Iraq Veterans Against the War

Iraq Veterans led a march from Mobile, AL to New Orleans in solidarity with Katrina Survivors in March, calling for an end to the occupation and reconstruction for Iraq and the Gulf Coast. Photo: Diane Greenlent

Local Veteran Dave Lester participated in IVAW's march with Katrina survivors to call for reconstruction in Iraq and the Gulf Coast, and is active with the CNY IVAW chapter. Below is some basic information about IVAW. To get involved, contact Dave at

What are the main objectives of Iraq Veterans Against the war?
The main objectives of IVAW are threefold. They are:
1. Bring the troops home now.
Support Iraqi reconstruction in whatever way possible.
Support our veterans and our troops now and upon their return home.

How and when was the group formed?
Iraq Veterans Against the War went public on July 28, 2004, during the Veterans for Peace annual convention in Boston, MA. The groundwork was laid when Mike Hoffman met Tim Goodrich in March 2004 at the Dover to DC march, a protest of the war in Iraq and a memorial to the fallen soldiers. After that, contacts were made with the other co-founders until the decision to officially launch was made.

Who is eligible to join?
We welcome anybody who has served in the military (active duty, national guard, and reservists) since September 11, 2001. This includes anybody who has served in Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom. Military members who are currently serving can be guaranteed confidentiality.

Why do you include members of the military who have served prior to the war in Iraq, dating back to September 11, 2001?
We include these people in our ranks because of how the war in Iraq was fought on the premise of being part of the global war on terror.

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84% of Iraq's institutions of higher education have been burnt, looted or destroyed during the US invasion and occupation.