help with relief work instead. Despite the media reports, this tour wasn't about her. It was about people who have lost loved ones in this war, people whose loved ones are being deployed and people who have experienced this and other wars as soldiers. They are speaking out against the Iraq war and demanding that the troops be brought home now.

Having never been to a rally before, this first experience was emotional. I felt proud to be an American, surrounded by other people who cared enough to speak out. It was somewhere between singing "God Bless America" and seeing the empty boots with the tags of the fallen soldiers' names that I realized how important this is. For the soldiers that are my friends and are fighting this war, and for all the families left here praying for their loved ones to come home, it's important to speak out - because all any of us want is to bring them home now.

Elisha is a LeMoyne College Communications major who is interning at SPC this semester.