Central New York Organizations Connecting with Africa

Africa Bound
Africa Bound brings youth to Africa for cultural programs that explore the languages, history and cultures of the countries they visit. The group will travel to Senegal in the summer of 2008. An informational meeting will be held April 21.
Contact: Vanessa Johnson 516-2216, griotchic@hotmail.com

Beyond Boundaries
Beyond Boundaries is a grassroots Syracuse group which encourages cross-cultural understanding and self-awareness through trips that create lasting relationships with communities in Ghana, the US and other countries.
Contact: Mardea Warner 479-5757 or Aggie Lane 478-4571, www.beyondboundariescny.org

EJEDA (Congolese organization)
An organization for the development of young and abandoned people, EJEDA seeks to send medicine and clothes back to Congo in order to alleviate the sufferings of those displaced by the war.
Contact: Cyprien Mihigo 475-7692, cymihigo@syr.edu, http://home.twcny.rr.com/annmayes/ejeda.html

Ghana Society of Central New York (GSCNY)
GSCNY seeks to promote the interests and general welfare of the Ghanaian and the African Diaspora community in Central New York. They work for the peace, progress, and prosperity of Africa and to promote good will and exchange between the people of Ghana, the African Diaspora, and the US. See page 21 for upcoming events.
Contact: Emmanuel Awuah 487-7522 or 498-2565, awuahe@sunyocc.edu or Kwame Otieku 622-4260 or 278-4750, kotieku@twcny.rr.com, www.ghanasocietycny.org

Okyeame Dankwa Memorial Library / Ghana Vision
Kofi Addai, a Le Moyne College graduate from Ghana, helped build a community library in his home town of Worawora in 2004. Ghana Vision is working to maintain the library and provide additional educational materials. Assistance is welcomed.
Contact: Kofi Addai 218-5724, ghana-vision@yahoo.com, www.ghanavision.org

Pan African Society of Central New York (PACCNY)
PACCNY strengthen the historical bonds that have united people of African origin on the continent and in the Diaspora through years of political, cultural, and economic struggles against dehumanization by slavery, imperialism, colonialism and neocolonialism. PACCNY promotes and celebrates the efforts of people of African origin towards self-assertion, human dignity and self-determination and engages in activities that promote understanding among all global communities.
Contact: Kwame Otieku 622-4260 or 278-4750, kotieku@twcny.rr.com

Sudanese Speakers
Dut Deng is part of a group of so-called "Lost Boys" that fled Sudan due to war. The group seeks venues to speak about their experiences and also to raise funds for a school and clinic back home.
Contact: Dut Deng 315-491-2033, dut134@yahoo.com

-Aly Wane and Christiana Kaiser