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compiled by Carol Baum

Voices Against the War Rally
We have just completed nine issues of the Shared Times, SPC's leaflet series on the local costs of the war The campaign has focused on community education and research for the past several months but will shift gears towards action this fall.

World-renowned primatologist and UN peace ambassador Jane Goodall receives a gift from Denise Waterman and Wendy Gonyea of the Onondaga Nation at the “Roots of Peacemaking: Indigenous Values, Global Crisis” gathering on September 19 on the shore of Onondaga Lake. Koy Bigfoot Arnold is on the right. A hardy group of Central New Yorkers listened to Goodall, Oren Lyons, Tom Porter and others share about the global ecological crisis and its connection to warmaking. The spirited gathering was organized primarily by Syracuse University with support from SPC and others. Find full details at

SPC is planning an anti-war rally in conjunction with the Syracuse University Women's Studies Department's "Feminism and War" conference. Local community speakers will address the impacts of the war budget on Syracuse and Onondaga County. We will be joined by the Raging Grannies and Angela Davis, who will address conference participants later that evening. The rally will be Friday, October 20, 5:30-7 pm at Forman Park (across from the Marx Hotel). To help or for more information: Carol or Jess. For conference information, see article.

MAEP to Screen Sir! No Sir!
On Wednesday, November 1 at 7 pm, Military Alternatives Education Project (MAEP) is hosting, Sir! No Sir! at the Palace Theater, 2384 James St. Sir! No Sir! energetically tells the story of the GI movement to end the war in Vietnam, one of the most vibrant and widespread upheavals of the 1960s. This movement had a profound impact on American society, yet has been virtually erased from the collective memory of that time. Sir! No Sir! offers a window for viewing the current war in Iraq, as dissent continues to grow within today's military about the Iraq war. After the screening, several Iraq War Veterans will discuss their experiences in Iraq and relate them to the film. Admission to the film is $5-15, sliding scale (based on what you can afford).

MAEP is also publicizing to high school juniors and seniors that if they do not want their personal information passed on to the military, as schools must do under the No Child Left Behind Act, it is time to hand in their "opt out" forms.

Check out the new MAEP website look ( for more information on counter-recruitment in Syracuse, downloadable "opt out" forms, and a more complete description of Sir! No Sir!. Contact Eric.

Environmental Justice Tour Stops in Syracuse
The Environmental Justice for All Tour ( stopped in Syracuse on September 25 to highlight the impacts of environmental decision-making on our community by focusing on the Midland Ave. sewage treatment plant and Onondaga Lake.

After a press conference, politicians, their representatives, and members of the community boarded a bus. First was a tour of the Midland Ave. sewage treatment plant, led by the Partnership for Onondaga Creek and community residents. From there the bus headed to Onondaga Lake to hear from leaders of the Onondaga Nation about their sacred lake and the decisions being made around its cleanup - without their input or involvement.

The local stop was supported by SPC/Neighbors of the Onondaga Nation, Partnership for Onondaga Creek, the Onondaga Nation, NAACP, Sierra Club, Spanish Action League, Student Environmental Action Coalition and Citizens Campaign for the Environment.

SPC’s Monthly Program

Hidden in Plain Sight

Thursday, Oct. 27
7-8:30 pm

Westcott Community Center
(corner Euclid Ave. and Westcott St.)

The SOA is a US army institution that trains Latin American soldiers to repress their own people. Thousands have died at the hands of SOA graduates.

Local activist Frank Woolever, who recently spent three months in Federal prison for protesting the SOA, will speak about why the SOA should be closed, his prison experience and the upcoming mass mobilization Nov. 17-19 to close the SOA and change US foreign policy.

Co-Sponsored by SPC and the Caribbean Latin America Coalition (CLAC).

Followed by refreshments & discussion.

Remembering Ann Goodgion
On September 3, Syracuse lost a dedicated activist, creative teacher and clear thinker who worked to build a more peaceful and just world. Ann Goodgion, who lived in Syracuse for over 30 years, was a mainstay of the Syracuse Friends Meeting, worked for years to end domestic violence and initiated the Central New York Alternatives to Violence Project.

