Guns vs. Butter

Yep, that's right, half of our federal budget supports the bloated war machine - almost 20% of that 50%, or $353 billion dollars, just to pay off past military debt. Military spending for 2007 (not including payments on military debt) is budgeted for $563 billion. This doesn't take into account supplemental appropriations that Bush is expected to request to fund the ongoing occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan - estimated at an additional $100 billion. Only one third of our federal budget funds human services, education, healthcare, housing, social security and other social needs. No wonder our local communities are experiencing such drastic cuts to much needed community programs (see SPC pages for an update on our campaign to make connections between the cost of the war and budget cuts in Syracuse and Onondaga County). If you are interested in learning more about how your income tax dollars are spent, or how you can become a war tax resister (without implicating your fish), visit or contact the Peace Council

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