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compiled by Carol Baum

April 29 Mobilization in NYC United for Peace and Justice and a coalition of environmental, youth and social justice organizations have called for a major mobilization on April 29 for “Peace, Justice and Democracy.” The demands are:

End the never-ending oil wars.

Protect our civil liberties and immigrant rights. End illegal spying, government corruption and the subversion of our democracy.

Rebuild our communities, starting with the Gulf Coast. Stop corporate subsidies and tax cuts for the wealthy while ignoring our basic needs.

Act quickly to address the climate crisis and the accelerating destruction of our environment. SPC is working to secure busses for the trip. Contact SPC for information or to help. If you cannot attend, but would like to support the mobilization, consider a donation to help SPC reduce costs for others.

SPC Staffer Carol Baum joined several other hearty protesters to challenge Rep. Walsh to make the connections. Photo: Ray Trudell

SPC Connects Heating Costs and War
On Saturday, February 18, one of the coldest days of the year, Syracuse United Neighbors (SUN) held a forum on the high cost of heating and what the government should do about it. They invited many government officials. Representative JimWalsh was the only one to attend.

This was a rare visit into the community – Mr. Walsh has been repeatedly asked to participate in town meetings, and he has repeatedly refused. With SUN’s permission, SPC demonstrated outside their event. Six bundled-up SPC activists carried signs such as “Money for Heat, Not for War.”

Earlier that morning two SPC activists attended a demonstration about the high cost of heating, organized by a group that has often attended our events as counter-protesters, holding signs such as “If we weren’t sending $5.9 billion a month to Iraq, we could heat our homes.”

SPC’s Monthly Program

Results of a Survey on Civilian Deaths in Iraq: A Story of Media Spin

Les Roberts led a study estimating that 100,000 Iraqis have died as a result of the March 2003 US-led invasion and occupation. Project Censored cited the study as the second most under-reported story of 2005.

Les is a research associate at Johns Hopkins and has studied mor-tality caused by war since 1992.

Thursday, March 23
7-8:30 pm

Westcott Community Center (corner of Euclid and Westcott, Syracuse)

followed by refreshments & discussion. FREE


Iraq Committees Hard at Work
Two anti-war committees have formed at SPC. The Iraq Action Group has planned a series of gatherings Mondays at noon at the Federal Building on February 27, March 6 and March 13. Each Monday will focus on a different cost of the war – from civilian and military deaths to cuts in local public services. We will pass out black armbands with the number of military and civilian deaths to anyone willing to wear one. We will culminate with a demonstration and direct action on March 20 – the beginning of the fourth year of the US occupation. Details will be set at a planning meeting at 7 pm, March 6 at the Westcott Day Hab Center (522 Westcott St).

The Local Cost of the War Campaign held its second meeting
on March 2. This committee is reaching out to local programs and organizations whose funding is being cut as the price of war escalates. We plan to implement a campaign to reclaim funding for human needs and not for war. Both committees are open to new members. Contact Jessica.

A US State Department employee passed by Ed Kinane of Syracuse and Bernie Meyer of Olympia, WA as they held this banner at the US Capitol. He offered to take their photo, stating, “Doing what you guys are doing takes more guts and commitment than most of us have.” Ed is in Washington until March 19 fasting and demonstrating to oppose the war with Voices for Creative Nonviolence.

Got Creativity?
SPC is looking for a few creative activists who want to coordinate an ongoing committee to generate ideas, props and energy for SPC activities. Committee members would not have to do all of the work themselves, but rather to think creatively and recruit others to help with the work. This could include making puppets and other props for demonstrations or street theatre skits, or brainstorming ideas for new events. If you’re interested, contact Jessica.

Nottingham Youth Action Kicks Butt!