While SPC was never the primary organizational home for Ann's compassionate work, she proudly joined us at demonstrations and periodically helped on projects. Ann's facilitation and training skills were shared widely in the larger community. Her success at bridging racial and economic divides was evident in the rainbow of folks who attended a memorial service celebrating her life. Ann will be missed.

Study Group Sails Forward
SPC just kicked off another season of our study group. We will meet every 2nd and 4th Monday at the Friends Meeting house (821 Euclid Ave), starting October 9.

At our recent meeting, we drew up a short list of books to consider, and we will make a final selection when we meet in October. We also began watching the riveting documentary, You Can't be Neutral on a Moving Train, on the life of scholar-activist Howard Zinn.

New members are encouraged to join us for stimulating conversations on the state of our world, and how each of us can make a positive difference. Please contact Aly if interested. We hope to see you there.

Plowshares Craftsfair December 2-3
Yes! Go to your calendar now and save December 2 and 3 for SPCs annual craftsfair and winter peace festival. As usual (and are we glad) there will be more than 100 diverse craftspeople and community groups, a variety of performers, wonderful food and time to gather with old and new friends. See you then at Nottingham High School. Bring someone to share the fun.

SPC Garage Sale Brings in the Moolah
Thanks to all who helped with our first SPC Garage Sale in a long time. Lots of "stuff" was donated, lots sold, lots left by the curb that disappeared, and lots went to the Salvation Army. Special thanks to helpers Ann Tiffany, Sherry Gordon, Carol Baum, Margaret Birdlebough, Marge Rusk, Ed Kinane, Doug Igelsrud, Hari Chathrattil, and Rae Kramer and Lanny Freshman, who provided the space and energy to get it all done. We raised about $700 and are looking forward to doing it again next year. So save your "gently used" items to donate, and your nickels and dimes for fabulous bargains.

Weekly Peace Outreach

“End the War;
Bring the Troops Home”

October afternoons are brisk and bracing. Do something concrete to end the war. Join us for a quick 45 minutes every Tuesday afternoon raising consciousness at busy intersections around Syracuse.

Every Tuesday, 4:45-5:30 pm

Carpooling available from SPC.

October 3 Rt. 695 exit ramp to W. Genesee St. (Fairmount)
October 10 Seneca Tpk. and S. Salina St. (Valley)
October 17 James St. and Thompson Rd. (Northside)
October 24 Genesee St. and Jordan Rd. (Skaneateles)
October 31 Geddes St. and W. Genesee St. (Westside)

Activist Appreciation: John Burdick
If you've seen SPC's Shared Times leaflets, you've probably enjoyed John Burdick's cartooning skills. John is on SPC's program committee and is an active member of our Local Cost of the War Campaign. For each new leaflet, he translates the research into a cartoon that cleverly conveys our message. A professor at Syracuse University, John is always willing to use his skills and resources to support peace and social justice work in the community. We're not sure how he finds the time - but we're glad he does! To view John's cartoons:

SPC Media

You're reading the PNL, which is great. But have you checked out other sources of information from SPC? There's the website, with up-to-the-minute information on what we're doing locally and how to be part of it. Once on the website, you can subscribe to SPC Announcements, a low-volume email list providing a weekly e-newsletter of upcoming events. Cable access offers two hours of Democracy Now! on Saturday mornings and SPC TV: The People's Sixty Minutes on Sunday nights (see calendar).

Please use, support and protect alternative media.

Many believe that Elvira’s organizing work in the immigrant rights movement drew government attention. This massive Chicago march was part of the nationally-coordinated A Day Without Immigrants actions on May 1, 2006. Photo: Araceli Arroyo

Tables, Tables Everywhere
Thanks to everyone who helped with tabling outreach over the past few months. Because of your energy and dedication, SPC was present at the Duck Race to End Racism, the Pride Parade, the Downtown Arts and Crafts Fair, the Latin American Festival, Labor Day (at the NYS Fair), and the Westcott Street Cultural Fair. Tabling allows SPC to keep in touch with the community, and also helps us raise much-needed funds. We are very grateful to those members of the community who make the time in their busy lives to join in this work.

There are always more opportunities to table. If you would like to help, please contact Aly. This is a great way to be involved with SPC - both new and experienced volunteers are welcome.