The Peace Majority
Speaks Out - October 20, 2006

Angela Davis spoke of the dire threats to democracy in our nation today, calling upon us to link together the struggles for peace, human rights and economic justice for all people. Photo: Andy Mager

On Friday, October 20, some 200 people braved cold wet evening weather to raise their voices in opposition to the occupation of Iraq at SPC's "Voices Against the War Rally." Held in conjunction with SU's "Feminism and War" conference, the rally featured longtime activist for peace, social justice and Black liberation Angela Davis, and United for Peace and Justice coordinator Leslie Cagan, along with local speakers and performers.

SPC's Local Cost of the War Committee continues working to end the ongoing US occupation. If you're interested in getting involved or participating in upcoming actions, contact Carol or Jess, or see

The rally is part of ongoing efforts to end the Iraq War, efforts which may shift in the aftermath of the Congressional elections. Other speakers at the event included activists Cynthia Banas, Magda Bayoumi, Robin Miller, Louise Poindexter and Dave Lester. In addition to the speeches, the crowd was inspired and entertained by poet Jackie Warren-Moore and musicians Colleen Kattau and the Raging Grannies. Photo: Giuseppe Alcoff
Gertrude Danzy, a food service worker at Syracuse University and member of SEIU Local 200 United, spoke about the connection between the war and lack of affordable healthcare, decent jobs and other needed services right here in our community. Photo: Andy Mager











Program on International Policy Attitudes

of Iraqis believe that the US forces have had a positive impact on the Iraqi situation. 78% of Iraqis believe the US presence is provoking more conflict than it is preventing.