In the past month, the Military Alternatives Education Project (MAEP) successfully brought about 30 Nottingham High School students together to form Nottingham Youth Action (NYA) – an activist group currently focused on students’ rights and consciousness-raising. NYA’s first campaign will tackle Nottingham’s unjust bathroom security policies and sub-par conditions. MAEP looks forward to

working with NYA by sharing organizing skills and helping the students form an anti-oppressive, well-rounded activist analysis of our world. MAEP is also excited about helping start similar groups at Corcoran, Henniger, and Fowler as soon as possible. Students are already interested.
Weekly Peace Outreach

“End the War;
Bring the Troops Home”

Be a visible part of the growing opposition to the war on Iraq. With the increasing daylight, we return to Tuesdays at 4:45-5:30 pm.

March 7 S. Salina and E. Colvin (Southside)

March 14 Rt. 257 and Rt. 173 (E. Seneca Tpk.), Manlius

March 21 Teall Ave. and Rt. 690 (Eastside)

March 28 Adams St. and Rt. 81 (Downtown)

SPC welcomes NYA activist Tessa Corcoran-Sayers as our newest intern. She will work with Candace and Jessica on organizing an alternative career fair to connect local youth with work and educational opportunities related to social justice and community empowerment. MAEP meets next on Monday, March 6, 4:15 pm at 2013 E. Genesee St.

Striking for Peace is No Joke
Don’t forget to register for SPC’s third annual Strike for Peace Bowl-a-thon, which will be held this year on April Fool’s Day at Bowlmor Lanes in East Syracuse (201 Highland Ave). The registration deadline is March 20, so get to work organizing your team of 4-6 people. The entry fee is $15 for adults and $12 for kids age 12 and under. Strapped for cash? Get sponsors to pay your registration fee. Bowlers are also encouraged to supplement their registration fees by seeking donations (flat amount or pledges per pin) from friends and neighbors, to be collected after the game. Registration and pledge forms are online at

We’re also looking for volunteers to help staff the event. Contact SPC with any questions.

Join the Study Group with a New Book
The study group is trying something new. Our next book is (drum roll, please) Other Lands Have Dreams: From Baghdad to Pekin Prison by three-time Nobel Peace Prize nominee and Voices in the Wilderness founder, Kathy Kelly. It is a “testament to the extraordinary courage of ordinary people facing seemingly impossible

Because of the nature of the book, our plan is to read the entire book before we start our discussion. We will begin discussion of it on Monday, April 10; prior meetings will be spent watching dvds or discussing short articles.

The study group meets on the second and fourth Mondays of the month from 7-8:30 pm at the Friends Meeting House (821 Euclid, Syracuse). All are welcome – we just ask that you have a basic agreement with SPC’s statement of purpose and a willingness to discuss ideas respectfully. Contact Carol for info on where to get the book.

Activist Appreciation Donna Muhs-McCarten
Donna Muhs-McCarten came to a volunteer orientation in January 2004 and has been active with SPC ever since. Donna, a retired social studies teacher, joined SPC’s study group, quickly becoming a “regular.” Before long she was volunteering at the office,andsoonwas drawn into the PNL editorial committee, where she has taken on many tasks.

Donna’s skills, determination, reliability and positive spirit have made her a delight to work with. She is a kind, supportive person who can cheer people up just by her presence. Her attitude is one of gratitude, and she has actually thanked the Peace Council staff for the opportunity to volunteer here.

We also want to appreciate her husband Phil McCarten, who came with her to that firstorientation.Hetoobecamea valued study group “regular” and has helped with the PNL and other projects when needed. RESIST

SPC has just received a $3,000 grant from RESIST for general organizational support (a much needed area very few funding sources support). This is the third RESIST grant SPC has received since 2002. Founded in 1967, was originally formed to oppose the war in Vietnam and to support draft resistance. Today, RESIST remains a political organization committed to radical social change, and funds small budget groups who struggle towards a broad vision of social justice, while opposing political and institutional oppression. High priority is given to groups that fall outside of mainstream funding sources because they are considered to be too “radical.”

We thank RESIST for their continued support. For more information on RESIST– (617) 623-5110 or