March for a Nuclear Free Future

Ever since the US dropped the first atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945, it has stockpiled nuclear weapons, developed new nuclear technologies and misled the public regarding the impact of nuclear weapons such as depleted uranium. Despite this history of nuclear proliferation and dishonesty, the US is now threatening action against Iran and North Korea for their pursuit of nuclear technologies. Ironically, the US has even threatened to use nuclear weapons, such as bunker busters, in a potential attack. <br>

<br>More than 500 tons, or one million pounds, of DU munitions have been dispersed in the US invasion and occupation of Afghanistan. More than four million pounds of DU has been dropped on Iraq since the 2003 US invasion. The Pentagon and the UN have both estimated that the US and Britain used as much as 1,100-2,200 tons of armor piercing shells made of DU just during March-April of 2003 in Iraq. The amount of radiation generated by the 2003 war on Iraq is equivalent to 250,000 Nagasaki bombs according to a paper presented at the World Uranium Weapons conference in Germany in October 2003 (for more information, visit

On August 6, 2003, Hiroshima Day, a meeting was held between corporate weapons manufacturers and US military representatives at the US Airforce Strategic Command Headquarters in Nebraska. The focus of the meeting was a discussion of so-called "mini-nukes," including bunker busters, for use in pre-emptive strikes against countries targeted by the US in its bogus war on terror.

Hiroshima Day Procession
Tuesday, August 8

Dramatic Procession 12 noon
(gather at 11:30 am near City Hall)

Rally 12:45 pm
(Clinton Square)

Lobby Visits 1 pm
(Federal Building)

This year, as we march in remembrance of the horrible devastation of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, we call for an end to all nuclear weapons, no attack on Iran or North Korea, and the development of a sustainable energy policy in the US. A responsible energy policy focused on renewable resources would help eliminate the need for oil wars. It would also set a timeframe to phase out nuclear power. In addition to the many environmental, economic and safety reasons to abolish nuclear power, the pursuit of nuclear power technology will always be inextricably linked to the development of nuclear weapons. We plan to deliver this message to our federal representatives after processing through downtown to raise public awareness.

Please join us.

-Jessica Maxwell