No War on Iran

Over 30% of Iran’s population is under 15. Three Albany activists, Carole Ferraro, Diane Reiner and John Amidon, participated in a recent US delegation of academics and peace activists to Iran in an effort to promote dialogue and diplomacy. In addition to meeting with politicians and academics, they met with many young people. All three spoke at SPC’s April program on Iran. Photo: Diane Reiner

"Three years after senior administration officials systematically misled the nation into a disastrous war, they could well be trying to do it again," one expert is quoted in Foreign Policy magazine ( "In recent months I have grown increasingly concerned that the administration has been giving thought to a heavy dose of air strikes against Iran's nuclear sector without giving enough weight to the possible ramifications of such action," says another in Forward magazine (

As early as July of 2005, cited reports that Dick Cheney had drawn up contingency plans to use tactical nuclear weapons in Iran as a way of destroying underground bunkers allegedly used for nuclear weapons development. The United Federation of Scientists argue that the upcoming test of a 700-ton explosive device in Nevada is intended to gauge the exact increment of nuclear hell-fire it might take to destroy an underground bunker.

Recently, through an ultimatum that has little force behind it, yet insists something must be done about Iran in the short-term, the UN has further opened the door for a Cheney/Bush bombing raid. The ultimatum purposely was designed to be weak because the member states don't entirely agree on a course of action.

Will the bombs start falling on Iran in time for the fall elections? Would that even help the Republicans at this point? Why do the governments of Western Europe seem more like administrative units within the US Empire than independent states?

Apparently, China and Russia aren't so happy with the prospect. And doesn't China have business deals with Iran involving oil? Isn't that what this is all about? Certain segments within the US ruling class won't be happy until the US controls every last drop of oil on earth.

Part of this has to do with Iran's desire, which was Iraq's desire at one point, to sell oil valued in Euros rather than dollars. Why doesn't Western Europe (the governments, I mean) get that? Or would all of this somehow benefit Europe's currency? Someone has to pick up the pieces. Right? I, for one, am frightened now. Yes, mainstream media and Bush cohorts - not to mention enabling Democrats - you have finally really frightened me. I was already horrified, but that was somehow different from fear.

This is why I've started a blog called I hope others will be a part of this effort. Anyone who wishes to keep eyes and ears open about all things concerning the increasing tensions between the US and Iran, and is inclined towards writing about it, please send your passion my way at

-John Yorks