Uniform Shrinkage

Viola Ransel

The U.S. makes threats.

The World laughs behind its back.

"You and what army?"


“It is the duty of every poet to speak fearlessly and clearly.”
– Sam Hamill
If you’ve been moved by this unjust war to write a poem, please consider submitting by email to thorleyp1@yahoo.com. or mail to SPC. Work on themes of war, the war economy, oppression and political injustice, and/or which celebrates more positive hopes and visions, will be considered.

Viola Ransel's poetry is available at DissidentVoice.org, OpEdNews.com and poemhunter.com. She currently conducts "Speakeasy: Poetry in the Back Room," a workshop for Hamilton Library in Hamilton, NY, and "Bards at the Barge," a series of poetry presentations for the Barge Canal Coffeehouse, also in Hamilton.