Month by month, the reality of the Syracuse Center for Peace and Social Justice comes closer. While much work remains on all aspects of the project – organizational structure, fundraising, plans for renovation, accessibility and green-building initiatives – steady progress continues. We expect the Center to begin operations within the next month.

Since last month, the building inspection was completed, turning up some concerns, but primarily declaring the building sound. In addition, the Center’s Board of Directors decided to plan for a full-service elevator which will make the building truly accessible,
but also drives the projected price tag of the whole project to about $380,000. $182,000 is currently committed.

To be located at 2013 E. Genesee St. (just east of Westcott St.), the Center will house a variety of local peace and social justice organizations, hoping to spawn increased networking and collaboration in our work.

To make a donation or learn more, see or call (315) 478-4571.

-Karen Hall